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It actually came out better than I thought.
The white stocking kinda ruins it.
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Holy shit Mandarake fucking remove your payment restrictions already. Texas did nothing wrong.

It's Friday and even without parties I've got music.
check filename
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Please take it easy
/r/ing some Konosuba on this comfy night

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I T ' S O U T!!! !!! !!

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Its time.
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moar shimakaze doujins
comic exe is really good
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Dont know how rare is this but looking for doujins with a gay protagonist (preferably men but they're mostly women) that ends up fucking with the opposite sex and loving it, anyone?

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>Rate the girls
>7. Cerea, not a fan of the horse body... ew.
>6. Lala, she just too fuckin weird... anyone else know what i mean?
>5. Mero, she just wants to be the tragedy to a love story, what a drama whore
>4. Suu, just like horses, not so much a fan of tentacles.... but shes still cute
>3. Papi, i mean.. common.. shes a loli, who cant resist that shit?!
>2. Miia, because she god damn Miaa, that and the way she says "Darling" makes my cringy little heart throb
>1. Rachnee, Kinky, Legs, Possessive but not too possessive. all around, hottest and best girl to me.

Now i want to know your thoughts!
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Tio is my number one.
but shes so god damn big, the hell would you do with all that body.
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Miia a best

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4 the deej boyz.jpg
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Cornucopia of Resources / Guide
Read the guide before asking questions.

previous bangin thread: >>146939779
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i really dont want to catch that
nice 鳥 ni chan

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Episode 24 Preview in 10 and half hours.
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Ferikkusu Maji Tenshi
second for emelia
daily reminder that Reinhard is best boy.

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This is your battleship for tonight.
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How do i into KanColle?
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You don't. It's not an enjoyable game.
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I'd prefer this as my carrier.

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Lets see how patrician are the tastes of /a/
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Have better husbando taste.
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You know why you know nothing.

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So I'm watching Slayers, I thought it was set in like some medievile Europe sort of settinga, but why do they have lights like this?
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Because you are taking the show too seriously.
The entire thing is anachronistic as fuck, largely during the filler episodes (Though they are using magical lighting in the case that you pointed out, as lighting is a spell that pretty much anyone can cast). The LNs are far less outrageous in that sense, but you still have guys like Gaav wearing trenchcoats because lolshapeshifting.
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I'm not trying to, I know its light hearted and comedic, but I didn't realize it would be loose with its setting to that degree.

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gantz girls.jpg
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You can pick only one.
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Lara Croft
Top left is truly best girl.


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Will Reigen be in Monday's episode? I really missed him.
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Of course, since he's Claw's Boss.
Yes when it is shown that the man under the mask was Reigen all along
I miss Reigen too he's become a drug to me

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Why is yuri harem such an underrepresented genre?
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Because it goes against the concept of pure yuri.
because its a sub-genre of a sub-genre


Plus Harems are really only around for male power fantasies.
Needs more sex.

This is really bad.
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I really enjoy it, OP. What did you find bad about it?
Well, you'll have to try harder on your thread next time then.
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>*teleports behind you*
>*poses you unconscious*
Yare yare daze

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Both are pretty similar but which one was better or more entertaining?
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Guilty crown at least has those unintentional comedy moments.
>Dan the Sideway Rocket Man

At least it knew what kind of show it is and what wants to do despite the Biba stuff being handle poorly

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