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Would you remove her skintight bodysuit?
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No. But I would give her a haircut.
No. I find it weird that some people think that being naked is completely sexier than being partially clothed
Of course not.

>CGI cars
>CGI buildings
>CGI crowds

Who the fuck started this trend?
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this really I saw it in stuff like the simpsons way before I saw it in any anime

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>Spoilers are out
>not the best chapter, sounds boring
>break next week

835 Country of Souls
Color page: the crew eats shaved ice
In Totland - Chocolatown, the citizens are asked a certain question every 6 months
Shadow in the church: "Leave or Life"? Citizen: Life.
The shadow pulls out part of the citizen's life (expectancy)
Luffy finds the real Nami among the fakes. She talks about what happened after Luffy disappeared.
Nami's running from Brulee, using the Clima Tact. Carrot jumps towards Brulee
Carrot: Electroclaw!
Brulee materializes a mirror-like thing in front of herself, and Carrot hits it.
Brulee: Reflection!!
Carrot's punch comes out of the mirror, Carrot is hit and blown away.
Brulee: I am a mirror! A "mirror human" thanks to the Mira-Mira fruit!
Carrot jumps at Brulee again
Brulee: "Mirror World"
Carrot is trapped inside the mirror
Brulee: Mom already knows about you people.
Brulee orders the trees to capture the crew. Chopper eats a rumble ball and turns gigantic
Brulee: Amazing trick you have there! Mom will be happy! She's an unparalleled "Collector of Bizarre Beasts"!
End flashback
Luffy asks the giant buried guy why the trees move
Buried guy: Linlin...no, Big Mom has the Soul-Soul fruit, she can arrange people's souls as she pleases. With that power, she gathered souls from the inhabitants and scattered throughout the country, giving life to all sorts of things.
Luffy: Who are you anyway?
Buried guy: A long time ago, I was...Linlin's husband. After 2 daughters were born, I was thrown away.
Behind the head, Mom's son Cracker (10th son) pulls the head from the ground. The guy's body is the same size of his head, he's not a giant.
Cracker: Stop feeding info to our enemy, you fool!!! Buried guy: Wait, Cracker! Please let me meet Chiffon, just for a moment! I heard she married, I want to say congratulations to her... Just let me talk to Linlin!! I heard that Lola left the house too...they're my important family!!
Nami: Lola!?
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Seriously who the fuck is even excited for this chapter after these fucking spoilers?

>boring running
>boring talking
Never been this disappointed after reading spoilers.
Oda is a fucking hack.
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CONFIRMED: Whitey Bay raped to death by Weevil. Where were you when it happened?

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>character A says something unexpected
>character B falls over
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You don't like face faults?
Sailor Moon's were the best in this case.

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How does Stand Alone Complex stand against the 1995 movie?
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It's like an entirely different franchise, but it's pretty good for what it is.
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the movie is miles better.

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Spoilers soon
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榊「別行動した方がよさそうね それぞれが行きたい所を自由に回ってみましょうよ」
えりな「いいこと?これもまた北海道講座の一環と思いなさい 現地で実際に味わう事こそ一番の勉強なのですからね!」



緋沙子「で でも私は…」


緋沙子「田所恵がいるのなら安心だな えりな様をたのんだぞ!」



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Jeeeesus he's setting it right up in that direction
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88MPH dodgeball deflected up into the stands, which does it hit, Carol or Misuzu?
Wait so uh, do school gyms typically have balconies?
Carol has protective cushions to soften the blow; Misuzu will break her ribs and get her lungs punctured.

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We're nearing that time of the year again.


Main stage line-up:

Strike The Blood

Possible new season announcement for the last 3 listed.

Once again, there doesn't seem to be any hint whatsoever to a new anime season for Toaru Majutsu no Index as there is no stage where it could be announced at. Still don't give up hope for the future, though.
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StB S2 pls. It's fucking overdue now.

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What does being NEET have to do with his failures? He's failing because he's completely out of his element and in situations (and puts himself in situations) where he bites off more than he can chew. He wants to be a hero in some fantasy world, an unrealistic aim for anyone; it's not like a normal would be somersaulting through everything. He's also kind of stupid.

Is this just self-pity time?
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Ssssocial commentary.

You're right, and that's it, basically.
You are correct. Even the author and MC himself admitted it. Your point?
Your you.

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ITT: Characters you hate but everyone loves and you have no idea why.
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She's worse than Senhime in virtually every way, and I can understand resenting the fact that she gets her own arc despite that, but hate?
>finds everything fun and finds fun in everything
>isn't an annoying piece of shit despite being a child
What's not to like?

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sad panda thread?
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Is Sadpanda down? I can't seem to access the galleries. Tends to yield connection time out.
Works fine for me.
Same. No wonder this thread is a ghost town.

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ok so if zamasu is addressed by goku as a god
>this is the first time i've fought a god since beerus-sama

why didn't he use SSJBSSG?

because SSJ2 with god ki was enough to match him

manga fags BTFO
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Am I the only one who thinks these abbreviations are getting a little out of hand? Isn't just SSG fine?
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typing the word abbreviations is longer than SSJGSSJ
Damn, just call it SSB.

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biscuit hammer.png
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One Page Thread
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I can't even remember what they were testing here.
His prophecy was that would happen so he did it to himself preemptively.

Didn't work.
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What's your fetish, /a/?
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I'm gross, though.

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Post your elitist taste.
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6/6 excelent fucking taste anon.
Asuka>Misato>Rei>>>>Ritsuko>>>>>>>>Hikari>>>>>>>>>>that cute lesbian, i think her name was Maya>>>>>>>>>>background character without any kind of dialogue>>>>>>>Mari

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