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I'll start.
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You seem to be misusing the term "waifu".
It's a boy though

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Why is Ufotable so fucking obsessed with swords?
It's like Emiya Shirou decided to make an anime studio.
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>Why is Ufotable so fucking obsessed with swords?
Are they though? I didn't get that impression.
They're just cashing in on easy money like they've always been.
>Why is the company that started out making Fate anime so fucking obsessed with swords?

I don't know, you tell me.

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She would been eliminated if it wasn't for him saving her.

How can Miyazaki even compete?
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You literally have to be under 18 to genuinely believe this film is anything greater than melodramatic tripe.

Holy fuck that was a terrible watch. Overrated trash.

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sensei butt.jpg
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Would you a sensei butt?
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The way he delivers this line is so good
I'm calling the SWAT team.

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Fellow Faggots of /a/ show Me some appreciation for our gambling waifus. Who's your favorite girl im Kakerugui and why?
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Shut the fuck up and go back were you came from.
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Tobaku-senpai is my gambling waifu.

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>A manga about sole male (named Kuno Ichi) with best ninjas (kunoichi) helping him to get back to the future from a warped past of a modern historical fashion/setting and bad ninjas (bitches and whores) who all want a magic scroll(s) at some ninja academy.

There is no romance drama in this platonic harem.

Why are you not reading this?
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I actually looked at the raws a few weeks ago. For the longest time I was convinced this was drawn by the guy who did Boku Girl but I guess it's not.
Main boy is a cutie, but of course he's beta and the 'romance' will go nowhere.

Was Chihaya born to suffer?
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She was born to be best girl
How unfortunate, to be a failure from birth.
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She was born to be a pretty [email protected]

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We've got Witchblade, PPGZ, and so on.

What other forms of American Media do you believe would make for a decent anime reimagining or adaptation?

Picture rather related.
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Which pales in comparison to the original.
waynes world
It already got redesigned four times. It should just be laid too rest already.

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Sarada's real mother is obviously just Naruto.
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Yeah and Karin Uzumaki is just a figment of Sasuke's imagination.
Sarada fags need to understand that Boruto can't get with Sarada because her mom is an Uzumaki.

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I don't understand the appeal. It was more by the numbers than even Tamayura. Both are just cheap K-On knock-offs. They have no reason to exist when I can just rewatch K-On or a show that tries to be memorable.

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>watch some anime because it has femdom stuff/mean girl
>starts off great, full fap mode
>oh wait she was just tsundere and the guy takes a generic dominant role
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Nice blog.
Watch more anime.
>discussion boards are blogs now
No. They're not.

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How would you make a good crime drama anime, /a/? Is it even possible?
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Step 1: Be a good writer
Step 2: Write a good plot.
Step 3: Have somebody qualified turn the plot into a good anime script.
Step 4: Animate the shit out of that script.
Really depends on the angle you want to approach it from. Is it a detective story? Mob story? Something else entirely?

Then, of course, you have to add a little something extra to justify animating it rather than shooting it with real actors.

None of that gay woman shit
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Right on. How do you feel about /fa/ boys?
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I find him genuinely handsome.

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you finna die nigga
we still got shootas out here
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Haven'the watched the episode yet but from that pic alone the joke seems funny.

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