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Was Ryu able to beat the truck?
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Number two cause of death in Japan.

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When was the last time we had a good original anime?
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OPM, Hellsing, monster musume. At least in the anime industry.
Do you not know what original anime means?

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>Macross 7
>Magic Knight Rayearth
>You're under arrest OVA
>Macross Plus
>Tenchi Muyou
>G Gundam
>Yamato Takeru
>Sailor Moon S
>Lord of Ryu Knight
>Iria Zeiram
>Irresponsible Captain Tylor OVA
>Key the Metal Idol
>a Dragonball movie
>a Yu Yu Hakusho movie
What the fuck is with 1994, It was such a good year? Keep in mind you still had like fifteen shows left over into it because everything was fifty episodes back then. Why does no one ever bring up how good of a year 1994 was?
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4chan wasn't around then, so we only remember 2007 and 2011.
Anime ages like milk, after sometime, even the popular ones, fade into obscurity. Also, since 2000 we have like 200 shows a year, people are too busy watchig more recent anime than spending time watching old ones that are hard to find, torrents have almost no seeders, low rip quality or bad translation
I don't think you've ever torrented or seen a BD rerelease.

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What do you think of Anne, /a/?
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Anne is plain!
Top tier shoujo heroine.

In fact, most of Montgomery's child heroines are top tier. I would love to see The Story Girl animated just to get into waifu wars between The Story Girl and her rival Felicity.
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It's time.
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So, why do you keep spamming these threads?
The thread was deleted. Take the hint already >>146552638
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I was really inspired by the psychological elements of the original anime run. I thought it made a great point, and the crazy ending was actually a great send-off that fit with the theme.

Then I watched End of Eva and the 3 movies. Was the ground-breaking anime a fluke? Is THIS what eve was actually about, stupid fighting robots and "ALL ACCORDING TO PLAN HEHE"?
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Just appreciate the series and ignore the rest.
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EoE was a great ending compared to the anime. The rebuilds, especially the third always felt a bit off for me, but had some very nice action scenes. Curious as to how Anno will handle the ending for rebuilds. which will never happen
The Rebuilds are shit because of 3.0. 1.0 and 2.0 are pretty good and could get better, but 3.0 really fucked it up.

Name a stronger chin in anime than Satsuki's.
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Look's like a literal butt on the bottom of his face.

Not sure if his hair or stache game are stronger also
>not having a strong cleft chin

Weak girl spotted

Nee omoide no kakera ni
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Translation: I am best K-On. Fuck the other girls.
I don't think Yui would say mean things to her friends like that.

She's a cunt. What did you expect?

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Would you date your best friend if he turned into a girl?
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My best friend would probably dump me and start having casual sex with normal guys instead if he turned into a girl.
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>Best Friend
Anon you know where you are right, nobody here has friends
No, but I would date my best friend if I turned into a girl.

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What did he mean by this?
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>nothing personal kiddo. the end of the world for my waifu muh motivations
He means that he is retarded and childish.
Is he nihilistic with a wicked sense of humor?

>Remember that time I stuck a cylindrical object deep inside you?

>This one is bigger

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How's that backlog coming along /a/?

Got some free time now so I'm starting to burning through my 900GB+ I have set aside.

Just started pic related and one episode in I already love Ako.
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A lot of anons are probably jealous of me.
I have no backlog nor social life but I'm good with that.
NEET master race.
Going pretty well, just watched all of Konosuba and Re:zero on a whim, on episode 14 of Precure Max Heart.

Been kinda neglecting Space Bros though, for a while now so I think I'll have to get back to that soon.
>How's that backlog coming along /a/?
I'm a terrible person

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Pls don't be gay wrestling.
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>gay wrestling
But that's redundant.
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Oh FUCK, is that my nigga Tanahashi? They're making a new tiger mask?! I am fucking ready for this. Is based kenny omega gonna be in?
yoooo any other NJPW cameos gonna be in this?

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How many other people on /a/ have seen Sonic X in its original japanese audio? I actually thought it was pretty decent for a kids series. What are your thoughts?

Let's just pretend 4kids doesn't exist for the purposes of this thread
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is it actually good?
Even with Chris "PleaseNoticeMeShadow" Thorndyke?
its not good, but its decent.

Chris is fucking annoying though, I'll give you that
>for a kids series

How will David Production ever top this?
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Season two
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Spinoff about Ume-sama.
Part 5

I just read Aku no Hana and O gotta say, that was absolutely fantastic. I'm kinda new to manga so my standards are fairly low but this has got to be one of the greatest pieces of work I have ever read. What does /a/ think of it?

Also, I googled Aku no Hana to get some cool images to post from the last chapter and I came across that retarded red haired abomination /a/ keeps spamming. Is that supposed to be the anime adaptation? Jesus Christ what the fuck happened there
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Recently finished the manga as well and I really enjoyed it, going to give the anime a try soon.
Tokiwa indisputably best girl.
Fuck off and lurk, newfag.
always wanted to read this...is it better than the anime?

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