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This is kino
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i hope i dont hear that joke every thread on the new season
You won't, because no one will be watching that inevitable trainwreck.
This is kino

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So, what happens when best boy finally escapes again. Who gets rekt when All Might can't stop him?
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They'll either bring in a hero from another country or they'll just nuke whatever area he's in to stop him then have a radiation eating/absorption quirk user come in to wipe up the mess.

Deku is a fucking scrub right now and no one else has any real ability to stop him what so ever.
In that world, the one with the omniquirk is a god.
stain's gonna kill him while they're trying to escape. Mark my words
makes sense actually, he and Stain are in the same prison and if Stain hates Shigaraki enough to stab him, how much would he hate his Mentor?

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ITT: The most alpha chad anime characters
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>Griffith is being knighted
>the band of hawks are literally being made knights for the royal army
>everyone is excited and there for the ceremony
>except this guy who would rather be doing his sets
>One Piece cancer

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>Hard Mode:
There are 2 main characters who get equal simultaneous coverage
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and not that fucking phone finds a way bullcrap
1 character is split into two different people and the two decide to date each other to reunite them into 1 person again
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Kniggas 2.png
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After being shot by racist pedophile George "Jim Crow" Zimmerman, Trayvon Martin reincarnates in a world called "Prizon."
Prizon is entirely populated by unarmed black people who were mercilessly killed by the white devils and now, even in the afterlife, they are subjected to a cruel new game.
The denizens of Prizon, dubbed "inmates", are assigned a class which gives them certain powers. Inmates with powers are referred to as kniggas. Using these new powers, they must fight their way out of the gigantic labyrinth in order to get to heaven.
Trayvon ends up teaming up with a group of ghetto kniggas called Jayshawn, Lil wheezy and Jerome and the 4 of them attempt an escape.
Unfortunately, the world of Prizon is populated with monsters called "Poleece", who are hellbent on killing them and returning them to the centre of Prizon.
All the characters speak in ebonics.

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shows that cannot be watched subbed
>literally TalkOverEachOther: The Animation.
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depends on which language of sub you are reading. English has crappy and long grammar structure that takes up much space for no good reason so that's why watching FLCL in English is hard.
You should read faster.
Those speedreading programs never worked for me.

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Stop not thinking Code Geass is your favorite anime
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But it's shit
Cool thread OP

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Why are lolis?
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for protecting?
Ugly and boring?
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Yakumo San.png
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Really? No love for a nice, SoL story with a lovely cake and relatable characters? Do you all have shit taste? Or is it a unanimous agreement that it's good and thus doesn't need to be discussed?

Also, Christmas Cake thread.
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Really? are you this new that you haven't seen any of the Yakumo-san threads? are you a summerfag?

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This is the best isekai in existence. Prove me wrong but you actually can't because what i just said is a FACT
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Can he talk yet, properly that is?
is this the strange journey novelization

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No replies in the DB for this post!

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i didnt watch super. did it do this guy's movie (the best movie) justice?
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Hell no.
No it was shit
Beerus is still best boy tho
super is terrible

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Why is this OP so good?

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it's ok
It's well animated and the music is good.

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What did she mean by this?
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And this?

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