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How do you feel about Lizards?
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>1st chapter
>socially awkward friendless girl getting into awkward situations
>100th chapter
>insane lesbian hanging out with 10 different girls
what happened
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Long running manga turned into shit like usual.
>>100th chapter
>>insane lesbian hanging out with 10 different girls
Picked up.
Welcome to any high school with an anime club

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Bones does pretty good animation. I wish they did the same for Boku No Hero.
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How will animeonlys react?
Hopefully they'll flip the fuck out. I know I did

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I love you.
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Satella probably peeps on Subaru every time he takes a bath because she's such a naughty girl.

Oh, I can just imagine her saying "Subaru (naturally, she's on a first name basis), did your thing get longer today?" or "Subaru, it seems that your right testicle is hanging lower than your left one today, you bad boy." Just think how things would turn out when they actually do meet: Being the all-powerful, time manipulating witch of Envy, she'd probably abuse her time-stopping abilities just to have her way with him. She would unleash centuries’ worth of sexual frustration on Subaru, perhaps more than every single beta harem protagonist combined. And she won't stop for even a nanosecond, even if her pussy gets completely destroyed – Of course, only by her doing.

Just imagine what she would demand out of him when it's time for Subaru's turn. Or maybe, the poor thing won't even get his turn until a millennium had passed. She'd probably heal her hymen just so her precious Subaru can always take away her “innocence” whenever they do have sex. With an obsession this deep, it was no surprise that she destroyed half the world before she was tamed by the sage, the sword saint and the dragon.

I could picture it already. "Why are you stepping on the same ground as Subaru? None of you insects are worthy of him." She wound say, before proceeding to mercilessly slaughter everyone. Don't even get me started when she actually does meet Emilia and Rem. She'd probably morph her own pussy to one that’s identical to theirs, if that's what Subaru wants. Or even better, she’d probably mind break Subaru until her own holes are the only ones he can and will ever possibly want. Of course, any filthy whore who ever tried to steal Subaru’s heart would definitely be subjected to a fate worse than death beforehand. Beyond the shadow of a doubt, Satella would be more than happy with milking out every last ounce of Subaru's affection and semen for the rest of her life.

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Why does Re:Zero flip flops between light hearted fantasy and Dark Souls so much? What the fuck is this?

How is Subaru not going insane?

>If he survives, he still has to find the Witch Cult and kill Betelgeuse

This world is a fucking hell
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>this suffering
He already went insane once or pretended to be insane at the very least.
Because only shitty cartoons keep the same mood throughout.

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Cornucopia of Resources / Guide
Read the guide before asking questions.

Previous Thread: >>145638221
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Hand hold me RIGHT NOW.
That's disgusting anon

"Glotoun" isn't even a word. Did they mean "glutton"?
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So who's the Shepard that's gonna cleanse her edgy ass?
Why why did Seres have the comb? It doesn't explain anything about her motivation.

And fuck Berseria.

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Bleach Thread
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What is Ichigo's wife doing with that strange man?

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Why is post time skip Nico Robin so Moe.
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Who remembers when Usopp fought Luffy. Pic related
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3x3 thread
Don't try to be a pretentious bastard.
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Well you're certainly not being pretentious.
Hello friends

I'm glad you tried your best with such an obvious mental handicap. Don't forget to applaud OP for being so courageous everyone.
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3/7. Your bait sucks

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>best chest
>best waist
>best abs
>best personality
>best collection
>best hair
>best face
>best eyes

When did you realize that hajime is perfection?
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Perfect for bullying.
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Don't bully the tomboy
>best waist
>best abs

>best everything else

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Let's bully Aqua!
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She's still breathing. That's punishment enough for her.
Why? It's not like she will understand that she's being bullied.
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Only useful for anal pounding

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They pulled that last move out their asses

But that was fun, just straight up Gunpla mass murder

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>Worst intros
>Worst music
>Worst artstyle
>Rewrites the story
>Shits out pic related

When will the madness end?
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>>Rewrites the story
What was changed?
http://www. fujitv.co.jp/b_hp/dragonball_super/index.html
>Super Saiyan Rose will have better animation than Killer Queen
Top kek
>Worst intros
Why did they stop with those awesome 3D intros? Someone needs to show Berserk how its done.

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Last thread was lewd. We must go lewder.
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To the CYOA guy is it set that we're going to get Darj next or can we have some other St. Gloriana girl?
please don't start bumping images for nothing

remember how boring is a thread with image limit
How's this?

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