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Ichi v02c03p144.jpg
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What emotions am I supposed to feel while reading this?
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None. Just self-insert as jii-chan and wish you were as buff as him.
Hot and bothered.
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uh oh.png
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Oh, I am.

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Would you let Anzu be your wife?
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She does things to my nutbladder
Only if her mother gives me her blessing.
I want to cum in her *****

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Thoughts on this great anime?
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Edgy shit.
Dark and mature just like myself.
Overrated Edgy shit.

I know it's customary for the "what the fuck did i just watch" thread to be about eva but i'll bend the rules
what the fuck did i just watch
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I hear people talk about this being WTF inducing way more than NGE tbqphf
It is. Eva doesn't really go into that territory around the last 10 episodes or so, while this show is WTF all the way through, especially at the end.
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Lain and NGE are excellent shows, but they're really not THAT confusing or hard to follow at all. Pic related, here's something that takes intellect to grasp.

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>this is allowed

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There is a western show called "WORKING" which is why that one got changed. I have no excuse for the others.

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Was Fate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works] a good adaption of the story?
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Yes way better than zero
UBW adaption was shit tier.
It's as good an adaptation as it'll get.

Still, it wasn't all that bad. Some of the original stuff we got, like for example that bit of Caster backstory was nice.

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2 years of semen
flowed endlessly
into Asuna

Is Molester Man the closest thing to real romance in manga? It all feels very real compared to every other romance manga I've read.
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I have searched in vain for a romance manga that was as good as this one. Alas, it's all vampires, wizards, and idiot MCs all the way down.
Bonnouji is pretty similar, pretty down to earth and comfy. I find Molester Man better though.
Well they're not really similar actually, I mainly mean in tone and how they're both down to earth. There's about 0 drama in Bonnouji compared to all the shit in MM.

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no suck thing

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Was this the ultimate TRIGGER shitpost anime? I'm not even entirely sure what the hell I just watched.
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It was pretty tame outside the Over Justice posting and Luluco is a turbo slut posting
No this had good to decent posting, Ninja Slayer was just shitposting because the gags/jokes got beating more than your moms ass last night.
I meant it was TRIGGER's own ultimate shitpost, not that the fans shitpost about it.

I just got done marathoning it and I'm pretty sure Trigger just threw in absolutely anything that popped into their heads.

And it was amazing.

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What's the last anime or manga to make you angry?
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Something written by Im Dal Young, or some other gook web comic im sure.
>expecting romance from a manga that is clearly NOT romance

Your fault
i dropped this manga years ago.

how did it end?

What the fuck is this shit?
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Ikuhara's magnum opus.
something that tried to be utena.

it was also a trainwreck, like utena

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Something's off here.
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I just found out about this and it sounds ridiculous.

Is it good?
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If you are down for another beta MC who has a harem of girls who constantly get him in trouble then yea go for it. It's pretty damn funny and you get two cute/sexy girls along with a cute trap. But the MC is probably in my top ten for betas. It gets a lot of its humor from references but even if you don't know all of them (I probably only got 50% of them) it still is funny.
If you're not into generic harem then no don't watch.
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also it features a ghost
beta MC but funny as a motherfucker.

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>Rei or Asuka when Misato is clearly superior to both.

Is this all a big joke?
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I like dicks so Kaworu is for me.
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>old hag
>just as mentally unstable as any of the other girls
>he doesn't want to fuck her used up ravaged cunt

What are you, gay?

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