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24 絶命 ジャッジメント
>24: Fatal Judgment"

25 星の歌い手
>25: Star Singer
>Eternal Walkure

Is something bad will happen to Walkure?
Will some windermerian become the allies of Delta squad & Walkure and by the same turn against Roid? What about Heinz??
It doesn't look like Mikumo is going to be the final boss. She will just be a way for Roid to unlock something in the ruin since she is the clone of the Star singer. She also needs to wear her "Final form" outfit with the other members of Walkure.

>3 episodes left
Who deserve to end with who? HayaFre, HayaMira or FreMira? Wind (open) ending??
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>Is something bad will happen to Walkure?
Will something bad happen to Walkure?* Fot them to be "Eternal."
What's the fucking purpose of making generals when the show is so predictable and boring there's literally nothing to discuss? You can dump fanart on /c/ if you want.
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Post cute Freyjas!

Episode 10 is out
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Still no SC?
Blue was savage this episode, "let's get the VEPPer a restraining order", holy shit.

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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Stop it already.
/a/ here, we love it.

This is literally the only thread worth opening on /a/ right now.

I'm not sure if I just hate the current season or if I'm starting to hate anime all together.

Please hold me fish-san

I don't know how to feel about this.

Media distribution site Crunchyroll and North American anime licensor and distributor FUNimation Entertainment announced a partnership on Thursday that will include cross-streaming opportunities, Broadcast Dub production, and home video distribution. The partnership is currently limited to the United States and Canada.

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Well if this means that HS won't have to deal with hardsubbed Funi shitsubs then this is cool.
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Felt like an end of a era. I always thought they hated each other.

Really makes you think.
How much time before they fuse completely?

With Netflix and Amazon Prime around, it's going to be hard for both of them.

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JoJo Thread: Why did Josefumi's eyes turn an empty white in the flashbak photograph with Karera and Kira?

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Because joubin is the main villain
Design change.
Josefumi was to be Crazy Diamond personafied. There was even Graffiti on the Streets of Morioh of Josefumi in his crazy armor.

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Well, /a/?

Answer her.
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Breasts are too large. 0/10
Only dumb people wouldn't want to upgrade their children to half-elves.
Elves are for killing

Why is Minami Tsuada the cutest seiyuu?
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Why is Kayanon the cutest seiyuu?
So latest Tokyo Encounter episode was with Mikako Komatsu right?
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1MB, 720x960px

You should be able to answer this
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>put it into my ass
>if it hurts then its real otherwise it's not or maybe am I not real too
wait what
Go away with your pseudo science.
You won't be questioning whether it's part of reality or not when I shove it down your pants, you little philosophical faggot.

Why the fuck has there never been a serial anime about ww2 fighter combat? It's the perfect setting for an anime, what with the charismatic and varied fighter pilot personalities, the air combat, the rivalry of enemy and ally combat pilots. It's basically an anime waiting to happen.

And no politics or propaganda even need be involved in an anime about ww2 fighter combat. It's just two pilots going at it, their race and nationality is irrelevant.

It would be the perfect character driven, perfect battle, perfect muh honorable warrior, perfect everything to be made into an anime yet it's left pretty much completely untouched.
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> Strike witches
Same reason there are no anime dealing with other eras of history in a grounded, serious way.

Nips don't want to see it and it doesn't sell.

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Edginess is true end.
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Muh dick
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Long haired Origami is still superior.
Well considering it's only recently that she actually began to love Shidou, I'd say faker wasn't too bad.

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Tender love
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Any chance of a US theatrical release?
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Deaf girls are so moe
sexy, beautiful submissive deaf girls are so moe

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Well, /a/?
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This thread is not subtle at all
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Well, /a/?

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"Next, you're going to say 'Joseph Joestar is the best Jojo'"
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you have bad taste
Sure. Right after Johnny, Jolyne, Josuke and Gappy
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Joseph Joestar is the best Jo-

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How did DB get away with this?
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Becaus Japanese aren't triggered that easily.
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Same way they got away with this.
Because it was the 1980s

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