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if gaijin have such good taste why they cannot make good anime & manga
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>if gaijin have such good taste
Literally who says this?
i thought it's /a/'s consensus
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The Nips have shit taste. It's well known by anyone who's watched more than a season of anime.

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Name 1 (one) reason why Sakurako isn't best girl.

You can't.
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Here is the reason: Bratposter posting here and there
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>Japanese cartoon character is bad because of westerners posting on 4chan
Typical brat hater, what a humongous faggot.
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Kyoko exists.

Sakurako can stay 2nd best, and always receive headpats, but no one is better than best girl Kyoko.

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Was I the only who got more sad about this bit than Shirley?
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Yes. Rolo was not only a terrible and unlikable character but his death scene was incredibly hamfisted and schmaltzy even by this show's standards.
Yes. Shitass character, retarded scene.
Like a shhhtar in the sky...lalalalalalala, yurl always bhe a part ohf meeeee

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What do /a/ think of Yoshiaki 's art style, do you like the women and girls he drew and design ?
I really like the spider women from wicked city,
is only she's good girl, she will be an excellent monster girl girfriend .Her smug smile really turn people on
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His best girl is clearly the bike chick from Midnight Eye Goku
>spider girl
>not Makie
bad taste

Attack on Titan thread
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Thoughts about the show?
Shouldnt it be attack of the titan

It's attack on titan because the humans are the real villains of the show. The titans are actually humans who can transform and the evil humans basically made a slave of them to build the walls and throw them outside.

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What did he mean by this?
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Would it be gay to have sex with him?
Was reading this earlier and having fun

Now im on my phone and i forgot sauce

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ITT times you "fucking called it"
I managed to figure out this guy's identity long before it was actually shown
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I felt so fucking retarded for not figuring it out. G Gundam was a ride for me.
I once predicted I would drop a show before the 4th episode. Then I didn't even manage to finish the first one.

Does that count?
Thats kind of self-fulfilling, so probably not.

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>when you see a anime has potential
>and then they shit on it
>more shit
>SS class wizards
>century jobs
>plot holes
>story telling that compares to SAO
>why do they do it?
Fairy tail actually had potential to be 10/10 but they like to sit at 6/10 why?
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Nigga, it's at -9000/10 at this point. There have been trainwrecks which looked better than this clusterfuck of a story.
>Fairy Tail
Every single arc of that was fucking retarded.
I should have known.
Fuck off.

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If Kira touched the ground could he explode the earth
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If Diavolo and DIO used their Stand powers at the same time what would happen?
I'm gay
Diavolo would use Epitaph and see DIO teleporting.
If timeskip, then possibly DIO's timestop wouldn't happen but DIO would still end up wherever he was after stopping time.

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I'm about 20 years late here (so fuck spoilers) but I need to vent about this.

Why the FUCK did they feel it was necessary to ruin Dilandau with that stupid sister garbage?
Here you have a fun, love-to-hate villain who is pretty much irredeemable and for the sake of wrapping up a loose plot point they fuck up the whole dynamic of the character by trying to tack on the most nonsensical plot twist ever. Fuck that last minute lion man too.

It's not even like I expected greatness leading up to the finale, the characterization of Van, Hitomi and Folken was pretty schizophrenic to begin with but the rush to finish the story on time made it much worse.
I did however expect more from Dornkirk, I don't know what but definitely more than just "I am dead now, the real villain is man". It was such a weak and ham fisted attempt at making the series deeper than it was.

I know the series had budget issues but that's not even a valid excuse since the creators have stated that the plot wouldn't have changed with more episodes. Even if they needed more episodes I'm sure they could have removed the entire Chid plot line because that shit was totally inconsequential for everyone involved.
Everything to do with fate, destiny or atlantis can fuck off too.

In my head the story ends after those two lucky cat girls died, not because I liked them but because after that point everything starts to suck.
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>the creators have stated that the plot wouldn't have changed with more episodes
But It would have been developed with a better pacing, and more details, and wouldn't have felt like last minute made up shit due to how rushed it was.
I liked the Atlantis twist, but hated the Dilandou one too. Would love to see what they could have done about both of them with more episodes. Dilandou's reveal could have been something pretty dramatic and creepy instead of what we got, with a slow and gradual transformation back to Selena, and that would have worked pretty well with the tone of the show.
It would have improved it for sure.
Folken in particular needed a smoother transition from villain to hero, you can see the ground work for it with the doppelganger and cat girls but by the time it could pay off the budget ran out.

Dilandau was a strong enough character on his own and in my opinion should have been kept separate from the missing sister subplot.
Yeah, Folken was so fucking likeable, he really needed more screen time, specially for his heelturn.

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honestly, the new berserk is way to rad to be getting this much hate.
the cg isn't even that bad
admittedly i was a little upset about the whitewashing of casca but i have been waiting for this for so long that i don't care
the intro is fucking rad
the new music is fucking rad
the sound effects for the dragon slayer make me rock fucking solid every-time i hear them
and also the outro is pretty damn good.
all in all the show is extremely underrated and deserves a second chance from the fans.
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It's only even watchable, if that, because of the source material. It's a fucking awful adaptation in everyway apart from HAI YO and the ED.
so if any anime that was based on a manga lost its source material it would be completely watchable and a winner in every way?
I want tumblr to leave

You wouldn't a saint.
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Correct, I would not.
I'd rather a superior Rider.
Spent 900 dollars rolling for her. Didnt get her.

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Dumping ch38 raws
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So does this actually have a good plot or am I just going to lose control of my dick the entire time?
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The fact you need to ask this far into the series makes me question you quite a bit.
Plot is okay, S1 actually isn't that lewd.

It becomes more lewd in S2 when Kuro appears.

Isn't it hilarious that "loli spin off" is the one that bothered to explain stuff like magic circuits and od when ufoubw is to busy doing bullshit? SUCK IT ufo.

What's more this thematically shits on HF too as Illya's choice is the in-character one, unlike EmoShirou in HF, who for some reason went ooc and forgot he should do this obvious answer first. One person or the world are not exclusive to each other. YOU CAN try to save both.

The OST was beautiful too. And we got our "Gaia is a bitch" monologue from Angelica perfectly, which explains the liner in the show title.

A "liner" is a human existence that transcends the norm. A Servant, a Ghost Liner, is a human soul powered by heroic spirit history, A Kaleid Liner, is a human being infused with Second Magic. And So on. Aisnworth goal is to turn humanity into the kind of liners that could adapt and survive in the dead world, outliving Gaia.

And Yeah, Illya's decision might be noble, but this is fate and nothing is that simple.

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>School sport festival arcs are fucking (can I still use this word here) garbage across ALL mangas/anime
Prove me wrong goddamnit.
Outside of Azumanga, name one that wasn't a complete trash.

If the manga has any sort of power usage, then it's sure to be a fucking unreal mess.
Kangoku Gakuen turned from stupid perverted fun into a fucking mess of a story, once school sport festival was introduced
Jitsu wa Watashi wa turned from trash into ultra trash with aids just by starting school festival
To Aru Majutsu no Kinsho Mokuroku turned into a fucking disaster, once again, after the bloody school sport festival.
When does it end?
inb4 personal blog
inb4 this thread again
inb4 you mad
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well the Sports festival in Jitsu watashiwa was funny
Take a deep breath. Calm down. Slowly proceed to move your body to the nearest shredder. Step 3? Profit? Nah. Just kill yourself.
Ha~ha, look at them, that's not what adults do! How is she so strong though? Fuck knows.
The whole """""""""idea"""""""" was to hide the existence of those beings, but it was comprised already in the earlier episodes, and right now he just decided to blow the lid right the fuck off.

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