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>A former professor of archaeology, Hieda Reijiro was expelled from the Japanese Archaeological Association for claiming that youkai exist. Ancient horrors come to life before our eyes as the youkai hunter wanders the land to find proof for his theory.
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Did /a/ like my manga?
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Fuck you Komi. The only way I'll forgive you is if you make Nisekoi: Darkness.

the Onadera baking the wedding cake shit was way over the line.

* Onodera

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Biggest sluts of 2016.png
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You can only rape one.
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I am not gonna rape any of them. I am gonna seduce them and then have the dirty sex with all of them.
Bottom right because she would like it.
Tender love x4

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So are we on the eve of a bigger shitstorm than when NaruSaku fans were btfo?
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No one really cares about bleach that much anymore so I doubt it
Probably not. Naruto was bigger in the west and bleach has been tanking hard lately
not as big but there will be a shitstorm.

I love how a lot of rukiafags are backpedaling and saying how they didn't care in the first place.

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Anime for one and only best Isekai story when? Cant believe they adapt garbage like Overlord and Re:Zero, but the most popular and iconic work is still not adapted.
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0/10 awful name would not read
It's shit, Gary Stu wish fulfillment author self insert garbage
>said unpopular fanfic writer about Harry Potter

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What is this expression trying to convey?
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That she's best girl.
Being close to having one's mind broken just by looking at the D
Don't sexualize the Colette, fuck off.

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Why the fuck is nobody asking the real questions? Could Naruto fuck a sexy jutsu shadow clone? This has been bugging me since the beginning of shippuden.
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The real question is what's between the legs, boy dick, imitation pussy or smooth skin.
Aside from that, the new "series" is totally worthless right?
It looks like shit

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Guys can anyone explain the berserk timeline?

It starts with guts being the black swordsman and goes around killing apostles and meets with puck. Eventually he ends up at the fight with the snail count. God hand appears daughter of count gets mad at guts and he makes this face.

>pic related

Golden age arc starts with guts being young and his past following him joining band of hawk. It ends with the eclipse and guts becomes the black swordsman, lost children arc and after that ends up meeting farneze, serpico etc. In the beginning of this moment he just gets the Dragon slayer and is inexperienced fighting apostles. But at the start of the manga he was experienced. Where does the part fit of him going around with puck killing that snake and snail apostle.

I am having a hard time understanding this because I think the author didn't look too much in the future for what was gonna happen after the golden age arc.

Question: where does the very first chapters till golden age arc fit in the whole story
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Miura probably hadn't though that far ahead.
That is what I have been thinking. It must have happened between lost children arc and the moment he became the black swordsman. But in lost children arc he still wasn't as strong as during the first chapters.

I really wanna know the exact order to understand the story better
its simple anon

1. Golden Age
2. Black Swordsman
3. Lost Children
4. Tower of conviction
5. Falcon of the millenium
6. Fantasia

Don't over think much the timeline, keep it simple anon

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>wake up to this
No wonder he didn't pick Rem lel
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Emilia a cute.
>sees Subaru as a child and treats him like one
Subaru has an Oedipal complex.
Half elves are for brutal gangrape by 100 orcs.

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It will be 42 pages long and they will release it in september. Get hype to see Rize again, this time a lot hotter.
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What for?
For some shitty magazine. He said he felt like doing it to bait more people into giving Tokyo Ghoul a chance.

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Would you pick up your loli and take her home and give her some hot chocolate?
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No, but I'd give her a bowl of eggs.
"Why are you doing this?"
I'd give her womb some hot semen

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Say something nice about Galko-chan.
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She is cute.
I want to make gentle loving her turboslut sis
Is Galko a size queen?

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studio deen.png
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If Deen did not fucked up Fate/Stay Night would they still be a respected studio? Also what is the best DEEN show?
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The best Deen show is Pupa by far, the second best is Konosuba.
Rakugo is their best in a long damn time.
That went well beyond the "so bad it's good" tier

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Hello! posting chapters 10 and 11
chapter 1-4:
chapters 5-7:
chapters 8-9:
Also in batoto:
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wew lad
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