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What did she mean by this?
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>yfw there are shinkas lurking this board right now
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>yfw you're not one of them
You just need to believe.
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I'd beat the shit of Shinka

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Was this entire show a metaphor for class warfare?
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No. You were watching Gundam SEED, not Shiki.
It was basically a revamp of 79 so it's still about discrimination, politics being bad, and environmentalism
It was about Kira being a fucking lunatic and getting all the ass.

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A Dowman a day keeps the doctor away. And sexual diseases.
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what is so great about this
I just like Dowman. And I have nothing to do with my life
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Chapter 10

"Exactly (That's precisely correct)"
"You think I'm just a promiscuous woman who lets you have your way, right!?"

Using facilities

"Do you wanna look at a woman's shit?"

"I do! But I'm gonna tell you a few things"
"You're not a woman"
"Aaaand again with the jokes"

"Look at this carefully!"

"Why is it pallidly glowing!?"
"Oh yeah, how do you power yourself?"
"If I leave this in the room, it'll be taken by the houseflies"

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Find a flaw
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Fakir didn't write erotic fanfiction about him and Ahiru so he could be with his true love or did he?
Her Princess Tutu form doesn't look very good.

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Why is everything from Universal Century filled with much Zeon propaganda?
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Because Zeon did nothing wrong.

Don't you faggots have some impractical superweapon you need to be throwing your already strained budget at?
Didn't that apply to everyone? I'm pretty sure the V project was a money sink.

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When is Trigger showing more info on this? Please don't add boy wizards or anything.
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I thought Trigger is working on Steven Universe now
Boy witches would be great though.
It was just one episode.

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Is Gendo Ikari a criticism of masculinity?

On the one hand he is a total alpha: enigmatic, a womanizer, the commander of a powerful organization, dutiful, disciplined etc...

On the other hand he is 100% only work without a private life. He doesn't give a shit about shinji and he can't let go. Instead of accepting the death of his wive and move on he tries to risk everything and sacrifice Shinjis happiness and the whole humanity just so he can see her again. It's not even about her or his family. It's about his ego. He sees his wive as a possession, instead of a grown individual.

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You're shit at analyzing things

Better than your mom.
His waifu is dead. He has no reason to go on outside of work.

Would you accept instrumentality, /a/?

Are you that much of a coward to run away?
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Is this the Pleiades thread?
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>joining minds with people who think re:zero is good
I'm quite happy by myself.

ITT:Pretty characters that would be considered ugly by the standards of their universe
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At first I thought that was Hinata.
You mine in reality? >>>/tumblr/

What did she mean by this?
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Insecure guys will literally pay to get blood all over their dick while women prefer experienced dudes. This is true everywhere in the west and in Japan.
"All other girls are whores, I'm best"
Happy ending never.
Historically more importance has been placed on a female keeping their virginity as losing it would devalue them in the eyes of society.

To contrast a man's virginity is deemed shameful to keep as it is a showing of his lack of sexual prowess.

She was also best girl.

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What was her problem?
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I hated her too. Mary Stu. Never got her comeuppance.
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I was gonna start my own thread, but since this is up:

Takeru raped Ika at some point, right? He must have
Clearly possessed by satan.
It's not like she ever really did anything. Well yeah she did make Ika wring herself dry of ink that one time but Ika can be kind of a bitch sometimes so it's not like she didn't have it coming.

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The polls have spoken. We will be singing Asterisk for the Bleach /a/ sings. We will be switching to the TV size version in the interest of actually getting something decent. Depending on interest at the end of the project I would be very happy to mix D-Technolife and Ranbu no Melody since those were the runners up and there was at least some interest.

Poll results: http://www.strawpoll.me/11081857/r
Email: [email protected]
Lyrics: http://pastebin.com/9pd3sSC9
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4WjVYNt0j-A
Deadline: 9/25/16

Please submit in mp3 or wav.
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I've got two submissions so far

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I just rewatched KLK and I have to say, nobody is ACTUALLY, like UNIRONICALLY a Satsukifag, right? All she did was act like an annoying bitch the whole series until the last five episodes when she was just like "lol yeah sorry."

I also hope that there are no unironic nononfags. All she does is exist for the sole purpose of choking on Satsuki's inflamed, manly clit. She literally licks boots for free, I can not think of many things as stupid as that. Gamagoori gets a free pass because he's a dumb meathead, so it's funny when he does it. I'll admit, I was a nononfag the first time I watched this for some reason and I have a folder just for her, but she is really cute and makes good meme faces and those are about the only good things about her.

The only acceptable wives in that show are Mako and Ryuuko, and I guess I'd wear Senketsu on my penis if given the chance.
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She can also suck 42 dicks at once
Nonon is the best slut.
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Gamagoori is only ever good when the elite four fight and when he has scenes with Mako.
Nonon is only good because she's adorable and a meme, even coming from a Nononfag.
Satsuki is ugly desu, and like you said she's a lil' bitch.

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Incest = Wincest
Don't worry; I'm not forgetting one of the most forced victories in the story of anime and LNs for a long, long time.
Thank you, OP.

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