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ITT: Characters, who have had sex

If you disagree, prove otherwise.
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You can't disfute that he lost his virginity

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My Anime Harem.png
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post yours and analyze others.
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I want to analyze how you kill yourself.
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Really good there OP

I still haven't updated mine
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You clearly have a megane fetish and generally prefer more reserved and uptight (not necessarily tsundere) girls.

You are an American.

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Is it a Naruto ripoff?!
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Yes, which is why it's better than one piece just like naruto was
BNHA came before naruto.
Hero Academy
>Aired: Apr 3, 2016 to Jun 26, 2016
Aired: Apr 5, 2017 to ?
Are you saying my homolust will be salivated if I watch bnha?

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ITT: Post the "O MY RUBBER NEN" moment of the respective series
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Look, it´s this thread.Again.
"O MY RUBBER NEN" threads are the "O MY RUBBER NEN" moment of /a/.

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Little Botan is hilarious.
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Hachimitsu's now translating the web chapters because of the bullshit that happened with the recent chapters haha.

More like adorable.
I wouldn't mind an open end, at least that way we won't have to see Botan lose.
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Reminder that Son Goku is beautiful.
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Reminder that Zamasu's beauty is Godly
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What were their names again?

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>Want to go on a date some time, Mugi-chan?
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Why is she asking herself out on a date?

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Is this supposed to be the political views of the people like the shows or the shows themselves?
The shows themselves
Why is One Piece with a story that clearly depicts good monarchs in a favorable light in the most libertaria-Wait.
Why the fuck am I even arguing about this garbage. This whole chart is stupid.

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What do you think of Platinum End /a/?
I thought it was crap some years ago but im rereading it and its not as bad as I remember. I also like the angel designs alot.
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Trash with nice art.
I was reading it but I forgot about it again.
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I don't think its trash but its definitly not up there with Death Note or Bakuman. the pacing is really weird and the tokusatsu costumes that were introduced later on don't really fit IMO. Atleast the angels are cute I guess.

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Some of you guys are alright.Don't go to Hosu City tomorrow

happening thread will be posted tomorrow

So long villain bots
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was he right?
But if you don't go to Hosu to stop the happening, then you have no right to call yourself an hero!
Brooks, I like you now. Get out of here. Go home

It's very simple /a/, just lick my foot
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Stop pretending it's that simple, you bitch! You say "foot", but in actual fact you have TWO of them. Don't you realize? TWO. FUCKING. FEET!
How the fuck am I supposed to figure out which one to lick? There are no clues that I can see and the time pressure is not helping.
Fuck off, bitch. You and your insane demands have overstayed their welcome.
What episode is this?

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Edited chapter finally out!
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Thank you.
Cool, Thanks!
And now waiting for chapter 15 edit.

So what the hell did Mari do?
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koe no cutachi.png
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One of these threads.
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fine I'll dump
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This isn't really funny, unless you're genuinely that stupid in thinking a single film would be able to adapt the entire manga. Fucking idiot.

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ITT: We talk shit about each others waifus
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>drug addict
>mentally handicapped
Mamiji is shit waifu
I bet her vagina smells like weeks old piss. Used goods belong in the trash.
Horrible looking face

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