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girls with red eyes are the hottest
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Manga was better

Until it went to shit
You mean after it ended and reached a satisfying conclusion...

...and then for some reason kept going, and going, and going....
Best girl.

Can anybody even remotely control our self-aware novel writing program Kamachi.exe?

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>Continued writing even with the norovirus.
>Once held a meeting without his manuscript in hand and accurately remembered everything down to the line number because “it’s all in my head”.
>Completed Index Vol. 2 in only 17 days.
>Had almost finished writing Index Vol. 6 before Vol. 5 was released and had the plots complete up to Vol. 9
>Is abnormally fast coming up with his plots for Railgun as well.
>Has worked on writing a novel, coming up with a manga plot, writing an SS to be bundled with an anime, and coming up with an original game scenario all at the same time.
>Completed Heavy Object Vol. 1’s manuscript in only a few weeks after getting the go-ahead on writing it.
>Sent in the manuscript for Heavy Object Vol. 2 a few days after getting the go-ahead.
>Will write the manuscript before a deadline has even been set or will bring the next volume’s manuscript to a meeting discussing the previous volume.
>When asked for an original short story for a magazine project, brought the completed manuscript and a full novel manuscript that did not have a deadline set yet.
>Takes a break from writing by writing something else.
>Always attends the anime script meetings and recording sessions except when sick. Came up with the ideas for every single original episode.

>Always writes an SS novel for the anime. Already has two Dengeki Bunko novels’ worth.

>Has plenty of manuscripts that he ended up rejecting or that had their release delayed. Altogether, it adds up to five Dengeki Bunko novel’s worth.

>At the most, has supervised the serializations of seven manga adaptations at once.

>Wrote the entire main scenario for Million Arthur and supervised the details of all the card characters. Did the same for the sequel.

>When asked for a single short story for a magazine project, brought ten stories in and asked them to choose one.

>Continues to bring in new manuscripts with no set deadline. Keeps doing it even when asked not to.

>Has been releasing novels monthly since the end of 2014, but still has a years’ worth of manuscripts stocked up. (As of October 2015)

>When asked how he can write so much, said, “If I don’t keep writing, I’ll crash. Like an airplane.”
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Let's discuss the greatest creation by mankind
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The bible?
The sword?
The gun?
Six flags?
The Declaration of Independence?
The ship?!

Your not giving me a lot of material to work with senpai.
My comrade of African anscestry
I will never understand why people find pantyhose attractive.

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It's time.
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Please Toyotaro
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"Trunks! Hurry up and take off your clothes so I can give you your bath!"

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The third volume is out and about.

What is it going to be about?
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Cow Girl and Goblin Slayer are on a date on some rather festive day
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>"B-But I have to go kill the goblins..."

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Full chapter out here: http://fuku-shuu.tumblr.com/post/150071173337/shingeki-no-kyojinattack-on-titan-chapter-85
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The meat was a little too wet, dripping with blood, and screamed obnoxiously, but the flavor overcame all shortcomings.
first for yumkummin
I want to hold Mikasa's hand.

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Bermuda trio.jpg
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Time for some characters we will never see again

Godspeed you magnificent beautiful women.
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>implying they won't be teachers/janitor/nurse for the school Alice chooses
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>still not uploaded

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Could you love a girl if you found out she was once part of a strange cult, /a/?
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Yes, as long as she's not crazy.
My testosterone is so low I can't even be bothered liking anything.
I fucked a Christian once, so yeah

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ITT: Times when the author just said "Fuck it"
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Literally anything past the beginning of soul society.
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Is this still the Best Ghibli movie?
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It taught us that being a little cunt gets you nowhere. And that Miyazaki is a lolicon.

Best for being a perfect balance.
1. Kaguya-hime
2. Spirited Away
3. Kiki's Delivery Service
4. Only Yesterday
5. Laputa

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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poor fish think of the fish
Stop it already.
How do I have sex with the Sakura OP?

>With the bottom of the hotel’s one-size-fits-all bathrobe dragging behind her, Mariydi walked around the room and drank some cooled carbonated water from the refrigerator. Once her mind cleared a bit, she headed into the bathroom. She took a lukewarm shower and lightly washed her entire body with menthol body soap to fully wake herself up. But she regretted it immediately afterwards. As she started to shiver at the strange chill she felt on her skin, she started her battle with the dryer while nude.

>“Hot!? Dammit. How do you change the temperature…?”

>She fiddled with the dryer, but could not find a switch that did what she wanted. She eventually gave up on the dryer and settled on lightly wiping down her hair with the bath towel. She then put on her usual yellow and black flight jacket and removed the chair and magazine rack blocking the door.

>Mariydi opened the door and her bodyguard spoke to her with an expression that made it look like he could barely stand it.

>“How could you do that?”

>“If you want to enter my field of vision in the morning, start by shaving that half-assed beard.” Mariydi yawned while scratching at her half-dried hair. “So what are we having for breakfast?”

Okay, how do I continue reading Heavy Object knowing it's back to the boring duo after this volume?

Like holy shit, this volume is so much better than anything with the idiot duo.
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She gets a part in volume 8 and appears to have a big role in the latest one along with a spinoff that has yet to be released. The main duo isn't boring though, especially past volume 5.
Mate, they're one of the four things carrying the series and the other two are Fro's boobs.

Nothing is carrying the series looking at the sales.

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Look at how beautiful Saber is. How can you hate her?
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Saber is a gift to the universe.
I prefer Red or Purple Saber to Blue Saber.
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when's best girl's time to shine?

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Brozu appreciation thread
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Perfect for a great bbq
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I want to make fun of Ruruka's hat!
inb4 this fucker is the mastermind

I couldn't find any thread made in the last 3 hours after the previous one died so I made a new thread. I hope my thread is a good thread.
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>I hope my thread is a good thread
>OP pic is a welfare mawhore shojo

you could have at least posted pissloli
Shirou appear in this ep?
I just came because they told me Shirou stopped being moe and learned some Toracu hon.
Can I follow it from the next episode onwards? I think I grasped the story and I don't care about girl talks.

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