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>mfw I rewatch Himouto! Umaru-chan almost every single week

This anime is a masterpiece and I think Japan will never be able to top it, maybe with a second season.
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Same desu
Absolutely right
I find time to watch at least one episode almost every day. Umaru reminds me of my 4-year old nephew. I just find the whole show adorable.

Missed one day recently because I was trying to get through all episodes of Girls und Panzer. It was neat at first, but has no staying power. I think you have to be either a tank fanatic or a pedo, and I'm neither. Got old fast, unlike the nug.

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so is there any real relationship to GitS or nah?
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Well, they are both bad. Does that count?
Well, they both have lesbians. Does that count?

well yeah I know there's a lot of common themes and shit, but I'm just wondering if this is supposed to be some weird prequel or alternate reality to GitS or just something I should skip

What is this game?
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Four dimensional checkers
That feel when I could explain the game's rules, but can't remember the fucking name.

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So how much of Dragon Ball Z consists of flashbacks?
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My memory is bad for detail however I dont remember any flashbacks other than stuff we hadn't seen e.g. bardock frieza etc. Don't remember any dragonball flashbacks at all.
... You're kidding, right? The flashbacks happened all the damn time.
I watched that shit as a kid so as I previously mentioned
>bad memory

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Sexually frustrated women turn me on.
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why would u fuck a homewrecker?
hes a degenerate
every day I come to /a/ and browse until I find the stupidest post.
It's like a curse.
But today it's you, thank you for freeing me anon.

What are the intentions behind the words in pic related?
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Gee I wonder.
Fucking retard.
To make her come.

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the genki
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Last few chapters have been pretty funny again.
How high is hinamatsuri in your "best of comedy manga" list?
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Top 5 - ongoing
Top 10 - all
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What this chump said.
It's pretty high overall. Unlike previous anons, I would probably go all-out and put it in my top 5 of all comedy manga.

The previous chapter, man. I missed that.

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Anyone else here not bother watching any hentai that don't draw eyes on the guy doing the fucking?
I Fuckin' hate that Eyeless shit.
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>watching hentai
>not reading

I guess it's the same kind of people who watch One Piece instead of reading it.
Does this look like the hentai board to you?
Its so straight guys can self insert as the girl without feelin bad

Do people still care about this? Either way, vice-pres is finally back!
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There was quite a big thread when the chapter released, compared to the usual ones. But yeah, best girl is finally back and everything's gonna be fine
Just watch this arc get stretched out for another 20 chapters.
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that was a cock right

Volume 12 translations will likely start up tonight. Discuss what insane shit you think might happen, or failing that, which blonde loli you would headpat.
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I want to headpat Mariydi and watch her complain and possibly kick me away
>that nano-miniskirt
For what purpose?
For lewd purposes.

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There's a loli in my UBW.
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Who the FUCK is that?
The Red man.
You need to get rid of it as soon as possible. Lolis may seem harmless, but they multiply and then rub themselves on your swords, making them sticky and gross.

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Why aren't cakes and old hags allowed to win outside of hentai?
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Because they are old.
The cake teacher in jitsu wa, just won in the most recently translated chapter senpai.
winning means winning with MC, not a side character. That's losing.

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We were little girls 12 years ago...
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I'll always be a little girl in my heart
We were little girls...
Did we miss anything? Did we miss anything?
But 12 years ago I was 17. A literal adult.

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What is your opinion on this particular article of clothing, /a/?
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It's pretty good
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nah man fuck that shit pussy needs to breath.
Pointless and shit. Why the fuck would you need it if you're wearing pants already?

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