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Spoilers are out and Erwin is dea fuck off mis widow
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Annie is love
Annie is life
I just want Annie to smile again
Annie a miracle of the universe
Annie might've done some things wrong, but she's still a beautiful person inside and out
what the fuck they didn't have cameras?
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This is now canon

With the anime airing and the ingame shit, its a good time to be a Prismafag.

Prisma thread
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Everything Fate related spinoffs is canon you newfag. Nasu even said it himself.
I think he was talking about Kuro having better stats than EMIYA, not Prisma being canon in general.
But Hiroyama himself said Prillya has different rules than the Nasuverse. Only way it'll be canon is if this event somehow makes it so Prillya is absorbed into the rest of the Nasuverse, like for example this event being a singularity and allusions to FGO plot being mentioned.

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>“... What exactly is this feeling that something is wrong?”

>As if he had experienced Total War and World War before. No, it was impossible for him to encounter it, but he had such an impression. Or rather, he had an impression of this strange feeling.

>“Where did I… No, did I forget something? No, there is something that bothered me.”

>Had he seen this thesis before? No, that’s not it. It was the first time he saw the terms Total War and World War. He only knew about them now.

>Or a similar concept? He shouldn’t have any memory about that. The closest concept he could think of would be something he read in a science fiction novel. Then, was it something he experienced before? But he didn’t have much experience in the frontlines.

>He was stationed at the battlefront before he made First Lieutenant, but ever since his assignment as a Military Attache to the United Kingdom, he had been serving at the rear lines. In that case, did he hear about this in the United Kingdom? He had written a mountain of reports about the United Kingdom, and he remember all of them. But he don’t recall reading about such a concept… Am I overthinking this? No, I must have seen this somewhere.

what is the meaning of that? perhaps god restart the universe making no-german a re-german
Isn't being in the back just as dangerous as being in the front? I mean, the rear position in battle is pretty damn dangerous.

Jojo Thread

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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Not yet.
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I'm going to reply with this everyday until you like it.
I HATE IT! How many years have you been doing this now?

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Mari is the best raibu. She is the best raibu that God ever created. She is so pretty, so pretty!
She is so pretty that she reminds me of you know who? My daughter!
And yet Crooked Riko gets more votes on straw polls. Sad!
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Mari is mostly Asian though.
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Chika kawaii!
Trump very bad man.

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Literally Oku-san
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This is now a Okusan thread.
more like
Next Okusan chapter when?

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The ride. The ride never ends.

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So finally the good stuff comes up
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Can't wait to see best girl again.

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Reminder that Tsugumomo is kind of dull for like an entire third of the series.

What are they going to animate?
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>What are they going to animate?
>it's another not finished series getting an anime adaptation episode

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probably a 13 ep SOL anime and a action pack movie
>TFW it is CG

CG can be good, deal with it

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Get someone to check out an anime by posting a gif or webm from it
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EE is a better vampire than Chair in every single possible way.

>better looks
>perfect body
>more useful abilities for Ainz
>can create new magic
>a perfect wife for him without the need of dirtying one of his friend's creation
>swallows, while Chair spits
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If Brain's sword arrived before the light doesn't that make him ftl?

and if Brain is ftl and Shalltear can block it than Shalltear is also ftl?

and if Shalltear is ftl than can't she travel back in time?

and if she travels back in time will she only go back in time till she got to NW or when the Six Gods came along?
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>Both DFC lolies
>AOE midlvl undead scrub is sure useful to toplvl caster with 700 items in spellbook
>Lived centuries
>Created two three spells
>AInz got no dick
>Don't need wife
>Chair would swallow the shit out of Ainz
>He just won't let her
Why would a guy without a dick need or want a wife?

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Would Mirai be better with boobs?
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She'd go from a 10 to a 6.
She'd go from a 6 to a 10.
She'd go from a 1 to a 06.

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>character literally says an english word

>subs translate it is a synonym of that word
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Stop using HorribleSubs.
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>>subs translate it is a synonym of that word
>translate it is
>Character uses -chan
>They invent a pet name instead of just sayin mc-chan
Why the fuck is leaving the honorifics on the subs considered "bad" nowadays?

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Germany demands you to hand over all cookies!

Wir schaffen das!
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Is there refugee gangrape porn starring laura?
Laura in summer dress is the cutest thing ever.

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How realistic is this? Does getting captured in war really turn you into an ahegao slut?
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Given the horror stories told by traumatized escaped sex slaves from ISIS and other prisoners of war throughout history, I'd say no. It will definetly mess you up, but in a traumatizing way. You don't become a "cock-hungry slut", you're more likely to become someone that now finds sex something painful that brings back horrible memoeries.
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Grab a history book, motherfucker

>lived her entire life bowing to Roman opression and was dependent on her husband to keep their tribe alive
>when her husband died, Romans came over and conquered them
>saw her daughters get raped then executed
>got publicly whipped and dragged (probably raped as well)

>led a small tribe into becoming a fearsome force
>destroyed Camulodunum (Colchester) and the Roman IX Legion.
>destroyed Londinium and then attacked Verulamium (St Albans)
>only one and last defeat at the Battle of Watling Street
>Kill count: over 70,000 Roman leginarres

Stop using hentai as history source

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