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Need help figuring out a few names

>vuon = oven
>cahseral = casserole
>toppo = is this pot?
>jiren = ???
>cocotte = ???
>dyspo =???
>tupper= tupperware
>zoiray- ???
>kettol= Kettle

and we don't know the blue potato's name
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uhhhh thicker.png
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>anime girl has perky above-average breasts, a cute bubble butt, slender midriff, and healthy thighs
>artist exaggerates her perfect proportion far beyond reason, bloating her up to have 95% bodyfat and turning her into a blob creature in the name of THICCCCCCCC
Is this why men of good taste have migrated to DFC girls, who get significantly better artists?
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if you don't like way an artist draws girls, don't follow them then
>Is this why men of good taste have migrated to DFC girls, who get significantly better artists?
You have a point.
It's not always better for DFC
>girl is weird looking and unsettling
>art draws her as a generic chibi kawaii girl

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Umaru on the fronto paigi
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sweet Umaru.png
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>Umaru season 2 soon
I want to put her in a cage with other hamsters in hopes they will eat her.

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I want to fuck this idiot.
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i prefered the loli.
Hope you enjoy prison OP
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Is KyoAni good again?
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Chuuni movie will save KyoAni and anime.
KyoAni was always good.
Always find a way.

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How do you feel about fact that "next Miyazaki" actually turned the one who Miyazaki hates — filthy, pandering to otaku, nerd?
>–After the Miko mai scene, the scene with Kuchikami sake follows…this scene gave me a big shock in a good way. There is a sort of fetishism in there.
>You’re right. That was a hidden fetish factor. I personally wanted to express something like that. In The Garden of Words, I created the scene where feet are being touched for the same reason…I wanted to include some fetish factors that people get a bit of excitement from. It’s just like that this time. I claimed my right to include at least one fetish part (lol). It’s not necessarily obvious…some are academic and others could be indicated in a subtle way hidden behind the story…(lol) Hopefully, people also feel their heart skips a beat.
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He'd fit right into Kyoani, like late Kon with late Madhouse. But it's what people say for 10 or more years. This all young and promising man is also old as fuck now
I wonder if the Sinkai's cat is still alive.
>giving a shit about miyazaki

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Time again for a new chapter. Since people might have missed 13 I'll start with it again.
Things are finally starting to get serious.
Disclaimer to mods as always. Published in Young Champion Retsu which is non porn magazine, Should be allowed, blah blah. Please don't ban me.
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Aria, a show about everything.
Cowboy bebop? More like Coolboy coolbop
In what way is Monster underrated? It's on practically every "top anime of all time" list, and is consistently highly rated on aggregate websites like MAL and AniDB.
Just because your average third-world underage shounenshitter hasn't heard of it does not make it underrated.

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Miuna is pretty when she smiles.
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But she's beautiful when crying.
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Does she have anything to smile about?
Poor Miuna.

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Just watched the first 10 episodes of Cowboy bebop. I will never understand why this is a famous anime
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Normalfags and nostalgia.
it was so boring i had to force myself to continue watching.
It stands out more than the millions of 12 episode series with forgettable high school kids.

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Possible remake for the anniversary?
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Unless they bring back Kuwabara's voice actor, and give us anime original ending where he doesn't get cut out of the last arc, don't want it. Best character leaves and the show starts dropping in quality, who would've fucking guessed.
But best character was Hiei.
What is there to remake? The anime finished the entire manga story.

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Was Ryuko a good protagonist?
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Yes she was cute.
lol no
She was OK.

Are there any good translation groups left? Horriblesubs are obviously terrible. Was watching the new Fate today with subs from UTW and they mistranslated simple things like he/she. Should I just learn Japanese?
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>translation groups
>Horrible Subs
pick one and only one
This better be bait. Look up Asolfs gender, its a "le secret".
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I know but it does not matter who Astolfo was in REAL life. Just like Arthur and etc. They are girls in the anime and this is simple mistranslation.

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>tfw main girl = best girl
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Pic unrelated
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>girl only uses glasses as a disguise
File: Shimoneta-Anna-Crazy[1].jpg (138KB, 1920x1080px)Image search: [Google]
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>tfw the show that got you interested in anime deeper than muh big-3 will be remembered as nothing but a piece of seasonal mediocrity whose only accomplishment was creating a meme girl.

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