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Where's my second season?
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Why would you want a second season?
It ended pretty conclusively.
K-On got a second season though.
Shit flopped, so no.

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Best girl won... So why does my heart hurt?
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Because it was a pyrrhic victory. Would wife Setsuna though.
VN TL when?
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How is Robotech not a great anime?
Why do you think your opinion is right?
General Discussion thread.
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Robotech was a work of genius. It took a series destined for mediocrity and forged an epic tale of human bravery against impossible alien odds, while integrating two other mediocre series and saving them from the same fate, without having to subject the story to any further contamination by idols, which were never supposed to be the fulcrum of the tale. We are blessed to have lived in a time where Robotech exists to stand as a beacon of proper military science fiction.
t. Carl Macek, the Invid Flower of Life
Robotech goes on /co/.
Macross goes on /m/ or /a/.
>How is Robotech not a great anime?
It's not
>Why do you think your opinion is right?
Because I don't like people stealing to make a (rather crappy) work. Plus I'm a weeb, I'm always right.
>General Discussion thread
see >>145223657

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I just finished episode 5. Why do I feel like some emotional trainwreck is about the hit?
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She stops the bus to get off at a hospital. What do you expect?
Just finish it faggot and stop posting here midway through your viewing.
The blonde dies

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"I love Emilia"

Dropped. Honestly, what is up with the nips by making best girls and then giving them the bad ending? Rem is possible the best girl we have ever seen in years now and all she gets is shit? Are the nips just trolling the shit out of us?

Anyways, im done with this shitty series, someone spoil it all. Here are some questions:

Does Rem have any hope?

Why was the faggot MC summoned?

Does the dumbass ever question why he was summoned?

Please tell me he doesnt end up with that silly elf girl.
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Im hoping that he is just sent back to irl so that he can just have a mediocre ending. He doesnt have best girl or worst girl so its all good for us.
Why did you take your trip off to reply to yourself?
Surely the creator will see how popular Rem is and decide that he is just a fucking idiot and that the best girl should clearly win, right? I mean come on..

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Whose idea was it to make school swimsuits so sexual?
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Good job
What are you talking about? It's earth's official and most formal outfit according to Asobi no Iku yo.

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ranma eyecatxh.gif
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Favorite eyecatches?

>Trigun for that riff
>Jojo for the character info
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i enjoyed that anon, thanks
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So where'd Ichigo go after killing Yhwach?
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Home, I imagine.
Can he go home?
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to heaven with Orihime

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Brave Witches love is alive and well
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>Brave Witches love is apparently not alive and well
Should I watch the other series before I watch this?

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Marika won.
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Nisekoi END 229 4k 02.png
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Nisekoi END 229 4k 03.png
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Nisekoi END 229 4k 04.png
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It should have just been an action hentai.
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are they going to do more episodes eventually or is this it?
I hope not. This is trash.
>action hentai
I'm sorry, what?

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>Evangelion 2.0: You Can (Not) Advance isn’t just a terrible movie, it’s a terribly offensive movie and one of the worst animated films in recent memory. It is a disgusting testament to the most shamelessly commercial aspects of the Japanese animation industry, the ineptitude of Hideaki Anno and the crippling stupidity of anime fans. It is a movie made for those who have fooled themselves into thinking that just because it’s Evangelion, and Evangelion is “intellectual,” that they aren’t buying into a scheme of shallow merchandising and pathetic fan-pandering bread and circuses resolutely devoid of any artistic or creative merit.


/a/ BTFO!
Reminder that 2.22 is pandering garbage and 3.33 is the exact opposite. If you liked 2 but not 3 you are the cancer killing anime.
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3.33 is equally as vapid, it's just vapid in a different way.
I liked them all, the original series and the new movies, and anticipate the fourth.

I'm a shit I guess
This. Nothing wrong with being a shit eater if you arenlt buying it either way.

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>Reading Gakkou Gurashi
>get to chapter 33
>Rii-san is losing her mind
What's happening to my waifu?
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She's shit and continues to be shit.
>reading gakkou gurashit
Rii a shit

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One of the most evil villains in anime history, and pretty creepy too
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Who is this semen demon?
My wife Machi is so cute.
A miko rapist.

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She's amazing and you're awful if you don't agree.
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Useless piece of meat.
The hottest and best, even the best angel!
You're awful.

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