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Who's the smartest
most handsome
Better leader
Most charismatic
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The first one conquered the Galaxy.
The second one sold himself for power.
The third one got shot in the head.
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There is only one: Oscar
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No one's hot like Reinhard
No one's brave like Reinhard
No one conquers the sea of the stars like Reinhard

ITT: Guys who were best girl in their respective series.

Pic related
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This little sin is a godsend
Delete this
Who is this? Google turns up nothing.

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>It's like the Godfather but anime I swear!
>Look! it's so cinematic!
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Does Fredo die?
More than a film, 91 Days currently reminds me more of prestige television dramas like Breaking Bad or The Sopranos. This episode comfortably inhabits its 20-minute runtime, providing an important emotional high point to what I'm sure is headed squarely into the realm of bloody tragedy. This relative levity will make the eventual conclusion hurt that much more. Poignant and entertaining, 91 Days continues to be a standout show for mature audiences.

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Who's your evangelion waifu?

>Misato Katsuragi claimed
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Fuck you took best girl.

Guess I'll have to settle for second best.
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If Misato's unavailable then I refuse to play this game.

Goodbye cruel world.
>claimshit threads
Blow your brains out, kiddo.

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but why though
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Witch magic.
Fuck off
He has a fetish for half-elves.

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Time travelers.jpg
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Characters who share the same power with Subaru from Re: Zero, but can actually do shit with it, unlike Subaru. (And also have some actual development in their stories).
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Fuck off
Stocke never really dies though.
Truth hurts.

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We're on volume 2 now. Dumping for the few people who still care about this series.
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Just finished Chapter 2 so I'm dumping. Time for more 'cooking'.
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This a paid user in Japan.
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I would pay for her if you know what I mean.

Post lewd Mastah and the other titcow, the main girl, forgot her name.
Schew-chan a best
Paid user of what? Does she service industry executives in exchange for free animu BDs?

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I'm tired of this bullshit "waifu" threads about boring mindless drone anime shows about stupid bullshit. I'm tired of this weak-ass pussy shit where it's all about pointless pandering to weak people.

Fuck that shit. I want some manly shit where skulls are crushed, planets exploding and some hardcore Japanese Ninja cutting shit up in half a nano-second. Where's my manly anime? Where the fuck is it? Too much pussy shit, I want some destruction and justice being fucking served and a million people dying in an epic war.
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Ah yes, I must legitimize my juvenile and embarrassing hobby by loudly consuming cartoons for eight year olds, rather than cartoons for weird 17 year olds
Only manime out there "friend"

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How's it make you feel that no one will ever care about you to the point where they visit you in the hospital and feed you your favorite foods?
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It's not that bad, really. Nurses always keep coming in and interrupt everything anyway so it's actually a relief when no one comes to visit.

That's how I cope, at least.

>getting sick
>being hospitalized

Never happening. I'm not a weak pussy bitch.
said the boy on /a/.

Is she the most selfless and noble character in all of anime?
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Use the catalog stupid fag
>muh generals

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What did /a/ think of this when it came out? I remember avoiding watching it because people complained about it getting worse but now I watched it and it turns out this shit just keeps getting better and better.
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mostly liked, but overshadowed by Kill la Kill hype during it's airing time
Well, I can understand I guess. I was hyping Kill la Kill and Kyousougiga back then as well and I still consider them better than Samurai Flamenco.
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Delicious Space Pirates
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Is this Kyoani's first canon gay ship?
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And a beautiful one it is, too.
>canon gay
That's not how it works.

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