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I have no idea where its headed at this point or why this manga was even created and how it can be that bad after gantz.

Your guesses, how will it end?

>Inu and Hiro wake up on alien ship, aliens tell them they were about to conquer the earth but seeing how two antagonist parties could lie their differences aside, understood the power of friendship so they give them back their human bodies and send back to earth.

Hiro gets shot the moment cops see him and Inu still dies of cancer since Ayys reconstructed his body so well cancer was included.

Trump is about to get impeached when He reveals he is actually a trans so he get third term
Clinton tries same shit but male trans are valued lower in 2018 so she goes to jail instead
Bernie goes same route but no evidence of dick or vagina can be found not even a pulse
He was an Ayyy all along and now decide to conquer the earth once more

>Autocad explode

Seriously, your fucking guesses on why its so bad or how will it end because as for now there is nothing but Inu son lying with his nose busted grinning madly at the sun.
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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>SSB tier
>Infinite stamina
Try as you like, you cannot deny.
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None of that will let him beat Kale, Hit, Jiren, or Brianne. They'll just one shot him.
17> Emo Lesbroly
I believe Lord Frieza is going to beat a big-shot. The question is, whom?

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What a shitshow
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wtf i hate koe no katachi now
read the manga

it's even worse
I have read the manga and I liked it (the ending was pretty shit though)

What the fuck is her problem?
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Boner inducing look.jpg
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Not being dicked enough.
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That's not a problem, as her perfection shows

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The age of brown skin gyarus is here.
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yeah, time.
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>anime-only fans discover that she's evil and gay
I like her designs a lot. Sadly, she's a trash character in an already trash series.

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Time for 50%man
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Who actually looks like a boy, but still pretty cute
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Check the catalog

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tongue excercise.jpg
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New chapter and I don't even know this time.
Kid elf? Goblin? Little Demon?
Someone help me out here.
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>kid elf
Ears too short
No horns

My vote is Gnome
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More ass.jpg
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What is this expression meant to convey?
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OST is out!!
That's not the only ball she is feeling

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Say something about my Caster
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Cute and OP
10/10 would let him give my waifu a dick

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Give me reasons why should I give a shit about these fodder homonculis?
>tfw no qt homonculi sex slaves
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They look better than the one we got as MC
You're not expected to.
They just started the series with an out-of-context flash-forward to a big action setpiece so they could begin the show with an action setpiece and promise the viewer there would be action.
what's the point of this battle scene if they already killed black saber?

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I like Riko.
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We know, Chika.
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What did she mean by this?

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>best loli
>ruins her by giving her a total flab ass
>gets away with it
Why didn't Watashiya face severe backlash for this?
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Because it's a small IP no one cares about.

That being said, that's one hell of a flabby ass. Good lord!
Maybe Watashiya just wanted to give Rin a clear, physical flaw?

Is Part 5 not gonna be a thing? How did Part 4 sell in Japan? How long between each part did it take before the next part got confirmed? I don't remember it being this long. It's almost been a year
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Look at the dates for the last two parts.
Or, wait for November 30th
But how did it sell comparatively to the other parts
Part 1 started in 2012. Part 3 started in 2014. Part 4 started in 2016. Take a wild guess as to when you should expect Part 5.

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explosion in my pants.jpg
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Been out for like a day already, subs when?
I see a raw on nyaa.
Also Megumeme thread?
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Shut the fuck up, Mori said it'll be out today
don't worry, mori said it'll be out today!

you're mean. why?
Was Kazuma shirtless in this OVA tOo?

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