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Are we getting a season2?
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I certainly hope so
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As much as I would love a season 2, fucking never.

A mother, an older sister or an idle...
In wind, rain and under the shade of the tree......
I can become anything, as long as it's for your sake

From the sea, to the sky, into space......
Flies away from this chest...
This only one light named "Love"
I'll kick the pencil that traces our dreams
By going on a travel that won't end
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Wow, this picture anon posted right as the last thread died is VERY inappropriate. No one should open it.

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bedroom eyes.jpg
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How come no one has matched Lum in terms of waifuability?
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She was original. Never meant to be a waifu in the first place. Her whole conception was nothing short of a miracle.
So when's the next time someone's gonna stream this? I want to enjoy this with other anons

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Come for Aoba/Hifumi
Stay for Umiko/Nene
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more ko-service when?
>nene is a macfag
>is a woman
>is a homosexual
This checks out.
>come for ahagon
>stay for ahagon

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He literally did nothing wrong.
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Anime characters as well written as him are counted on one hand
I was unsatisfied by the ending of this anime

Does my main man Gesicht make that hand?

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No replies in the DB for this post!

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No Chris bullying in this thread.
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I want to bury my dick in Chris' tits.
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Time for zenbus
I hope the only casualty is Elf9 and the big marble is all the Carol bits. The pea-sized rock is Elf9's tiny brain.

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Quick, think an anime OP or ED title as soon as possible. Are you done? Now, that OP or ED title literally become your anime power and you'll be transported to the last anime you watched. How fucked up are you?
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As fucked as I normally am, but now I get to transform into a baby.

Absolute restart is worth desu fampai
O2 from Code Geass.
looks like I can control air. I can't speak Japanese so I can't really fucking do anything in Steins;Gate. I guess I can use my superpowers to try and help the Future Gadget Lab but whatever. Maybe use my meta knowledge to explain how Operation Skuld works while I'm at it.
>Real world
I come back to real life.

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Dragonball super is(garbage) nothing but glorified fan fiction
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>Facebook meme
>normalfag franchise
Not surprising.
Anything past the Cell saga is garbage anyways. Actually maybe even past original Dragon Ball.
is this 2015?

>APOSIMZ 006 (2017) (Digital) (danke-Empire)
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Tsutomu "The Kubo" Nihei


wave, listen to me when?

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Why has no one ever attempted an anime like this again?

Did it bomb in Japan?

Why do some people feel a deep, personal connection with the plot while others find it to be terrible and boring?
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It was boring and flopped. Also pretentious.
stupid and boring. didn't we have a haibane thread clutter up /a/ yesterday?? i'm feeling tired...
the plot was boring and made no sense. the animation was terrible, and the colors were bland and could put you to sleep. nothing else to be said really, moving on

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There went Wolfwood...
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his death was so much more hard hitting in the mango

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Why exactly are Yuuna and Tougou planning to do here?
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>that Sonoko's ribbon
Geez, Tougou, you want Yuuna to cry or something?
Because it's more adequate than doing it in the kitchen or the garden.

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Does /a/ have good taste?
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Sturgeon's Law
>anything over Tylor on 1994
WHat the fuck does that mean?
Great meme fag body

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An evil witch jealous of your waifu`s sweetness and cuteness kidnapped her and locked her in a castle full of her worst fears; how difficult of a time do you have rescuing her?
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She's afraid of lobsters and being alone, so as long as I have some rubber bands handy, it shouldn't be too hard.
The castle is full of the threat that her fathers wheat fields will be burnt down.
Don't you have shifts today, Demon King?

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