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What went wrong?
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everything except the voice actors and some music.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z4v351FhLfo
Nothing. They made shows for children which are the target audience of shows about card games, pirates, and cockfighting with adorable animals.

american children=retards
so they did a great job localizing shit

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When will Umaruposting stop? It still makes me want to kill myself after all these years.
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Until s2 and when someone translates the manga again.

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Everyone keeps forgetting that I will play the key role in the anime, I suppose.
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The main discussion for the anime right now is still the waifu wars and whether or not Subaru is a believable character, now including the recent cuckage of Rem, with a fair portion of yaoi art between Subaru and the knights and genderbending.
I love you Beako!
They are ignorant, I suppose. Waifu wars are shit.

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I just realized anime. It's all rotoscoped Hollywood top actors in British animation studios with Korean pop stars as seiyuus via machine translation and Finnish memes and Zambian background artists. Nobody really knows who drives this mess or how it all comes together. Ever seen the movie The Cube? Kinda like that, nobody knows how or why it was made. Japan in fact does not exist. All of you who went there were actually in Disneyland, Paris secret basement drugged and Tokyo crowds mimiced by Seven Dwarves.
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I bet you thought that this was a humorous post.
Nothing exists outside of California so I have no idea what you're talking about.
Don't use Maki image to make bad threads please she deserves better.

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Just 6 more weeks!
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and 6 more months for subs
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Since I read the manga I could watch the raw and I just want to fap to Ueno.
>shoujo shit

>Is it in yet, anon?
What to do?
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Kill self
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Godammit, you know it is you bitch!

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I know this anime is shit, but why can't I hate it or stop rewatching every few years?
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because it isn't shit?
It has a comfy atmosphere.
>I know this anime is shit

Who are you trying to impress?

Hey kid, wanna fight?
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Why is Karen so shit? she ruined the whole episode.
u r 1 cheeky cunt m8
i'll hook u in the gabber i swear on me mum
>it's an all english-speaking episode

Roses are red
Violets are blue
If Rem says she loves you
You say "I do too"
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I do love me too.
Subaru threw Rem away like the trash she is.
Who is Rem?

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Delinquent Thread. Dumping chapter 8 of Bucchigiri.
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Also, I'm about to hit 100 releases under Delinquent Scans so if anyone has a chapter they want me to do for it then let me know.
Delinquents are shit.
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Left or right?
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Isn't one of them rich and one of them poor?

If so, the rich one.

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What is she doing?
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Imagining having a loving bf.
That's easy! She's sleeping, /a/non!
I mean with her ass

What's your preferred term for the male equivalent of a waifu? Do you have one? Do you think less of people who have them instead of waifus?

I've heard husbando, hazubando, and haodo. I think I prefer hazubando, husbando sounds a little too jokey.
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That's the gayest thing I've ever heard.
waifu = anime character you like

gender neutral
Yeah I've always used waifu as gender neutral, but I've seen people get shit on /a/ and /co/ for using waifu so loosely so who the hell knows.

That's probably the point for a lot of the people who'd want to use it.

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if i see one more faggot talking shit about yui i swear im gonna shoot up a fucking con hoping some of you shits die in it. what the fuck is your fucking problem with yui? you think its so cool talking shit about yui? what the fuck has yui ever done to you? yui is fun and cute unlike your generic boring ass imouto shithead waifu sluts who fucks nigger dicks for breakfast. yui is pure and will never leave her friend behind. her mind often wanders and thus she doesnt perform good in class, but that doesnt mean you can talk shit about her like that. she can do anything if she puts her mind into it, fuck you for ever putting her down or underestimate her. your all trash and can never have the right to talk shit about yui
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Found Ui
I've only seen the first episode of this shitty show, but she's an absolute idiot.
sup ui

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It's not even about him being angry about Kite being dead or about the story being edgy. He's fucking insane and just being near him is a liability
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We know Pitou is insane, that's why she had to die.
Why did he care about Kaito so much? Was he a faggot, or something?
Read the manga.

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