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Chapter 228
Tsurezure Scans Edition



Online reader
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Best girl confirmed win yet?
Didn't we already have this thread the other day
Chitoge already won anon. Its over.

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Fucking, Parasites Man.
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GX best yugioh.
>Fucking Parasites, Man.
Pretty nice imagery.

That and Yugo's clothing damage in the preview make me think regardless of the result of his duel with Rin, he's fucked.

Yuri may show up to finish her job.

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>not even on page 10 yet
It is now.

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Sleepy Yohane is cute.
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Remember not to bully Yohane sama
only Riko can
>Not Honk OP on her birthday

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>No Yuyuesday thread yet
I've been let down
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Post MADs
what kind of books does Yukari read?
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All Yuyus are equally titillating. Yukari is simply more equallier titillatingieriesterererererererererer. Er.

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What's your favorite Osumatsu-San brother?
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You posted him.
Karamatsu. He's the worst fucking person but he's also a good brother. I love it! I could watch Oso get punched a thousand times.
No one bothers the cute happy little brother and gets away with it.

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Odaiba Week continues.

Yesterday was the anniversary that the kids went to the Digital World and on today August 2nd, while in search of the 8th Chosen, Tailmon crosses paths with one particular little girl which she takes interest in. It isn't long before she realizes she is this girl Hikari Yagami's partner Digimon.

Only suffering will ensure in the days to come after that fateful meeting.

Second Confession PV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QxURjTWgGP8
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Why is Japan so obsessed with brother/sister incest?
Because it's the purest form of love.
Should be worried about twincest more.

This is a Bleach thread
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SakuraNamiRukia here.
Why do my fans ship me with the main character if I won't end up with them?
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First for Ichiruki
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And this is a Best Girl.

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Hey, /a/. I just stumbled across this and decided to let you know S3 is pretty much fucking confirmed.
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Bumpan because S3 confirmed
Not even close. Trust me I want it even more than you but s3 never even still.
How do you figure? 10th anniversary of S&W is pretty much a given that a studio will pick up the series again. Especially since its following has gained a lot of popularity as of late.

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Unscanned Chapter 8:

It's a trainwreck.

>Majuuka helps Mami defeat Wraith-Mami and Wraith-Kyoko
>Wraithpurgisnacht appears, a conglomeration of thousands of wraiths, alongside medium-size wraiths that look like half of Homura's head
>Kyoko is kill (maybe)
>Mami is kill (maybe)
>Majuuka is kill (probably)
>Homura wakes up
>Wraith somehow has her time-travel shield
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this shit needs to be scanned cleaned and translated immediately
People don't care much for Wraith Arc; it usually takes a month and a half to get English scanlations.

This is the penultimate chapter, by the way.
is Wraith Arc good?

What about the other Madoka Mangoes, are they wroth reading as well?

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How ready are you for Comiket /a/?
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I am now.
>tags: blackmail, rape, mind_break, impregnation, ntr
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I'm going to stop fapping for the next few days, then cum with the force of a thousand suns when the doujins arrive.

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You can also makes your own shitty pages and other anons guess
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guess 5.jpg
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guess 4.jpg
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Is this powerchart correct, /a/?
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/m/ shat on it.
The creator was getting his info from some naruto forum
The Universe is his processor.

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Season 2 soon, right?
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The studio is dead

S2 never

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What if Berserk was a girl?
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learn differents types of rape, the manga
So Berserk?

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