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is the best girl of her respected series.

translations never
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best girl of an old and busted show

well /a/, is this true?
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Mixing bleach and ammonia in a bucket is a good way to freshen up your room with a lovely citrus smell
That picture is really old. The fad is over. Nowadays we mix hot milk with honey.
Getting really popular where? She's the only one doing it.

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I'm sick of pure girls, /a/. I'm sick of purityfags getting pandered to, season after season, year after. I think it's time for the era of sluts to finally arrive. It's time we boycott the anime industry until they give us girls who aren't afraid to show their pantsu to the perverted MC! WHO'S WITH ME?!
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But that girl was as pure as fresh snow, even though she pretended not to be.
You're right, I should have posted Anna
Fuck off, normalfag.

>tfw you realize Code Geass turns 10 next month
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And you still has a shitty second season.
What's the problem?
>tfw you realize Code Geass will have been on your backlog for ten years next month
Right after this season, for sure. Or maybe the next.

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What's wrong with this girl, /a/?
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She failed to get doubles.
Nothing, she's perfect.
Literally everything

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Even kids aren't interesting forever
Fumita, I know you've got the quota and all, but you need to learn your pacing.
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Misuzu BTFO.
Why are you complaining? You're gonna get another update tomorrow
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OP is a faggot

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What the hell, why didn't you guys tell me this was so good? The production value was high, the characters were all fairly interesting and the storyline worked well, and the music was top notch.

Also this is my first shoujo-type anime I've watched where I can't decide who best boy is. Zen and Obi are both based.
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the show had a decent following, but remained low key for not generating alot of shit storms. it should have stood out on your radar if you tuned it to look for the usual indicators of success i.e. voice credits, director, studio (unless you're biased towards bones) etc
We did
But /a/ prefer to complain about trainwreck and shitty shonen
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>can find 125,543,488 threads about Kubo's bowel movements
>no threads for this great little show

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Raws are out, and the show proceeds in mach speed.
Anyone still cares about this thing?
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They kiĺled best girl and damaged second best so no.
But Arya still lives.
Who cares?
She will be either killed off, or made to be mistaken and converted to good side or fall for shitty male MC...
Best girl will have shit fate.

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Time shenanigans edition.
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They should have just stopped at SSG. I don't even care if the design looks stupid, it's still better than fucking cyan hair.

And we all know it won't be the final transformation, they'll go Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan 2 at some point which will probably have green hair or some shit.

Fucking Dragonball AF tier
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Goku Black hm.jpg
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Black is the best boy, I want him to kill me.
gotta sell those new toys

Who would win in a fight?
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My dick desu.
The spectators.

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Dead or Lie?
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Why is she smiling?
Yukizome Chisa does not smile
Would it be wrong to say that danganronpa is chuuni as fuck?

A new chapter is out for our cute girls lifting cute weights! Making a new thread today from yesterday's >>146929265 so that it can be seen and typset!

Here are high quality raws (which I'll dump jpg versions of here)

Here's the official websites

And batoto has the previous chapters!
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Chapter 4: Stretches

Hello, Hibiki. When are you going to the gym, today?
>Souryuuin Akemi

Oh, Akemi. No, I was gonna go to the gym today...
>Sakura Hibiki
...but I think I pushed myself way too hard during training, yesterday...

My muscles are in even worse shape than usual~
Ah! That's something you want to avoid, for sure! You don't want to over-exert yourself.

It is better to have a break and take a rest day.
Mmmmm...I guess~ Feels like I'm losin' progress if I'm takin' a lazy Sunday, though~

......Ah! Of course! Then, how about we train somewhere else for today?
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Danberu Nan Kiro Moteru?
What Weight is Popular?
How Much Can You Lift?
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Public Pool
The pool didn't even cross my mind~

Swimming is an excellent way to train every muscle in your body, equally.
It's great for therapy, as well.

It is also a very popular way to help focus on your physique.
Ohhh, didn't think about that.

........I lied.
Nobody might've noticed yet, but.....

My swimsuit's tight!!!!!!!

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She acts like one.png
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>there are people that believe she is not already part of the crew
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Carrot IS nakama
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Sanji and Nami are a miracle of the universe.
I love both of them so much.
>hot female shows up

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Pick your buddy for the day
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i want to feel their butts
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hyperthymia-chan of course

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Why is this list so good?
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Trips confirm that this list has Araki's blessing.

All who disagree are a shit
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Fuck this list.
how did dojyaan turn from a fat shorty into a hottie?

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