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Good thread, OP

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So when's the latest chapter coming out? Isn't it the 25th of every month? Alternatively, where are the raws?
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What mag is it? Shonen Sirius?
It gets riped from the official english release.

Just wait for it, OP.
That Nihei? didn't know he'd started another series

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moshimoshi /a/ids-san
i have been reading a manga called YAKUSHOKU DISTPIARI GESELLSCHAFT BLUME, is pretty cool, the mc is cold as fuck, the waifus are not bad, cool symbols and the power is really fuck up but badass
so i was asking myself, why people dislike this manga
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mc is a subjugator class, subjugators kill their partners so they can get their levels to defeat more powerfull oponents like the demon lord
It got axed so nothing ever goes anywhere

What is wrong with these two ahos?
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Fuuki Iinchou is not aho though.
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One is dumb as shit, the other loves shit.

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>anons call this a Moth
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look at this moth
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>Angry Moth Noises
Yes, and?

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>Harder to do personal styles
>Everything looks the same
>Choppier animation
>A lot less detail usually
>Awkward to look at
>Again, shitty animation.

Obviously costs play a factor but why do people even use this when there's already a 1000% better way to get a more polished product out?
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>Choppier animation
Only issue I have with it. If they added more frames it would fix the issue.
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GuP has all the tanks done in CG and it looks great, it's fluid and has more details than any animator could be arsed to draw. You simply need to know how to utilize that tool and not just outsource everything to the chinks.
They use 2D effects to complement the CG tanks too, which works really damn well.

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I read up on Unit 731, watched a documentary about it and I'm starting to see parallels to some manga and anime. Are young(er) japanese people still trying to deal with this stuff or is it just coincidence? Things that come to mind are Made in Abyss, Shinsekai Yori, Knights of Sidonia (kinda), Gantz, basically anime or manga that depicts some kind of society or system that treats people like nothing but materials or objects to further some larger goal. Complete dehumanisation of people.

So is it just me or does this kinda seem like it's the japanese dealing with the horrors that were commited at that time? Also, if anything comes to mind that would fit the description I gave then please tell me, I'm looking for more of this kinda stuff.
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nanking no real
It's just you. The Japs don't give a shit. Stop trying to sound deep.
I'm not trying to sound deep at all, I just read up on this stuff and saw some parallels.

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the teeth girl
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fuck off die fuck off die
the pusse girl

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Has Production I.G. become the go-to studio for sports anime(Kuroko, Haikyuu, Ballroom)?
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Madhouse just did that rugby anime a little while ago, they also have Diamond no Ace. MAPPA had Yuri on Ice. Kyoani has the swim team. There's that studio that's doing Dive this season and did Battery last year. Not sure if it's accurate to say that they're the "go-to" studio.
If there are merchandisers that make a lot of sporting goods, then they might feel comfortable with Production I.G as a member of that committee. It may be the producers that pick the studio rather than the studio choosing to do sports theme shows.

These relationships are important because there can also be multi-property contracts signed. For example, Production I.G might agree to work on two different sports shows back to back which a set of merchandise makers want to support. The TV station is for it because those sports makers are subsidiaries of larger clothing manufacturers that buy a lot of block air time and then assign portions of the blocks to their subsidiaries. So to us, it looks like Prod.I.G (aka PIG) has taken on three different sporting show when it really stemmed from just one contract covering the sales at the start and during the school season campaign.
>Diamond no Ace
I.G co-produced that one though. Even if Madhouse was responsible for the animation side of things.

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Is anyone still reading this? I can't believe they're scanning this but won't even finish scanlating addicted to curry by the same author.
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Didn't it end and quite shittly at that.

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Why is loli fanservice so rare these days?
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Yakuza influence on the anime industry.
It's finally making a comeback this season.
I remember a while back parts of /a/ were going crazy over some proposed Japanese law that might restrict how underage characters are depicted.

No idea how it turned out or if it was really a thing. You be got me wondering, now.

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Is Berserk ever going to end?

It's a monthly manga, Miura is getting up there in age, and most of its iconic moments that casuals associate with the series were written before half of /a/ was even born.
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The real Berserk was the journey along the way.
People here post-date the boat?
Rate the Berserk story arcs from your favorite to least favorite

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fairy tail.jpg
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what do you think about this show?
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slide thread do not respond

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>we're already a month into the Summer anime season of 2017
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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Soon I hope
The hot spring one was subbed recently so hopefully this one isn't to far behind
I can't find that one on Nyaa.si, I have only managed to find the pool episode and the aldini vs japan challenge episode-- where can I find the hotsprings one?

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