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Going down for the next few days/weeks

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>tl;dr: maybe it will go up, or maybe down, I don't really know. Here, take some meme lines as my argument.
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today, on okcoin
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>i had to do my quota of weekly contributions
>here's an article of a 50/50 scenario that even if i'm wrong it won't matter because i can just wave it away as unpredictable market forces
>donate to me

it is a presentation
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you almost hid the three pajeets, but the poo-encrusted hairstyles are a giveaway

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No it's not u daft cunt
oh shut the fuck up retard.

buy Adex and thank me later

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what are the differences between ADEX & BAT, they seem exactly the same but BAT has a more stacked team... am i missng something here?
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adex has the moneychink and a small max supply

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Reddcoin has Tweeted since early June. It's over Reddcucks, your dev team has left and your shitcoin won't even get any news to hype it up for a 10 Satoshi PnD. We've all lost interest, best idea is to sell, even at a loss, and put the money into Neo or OMG.

>inb4 reddmarines
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>Neo or OMG
>rinse and repeat
Holding til end of October at the latest. Fuck this shitcoin forever after that.
>Promote coins that are in a decline or were just pumped

Buy high, sell low lifestyle.

What a shitcoin Reddcoin is nonetheless. The devs are dead, dumping this asap.

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Down-Down, Down
Down-Down, Down
Down-Down, Down

Down in _____
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to the bottom of the sea
where spongebag lives
with his snail gary
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Until it breaks past this mark, it's still going down
Down down down there into the sea
Down down down there down there for me, right on

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You saw the reddit post, too? jesus, the scammed multiple times before.

Calling bullshit without proof or at least decent conjecture.
Devs want you to pay them to set up an online casino so they can keep all of the profit .

How isn't this a scam

Inb4 muh buybacks

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it begins

the great sell out of the century
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there's already enough threads for now desu
ugh how do i time this

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What do you goys think about this shitcoin?
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these bags anon, they hurt

Fuck dude. Are you cool with holding another year to break even?

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When dat theme plays while you are making gains and crushing your competition.

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>Buy Eth for 0.06867 BTC on Nova
>Sell at Poloniex or Bittrex for 0.0702
>2% profit

There's 17 BTC worth being sold at Nova so have it.

You're welcome
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Lolololol like i would keep 17 Eth in Nova tier

you are an IDIOT who forget to put exchanges fees
2% exchange fees?
get smart

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So who is NOT buying this, and why?

You have one minute to convince me before I put all my ETH into it.
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do it anon, guaranteed 20x
no one. stop posting threads before it's open you're an idiot
Do it faggot

How would a cryptofaggot go about using margin and leverage?
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dont but use a vpn and bitmex.
if you cant figure this out for yourself, you have no idea what you're doing and should not use margin.
Which is why I'm asking, moron.

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What are you waiting for biz?

- 2,6 million supply
- News and updates coming real soon
- Big traders have been accumilating this coin for ages and a lot of them call this one of the most undervalued coins.
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counterparty tokens are worthless garbage. The bitcoin blockchain is not to be used this way.
Looks like biz hates money lmao
OP, open question here: Why would Counterparty succeed against it's RSK "competition" ?

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it's time

15 minutes anon

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hype hype hype

if someone buys it all out im quitting /biz/ for an entire day
shut the fuck up we haven't gotten in yet you retards
no one is going to decide to buy this in 10 minutes, it's already set

we've won

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