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Discussion about the rebuilds and hopes for 4.0?
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Fuck anno.
3.0 by far the worst of the series
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posting best girl

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This is your doctor for the day. Please inform her of your troubles.
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Doctor! Whenever I look at Anon my boypussy goes doki doki!
I want to be a cute kemonomimi animu gril, can u help me?
When I was in middle school I grew really quickly, and I have stretch marks and back pain because of it.

Help a guy out will ya?

also, probably unrelated, but I've also been having a lot of chest pain recently.

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Aight, it's been 5 hours, so let's try this again. I'll actually post the full chapter for nerds' benefit. And also something from the Grappler chapter we're working on, because it's funny in context of Dou.

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New chapter out.
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Annie is love
Annie is life
Annie is everything to me
Annie a miracle of the universe
Annie might've done some things wrong, but she's still a beautiful person inside and out
Armin is cute.
Jesus, Annie makes my heart go doki-doki.

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Who is the most "made for rape" character ever?
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What qualifies a character for that?

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I still dump this, on occasion!

I still like it! Honestly, I've only been liking it more and more.

Boku no Hero Academia >>147109808
World Trigger >>147110593
Red Sprite >>147111456
Takuan and Batsu's Daily Demon Diary >>147112515
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Last time, there was a spider bitch. Our heroes(?) encountered her domain, and shall now try to fuck her up.
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Is demon imouto still best grill?

I swear i'll catch up on this manga when I have the time sometime.
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IIT: Book series that would make a good anime/manga
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Moby Dick produced by SHAFT.
Alice in Wonderland by Shaft, Kyoani, Mappa or Madhouse would be great.
While in general I think that Western literature can't properly be adapted to anime without being bastardized, I'll have to admit that Mistborn would probably make a decent anime. Especially considering that the fights are basically anime fights, and the story is full of garbage exposition where characters explain their character development to the audience.

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Guys, I think I like this series.

Boku no Hero Academia >>147109808
World Trigger >>147110593
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All waifus are important, make sure you remind yours how important they are to you!

Let's get things rolling!

What was the first thing that stood out to you after you met?

What about them still stands out now that you notice?

What would be your favorite way to pass the time together?

What ways do you spend time together currently?

Any upcoming celebrations for you both? How are you planning to make the most of them?

Which waifus would you like to know more about?

Remember to compliment a waifu today! Yours are all absolutely wonderful!
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Tfw away at work. My blade always swings in her service
I want to fuck Minto-san in the butt!
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Greetings, programs.

-Her skin. For some reason, I remember her first design being unusually pale.
-Her eyes. The kind of blue that can pierce into your soul.
-As much as I'd like to relax at home, I think days out would be better. Anything where we could lose ourselves in the moment.
-Been finding myself doing a lot of the staying home thing. Car troubles and all that. Barring that, just bonding over some nice music together.
-I go up another digit on the old age speedometer on the 8th. I imagine she might do something about that, but what she'd do is still up in the air.
-There's quite a few here i know about, but some I know absolutely nothing about. Been meaning to give those shows a go even if it is out of mere curiosity.

How hands-on is your special one? Are they the kind who'd get down and dirty, or would they leave the heavy duty work to someone else?

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Sadpanda thread
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Is the old man is MC in future? Or in his previous life?

post best milf

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"I was killed once before-- by a woman."

What did he mean by this?
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That he was killed once before, by a women.

What, can't you read you retard?
>by a women
>can't you read

Fucking mongoloids, I swear.

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>A girl to save you from your hikikomori ways
Do they exist?

NHK things
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They are called mothers, and they are overrated.

That's exactly why I dropped NHK at the beginning.

Magically, a girl arrives and she cares about the MC.
Just like in reality

>she cares about the MC.

She just wanted to feel less like shit by helping someone worse than her.

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chapter out
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Just finished this.

Did they let out their inhibitions and have kinky teacher/student sex before they went their separate ways?
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I just finished this as well.
And 5 centermeters per seccond.
Just wanted to watch a animated romance with my gf. 5cmps ended with no resolution. I get that it's ment to be about the parts of life that can pull people apart but flow of it was loose.
Garden of words was better. The narritive was more coherrent and it was more than just background porn.
But again the ending just left these two characters floating.
Does any one know some good well animated romantic movies?
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Before? No.

I choose to believe they later fuck like rabbits.

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