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S3 confirmed?
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something animated got confirmed

45% is season 3
45% megumin spinoff
10% some new OVAs
Who knows? New anime project is pretty vague.
It could be a new series, OVAs, or a new movie. It could be anime original or follow the light novels, or adapt Megumin's spin-off.
In any case, I'm very eager to know.
their reaction made my day, thanks

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What does Ange's bellybutton taste like?
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How does /a/ clear their backlog ?
one anime/manga at a time ? mixing it up or just purely random depending on the mood
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I simply gave up on it.
I don't really have a backlog, if I enjoy a series I just binge it all at once. Then I'm back to hunting for series that aren't complete garbage.
it just gets bigger and bigger, eventually you forget why you added it there and just don't wanna bother watching it, and once you hit a point where it's either watching any of the many series you have there, you rather search for something else that will ignite your interest.

Seven apples on a witch's tree
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with seven seeds to plant inside of me
In springtime I grew a magic song
Then skipping along, oh I sang the song to everyone

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Which one should I download?
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The third one.
Stop making me miss herkz.

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Ballroom TL.jpg
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Which TL should I go with? Both seem to have mistakes.
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both seem fine and also seem to convey the same messages in the same speech bubbles
Perhaps you should have posted the original, so that someone could actually verify if there are mistakes.
But the official translation does seem more natural, just like you would expect.
Maybe this page was a bad example, but look at the top right panel, it's pretty different.

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Why would she need to wear panties?
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Don't lewd the Ai
So the penis doesn't keep dangling around.

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22 episodes into this shit and when the fuck does it get better ?
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Go fuck yourslef Miserable Hater Faggot
When you stop messing the title of the thread up.
btw sakura isn't even cute why the fuck do you guys like this show anyway ? i've heard that it should be better after 8 episodes but i've completed like 30% of the show and still nothing happens

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I wish the only anime genre was seinen romance. Everything else is kinda awful (besides miyazaki and the other obvious shit). More mature romantic stories with idealized adults in idealized situations feeling idealized love feels very good to watch.

Cheesy ten hour long fights, "GANBATTE" sports tropes, The bad guy is now our bud Shonen moments, "EEEEK you slipped on soap and are now motorboating my titties" harems, and whatever the fuck K-ON is supposed to be all suck.

Seinen romance is the only worthwhile type of anime and the only kind worth acknowledging any more. Thank you for listening.
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Agreed, Oreimo is the greatest anime of all time. Even if it was a poor adaptation of its source material.
>wanting muh mature romance in any demographic other than josei

Are the light novels enough of a step up to be worth reading? Been getting into LN lately, even though the writing style takes some getting used to because it's so different than english stuff.

Did CR changed their encoding settings again? File sizes are similar however there is a small but noticeable difference in picture quality between this week episodes and the ones prior.

You can see it more clearly if you compare OPs.

It's not only this show. I noticed it with a few others as well.
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Is there a point to your post?

Today's temperature is different than last week.
Today's food tasted different from last week.
this looks disgusting anyway
Yeah, I noticed that too.
CR looks like even more shit than usual.

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toc kjnt.jpg
149KB, 728x1030px

What do you think about it ?
Will it be a good anime ?
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Fuck off.

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How many manga is Shuzo Oshimi making at the same time? Is he okay?
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File: Screenshot_20170725-165356~01.png (97KB, 764x824px)Image search: [Google]
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I've been enjoying this quite a lot.
Didn't know he was wk'g on another anon, thanks for the heads up

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Is this worth buying? It's the Onepunch guy, isn't it?
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Vous avez le cervau d'un sandwich au fromage
Where is season fucking two, even this saiki comedy manga got a second season.

We're getting there
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Was it a bad end for him?
Don't you mean almost half way there?
Fucking when?

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