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>mfw there's people on this board who actually think that Re:Zero is a good anime

Where are all my patricians with refined taste in anime?
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Here my friend. I only watch good anime like Hibike! Euphonium© and Koe no Katachi© from the masters at Kyoto Animation™ (or as I have taken to calling them, KinoAni).
RE0 is not a good start.
I'm worried about the industry.
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Right here

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>tfw just remember that Shaft is doing Fate/Extra anime
It's gonna be glorious bros.
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2 no make a yes, dude. Flawless math.
The only canon Fate anime by the way.

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Why do people hate NTR so much?
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Low IQ faggots who only know how to feel with their dick, not their minds.

Exhibit A: >>146046643
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this place sucks.jpg
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pic related

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Is there a more blatant Mary Sue waifubait character in anime?

>great looking
>big tits
>comes from rich family
>smart with perfect grades
>pervert and lolicon
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>see Sena then come in and post
I'd certainly want to insert myself in her.
That's it, Sena is shitty otakubait.

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hit it harder until it stops
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Guy TRANSLATION umaru call umarufag ungrateful asshole NEVER said thank you even once.

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Remember to eat your vegetables
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I don't understand why there's constant threads when the manga is going at a snail's pace. How the fuck have you guys not given up yet? Hornet girl is just gonna be another addition to the harem.
Most of the new girls haven't been additions to the harem at all actually. We haven't had a new girl in the Harem since Lala.

Lala's not in the harem, she's in the friend zone.

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I have had sex with your waifu.
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Some people on /a/ might be into that Anon.
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>I have had sex with your waifu.
Who's my waifu?
well someone has to she does not even want to look at me

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This is Cocoa-san. She is the new girl in town. Please be nice to her.
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How much?
Yeah hi, I'd like a large cappuccino, two sugars to go thanks.
I want to do to Cocoa what Cocoa wants to do to Chino.

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Chapter 1 is finally out

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Doesn't hurt doing a dump.
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Didn't Favaro have a goatee after the end of S1? This is inbetween seasons so he should have it, right?

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Prison school chapter is out after 2 weeks.
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Angelo did nothing wrong.
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In this moment I feel euphoric, not because my revenge is going well, but because I feel enlightened by my coldhearted betrayels.
He's going to get with her, isn't he?

Kill the brothers and the father and fuck the sister.

Three for three.
I want Angelo to dominate me sexually

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Sayaka disapproves of you wanking off to magical girls.
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But what if I only jerk off to her, because of the blue hair?
But she's the only magical girl I wank off to
What now
Sayaka pls you do the same

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>Birthday August 21, 1991
everybody wish her a happy birthday for it is her birthday today ok

happy birthday ritsu
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happy birthday forehead
and you too ritsu!
where did you get that exactly
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Happy Ritsu day!

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So what's your excuse for not having watched all Gundam shows yet?

>inb4 boo hoo it's too long

Fuck off. You have plenty of time you could use to watch anime instead of shitposting on /a/. You don't even get to call yourself an anime fan if you haven't watched Gundam.
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I got about twenty or so episodes into the original but I didn't really like it.
Gundam is just for nostalgia-faqs these days
People are divided on the original, I personally enjoyed it but it certainly feels aged if you watch it now. I'd advise you to watch the compilation movies and move on to Zeta if you don't feel like finishing.

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If you were chosen to join the Holy Grail War, which Hero would you like to have as your Servant?
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Can I just marry Medusa and skip out on the whole war thing instead?

You have to win to marry her, otherwise without a powerful source of energy you can't supply her with enough mana to sustain her.
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>you can't supply her with enough mana to sustain her

you underestimate my power

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