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Is Gokusen any good? If so, is the anime worth it or should I just go straight to the manga?
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it has an anime? i thought it only had dramas. it's pretty good though, i liked it a lot and i usually hate yakuza shit
It seems this is too old for most of /a/.
just watched an episode of the anime, it was ok. it's a bit different from the manga though, probably not going to be a 1:1 adaption, but i don't know since i've only seen 1 so far

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It's completely backwards that scanlations of chapters are up so quickly, but the master race has to wait for whole volumes to get uploaded.
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Most of the time, the stuff just gets scanned and sent off to a group who then translate it and post the translated chapter.
Japanistan cracks down on piracy pretty hard, so raw uploads on Japanese sites get scrubbed pretty aggressively, and hosting it on a western site is pointless because the entire point of a western release (even if unofficial) is to translate it so people there can read it.
This is when you realize you should have learned Chinese instead.

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Sex cockblocked.png
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Takeda Cockblocked for today.
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Netorared by a lesbian.png
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I hate NTR, so should I watch this show?

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Best girl
No other witches compete her nice personality & kindness
Singlehandledly saving Little Witch Academia from floppyness of Cour1

Best paired with Chariot.
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I dont even care if this is shitposting or not
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Why does the author keep making the gyaru suffer so much in this manga?
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Because gyarus are shit
because she deserves it
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>best girl
>title has some other girl's name
Every fucking time with this shit. I keep thinking I'm over it, that I won't get rused again. Then some other best girl comes along and I get angry because from some fucking reason there's still a glimmer of hope in my corroded expectations about how the Japs will write their shitty picture books. I just want off this stupid fucking ride.

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Do you find Kobayashi attractive?
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No because I am not a gay dragon.
>say no
>get burned to a crisp by an angry dragon

>say yes
>get burned to a crisp by a jealous dragon

How the fuck do you answer such questions?

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Can you even make an argument that any protagonist is better than this mother fucker?
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SHAFT anime always have shitty protags. Any normal human with a brain and doesn't wear a fedora knows this.
I like bakemonogatari very much but Guts

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pink aoi.jpg
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New episode of Sakura Quest in several hours.

Dunno about you, but I myself am pretty disappointed with this show, at this point watching it only out of some warped sense of duty. It's not particularly well-written or well-drawn, there's nothing smart or eye-catching to it, even the initial Shirobako-like anime premise just isn't really true. It's an Abe propaganda show, nothing more, nothing less.
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Sakura Quest is one of the best shows to air in the last 5 years and I love it.
>Abe propaganda show
but nobody's pregnant
But Yoshino a cute.

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Another one of these threads.
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Don't post shit that's already in the other thread.
we just had one. fuck off.

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How do I make Gil this happy?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

Rebuild of Evangelion is absolutely disgusting
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thank you for stating the obvious
Stay mad for eternity op
Evangelion 2.22 is pretty good though. Disn't care for 1 and 3 was retarded. The second one was actually interesting and sort of fresh but not perfect. The ending made me weirdly emotional as well.

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what are dommes for /a/?
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Her 3D model is ugly as hell.

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images (43).jpg
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Why is she cute /a/?
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Getting boners on corpses is for degenerates.

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>tfw never get to watch and hear violent tsundere let's player's streams.
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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It's eight of clock!

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The 3rd of October can't come soon enough.
The 3rd of October can't come soon enough...
Today is one of the rare days when I see this thread on the normal side of the sleep cycle.

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