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Are self inserts the new face of Type-moon?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

>he doesn't fap to his waifu daily
Shame on you.
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Lady pose.png
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I do it with Momo but she's not my wife.
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How is LSSJ stronger than SSB? What kind of God Ki is it using? How can Goku achieve this form?
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by tingling his back more
he doesn't have a pussy
Kaile was on PMS

Nah it wasn't that bad, the animation kinda saved it
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It's not an independent work.
Nice there's manga but they don't even sell it.
Not thats a major problem anyway
I guess they'll be a better story there, that and I will say the design of the capitol police units are great, so at least Its got me interested in reading other material from the franchise because of that.
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Dat Kerberos armor tho

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What does she mean by this?
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Does Zeus bloodline emit some sort of aura where girls just wants to naturally fug him?
I would presume he has half brothers with the same problem since Zeus was a player.
Gods can't have children. Bell was adopted by Zeus.

Hestia is a fertility goddess, she's just horny and happens to live with Bell

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Which loli?
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The dead one!
Hey you cheeky fuck choose one and stop being roundabout. It's insulting to lead both of them on
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Who is going to win the Ishigamibowl?

Iino? She is the one to tame Ishigami
Fujiwara? He is the only one that can deal with her
Hayasaka? She can protect Ishigami from Kaguya. Probably.
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Miko seems the most likely. Yeah, they hate each other, but he was quick to acknowledge that it's possible to overcome. He actually seemed okay with the idea. Plus it's clear they won't always hate each other.
Not F, he's horrified of the idea of being with her. Which is big, considering he seemed to be okay with someone he hated.
Can't judge how he'd be with Hayasaka so far, he'd need to interact with her first. He doesn't need her protection since he gets along well with Kaguya now, but they do have a lot in common.
Stop trying to turn this into a general, fuck off.

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It's sad.
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>biggest Kyoani box office hit even outdoing the K-On! movie
If anything this just cemented her role as a movie director. She's even doing a Euphonium movie that will probably be amazing
Can't wait for that, didn't think she'd do another movie so soon.
Reminder that
Koe > Kizu > kimi

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Leave powerlevelfags to me.
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Anti jobbing chart.png
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king cuckolo.png
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Look at this fucking retard. How could anyone be intimidated by his dumb ass?

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Have you forgotten that Medusa is the sexiest Fate girl?
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Not even medusa would agree.
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Well she'd be wrong.

Akame is hungry.
Can someone post the chapter pls?
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Why can't you?

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>tfw you will never pimp isekai hoes
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>can literally use ALL MAGIC TYPES
>can also use ALL PERSONAL MAGIC
>is a sex god chad
>insta-bitch magnet
>incredible martial artist

How on earth do we stop him, /a/?
The powers of the writer shall render him useless.
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Something, Something a Snakeface.

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images (92).jpg
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>be me
>watches railgun for first time
>instant love
>misaka is bae
>watches season 2
>fall deeper in love
>misaka is god tier waifu, won't even fap to her because it's disrespectful
>probably the god emperor trumps waifu
>realise i can never be with misaka
>slowly sinks me further and further into depression
>3D girls just ain't got shit on misaka
>try learning animation and drawing to make fan fiction to get as close to being with misaka as possible
>can't draw for shit
>get really drunk one night
>crying over not being able to be with misaka
>get even more drunk
>watching magical index
>stick my cock in the dvd player
>slice cock open
>permanent nerve damage, can no longer get erections
>now no women are an option
>have to decide whether or not becoming a tranny or dying is better.
>goes on tumblr once
>become the biggest sissyfag out there
>asshole wide enough to fit a 2 litre coke bottle in it after getting trained by 5 bbcs
>wake up to myself and realise my life is a joke and I'm more of a faggot than op
>kills myself
>come back to life just to post this story on 4chan
>misaka still bae
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Fucking Gamestop
No dinosaur? I read all of that and there wasn't a single punchline.

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u-ko is so fucking sexy

Id bully her

Would you a horsepussy?
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>Picking on horse loli

Worse than Hitler desu.
Loli horsepussy. What a time to be alive.

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