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Did she poison it? That'd be pretty cool.
she's gonna kill them ain't it?
Shes gonna jump out of it in the next issue
trust me
Chitoge is gonna lose!

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Ain't gonna pick up. We all knows.
At most, it will generate Gakkou Gurashi EP1-tier shitstorm and that's it.
When will it air? I always up for weekly dose of suffering.

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New chapter came out yesterday while I've still got other stuff to do. Busy busy busy

>I've arrived!!

>I forgot to get her contact address so turning up suddenly like this...
>Oh well!
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>A smartphone for the first time

>Onee-chan, I've come to play~!
>Sup Merii
(insert casual japanese greeting)

>By the way, it seems I didn't get your contact address
>Do you have a smartphone?
>What is that?

>I thought so, that's why I bought one for you!
>Using one will take some getting used to
>First off, let's make a call!

>WAH!? What's happening?
>Swipe the green mark horizontally!
*That means slide!*

>Like this!?
>What the hell were you thinking!!!
(unsure of this line)
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>Home screen

>I don't get anything...
>What's with this piece of shit technology!
>Friggin' irritating!!
*second set*

>I guess there's no helping it
>Go-kun, look here~

>The home screen has turned into Go-kun!
>What do you think?

>That was easy
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>Troubling matter

>To tell the truth, there's something about Gospel that has been troubling me...
>Onee-chan is troubled?

>Since Gospel loves me so much
*an assumption*
>if he grows up like this...

>I love mother very very much!!
>I want to marry mother!!

>I'm troubled with what to do if he says something like that~!!
*A parent and child can't get married...*

>This is a serious illness...

This is your date tonight
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I want to fuck that plant.
She likes chicken
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just add her to my other girls

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Domain Godzilla-Anime.com was registered https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/daily-briefs/2016-08-03/godzilla-anime.com-domain-name-registered-under-toho/.104979
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What studio should it be?
Hmm what does this trailer remind me of?


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ghost banri.jpg
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What the fuck was his problem?
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Severe brain damage
Honestly, the show was actually a decent college romance until the fucking ghost came into the scene.

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ITT most hated scenes in anime
pics unrelated
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They hated it

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Your Kickstarter Idea.png
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In light of the successes of Under the Dog and Little Witch Academia 2, which series would you want kickstarted next, /a/?
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>successes of Under the Dog
What did he mean by this
I would like idiots looking for easy money to fuck off.
The director got paid 3 times what he needed and bailed out of the project halfway with all the money.

If that isn't success then I don't know what is.

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ITT: underrated cuties in anime

Kirie is cute af and you need to love her
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Ebina best girl
Kirie best gril. That's for sure.
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I want to sniff kirie
Ebina is cute and has nice knockers as well

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Remind me again why is she the best girl.
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I want to fuck Nao.
Nao is just for staring at, I suppose.
Best imouto.

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You can only save one
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I'll save none. None!

I count around 3 girls that don't need saving in there

Is she really the most beautiful woman in the world?
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I love the way Shaft do lips.

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disgusting shits.jpg
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Which worst-girl victory was worse?
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How is it possible to have taste this bad?
Your mum winning your dad
I don't ask the authors, they're the ones that have the power not to make these shits win yet still make them win.

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Motherfucker, Waht?.jpg
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Guys I have a question... Why the fuck is Osomatsu San in the Josei demographic? Is it because the manga is about their idol forms? because their normal forms are below average at best.
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You're very naive.
*Naïve, lern too sppel
Demographics are a social construct. Shojo and josei are the same. Same with shounen and seinen.

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Why do people even like this meme of the season character?
Ram was way better anyway
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Try catching up.
just shut up kid
Flavor of the month

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