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Read the guide buyfag.moe

Do buyfags still want to buy this figurine?
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Yeah, honestly it's the only Sorceress figure that I don't dislike.
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why isnt Darkness getting a figurine but this bitch is
Some people do, I personally don't. Not fond of cowtits.

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ITT: Characters who like it in the bum
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Keep your 3D shit out of /a/.
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Iori Minase.
Thread over.

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Toddler-easy mode: save anime
Easy mode: invert/subvert a popular trope
Hard mode: no school students or settings of any kind
Elder-god-tier-hard mode: they would air it at Cannes
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i am the son of a king in said country and when i was little i saw my parents getting killed by my uncle from a deal he made with the enemy country, now i must take the son of a bitch head and make those bastard(enemy country) pay.

i like revenge plot.
It's an isekai into a game world except the game is an RTS and MC is reincarnated as a formless entity that can place buildings and hire units. The units have a will of their own and MC often struggles to make them do what he wants them to.
>you will never write an anime plot

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I'll start with something relatively easy.
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man brushing woman's hair.jpg
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Hard mode: Stock photos only

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Waifu thread

come on you otaku fuck nuts claim your waifu and others can fight you for her

nico fucking robin
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>using top-tier artstyle from hentai artstyle instead of godawful ridiculous cancer from Oda
Your waifu has a hairy bush

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Snippets/summaries of the YoM audios will continue to be leaked to baka gaijins: Yuuri/Phichit is next.
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>these outfits

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Don't you just hate it when scanlators to this bullshit. This shit is worse than watermarks
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>this bullshit
There are several things wrong with your image. What are you referring to exactly?

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Hifumin is my girlfriend and I really really love her.
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Trash thread
Aoba, stop posting and get back to work.

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Did you forget about me /a/?
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Cute Esdetah

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So, chapter 259 got finally got translated. Too bad we are now 2 chapters behind.

Can anyone tell me if all that shit with Chiyo is a ruse or did she really just won the Kiyoshibowl?
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Hana is nowhere to be found in both 260 and 261, even andre ship is sailing successfully... Chiyo is expecting too much out of kiyoshi while is torn apart with all this president and jail BS and party where he is about to confess her so flag has been raised hard..

Yeah, I know, I saw raws of those two chapters but I can't read Japanese. I'm mostly interested in translation of her wish at the end of ch. 260.
we can always just snipe Prison school away from those spics of Mangatopia.

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>OP/ED by X Japan
How come this didn't happen more often? They were like the Nip's biggest band ever.
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>seiyuu's ancestors had sex
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You can't prove that.

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What does /a/ thinks of drill-haired girl?
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The madman released the final chapter in full color for some shitty app.

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If a trap maid and a maid dance, is it gay?
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This manga is bad
shit opinion
It would be too offensive to the readers if a guy and a girl danced
So the author made him dress up a girl to not scare the fans away


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