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Is it a bannable offense to discuss this here or do you fuckers actually have enough bad taste to not watch it?
I've been lurking around this board to see if anyone would post a thread about it but no one does.
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We already did. Twice. Lurk more next time.
mfw I will never have a famiry that fights over booze, territory, and power

Lurk on the day of an episode and you'll find a thread or two.

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One year since-
Ichigo: Nagaku, Yuki-
No major roles since SGS

Rin: Kouno, Marika-
No major roles since SGS, one upcoming main role

Futaba: Takahashi, Rie-

Multiple major roles since, including the much loved EXPLOOOSSION and the much hated Emilia.

Honestly I don't really pay much attention to seiyuu stuff, but it's pretty interesting how the the VA for the character that had the least of her shit together ended up being the most successful.
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>Multiple major roles since, including the much loved EXPLOOOSSION and the much hated Emilia.

The power of memes.
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It's sweet, sweet revenge for you faggots ignoring her during the weekly threads when it was airing.
Plus, Rie Takahashi was obviously more talented than Eye Candy Kouno and Meme Nagaku.
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>it's pretty interesting how the the VA for the character that had the least of her shit together ended up being the most successful.
It's even more hilarious that Rie's break out role involved her stealing Maaya's drama CD role for the anime after having a character arc about how much that shit sucks.

She's the only reason I kept watching Re:Zero long enough for sunk cost fallacy to kick in. Fuck you, Futafuta.

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So I've been reading Berserk manga and just got through the Lost Children arc and it's already entirely clear to me that whenever he wants it all to end, Miura plans to have Guts' Behelit activate, and the Godhand offers to give him the power to kill Griffith at the sacrifice of Casca, Rickert, Puck, etc.
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Guts is carrying the Behelit to draw Griffith to him, activating it is part of his plan
What's the next step of his plan?
destroying falconia

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Post your waifu, judge others for their shit taste. I'll start.
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Your waifu has a bf.
Literally no personality
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7 episodes in , i have no idea whats's going on but holo is so fucking cute
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id convert to paganism for a piece of that
Amarti is a cunt.
>holo is so fucking cute
The only reason why I got into the show. I feel you though, it's so easy to get confused if you're not paying attention to what's going on. Just keep in mind as you're watching:

>Lawerence is bringing Holo back to her home
>Lawrence needs money, because merchant
>Shitstorm occurs every time he goes to a new town
>Shitstorm settles

Another riveting episode of QUALITY Code.
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What if this actually gets good? My god.

Japanese copy of Matrix with cute grills and less niggers

so far better than the original

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have u ever fapped to an anime guy /a/?
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i have
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Only when I fall in love

inb4 people arguing why fapping to traps *totally* isn't gay

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Thet don't end up together so he just uses it to beat the meat
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All that's left is to make it a double peace sign with ahegao and Nishikata will be mindbroken.
Holy shit end this garbage series already
This bitch has to be the biggest mary sue ever

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megumin a qt.jpg
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Also, 5 months before Season 2
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There will be a season 2?

I'm too used to good anime never getting second seasons so I never bothered to keep up with that stuff.
It's your fault for skipping the ED. You would have seen the end card.
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Help /a/, I think I'm in love with Megumin!!!! What do I do???

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my 3x3.png
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3x3 thread?
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You guys need to cool it with your general. You had a thread hit bump limit not to long ago.
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Destroy yourself.
>Akame ga Crap
>Code Gayass
Double kill yourself.

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Cornucopia of Resources / Guide
Read the guide before asking questions.

Previous Thread: >>145676784
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japanese is god
kansaiben is the devil
>protagonist's one character trait is that he likes food
>annoying overly cheerful character (生徒会長)
>annoying overly cheerful sidekick

I mean you can do this with anything
>protagonists one character trait is that he likes reading
>overly annoying cheerful blonde character
>overly annoying unpopular-with-girls sidekick

What's important is whether or not the VN is good, and Daitoshokan, and Flyable Heart, are both very good VNs.

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ITT: Deaths you shed a tear to
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>Implying Lelouch wasn't driving the cart
That's why I stopped crying after I looked more into it.
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still not over it

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Next Episode: A Bet Fighting Against Despair (絶望に抗う賭け)

The Arc 3 synopsis has been updated at the usual place.

>Anime BDs
>First volume consists of two episodes, episode 1 is a 50 minute one while episode 2 is standard length
>Volumes 2-8 consists of 3 episodes each with standard length
>Volume 9 consists of 24 and 25, two episodes which means, either both are standard lengths or episode 25 is a 50-minute one
Rezero EX/Tanpenshuu OVA never.
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Felix is best girl(?)
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Here's to another thread ruined by Remfags.
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Nice bait.

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young velvet and bro.jpg
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What went wrong?
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Everything went wrong just because you can see how it all goes right.
Artorius did nothing wrong.
Is this yaoi?

Non-shitposting edition, how do you think Kubo's wild ride is gonna end?
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"Did you have a nice illusion, ryoka?"
It will end with IchiHime laughing at Rukia for getting cucked while Renji cries in the background.
>non shitposting edition
fuck off retard
It's not going to.


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