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Akari keeps me from killing myself. Akari thread. Other ones just about done.
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fuck off
Ouch. I'll check your dubs anyway.
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why are there so many girls being sexualized in anime nowadays?
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>bait thread
because it sells?
because it makes my dick diamonds?
because of the bait in my mouth?

want to find out? read the LN's

sex sells.

welcome to 1960 faggot

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too late, kiddo
i already did
she's so small
it really makes me want to put my penis inside her
Are you a dragon?
no so shut up

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Are you ready?
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How did you make a new thread without an image?
oh god no
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This is the female equivalent of the beta male harem protag. It's a fucking shit archetype. Why do you have to force it? Just fucking stop, Moonland.
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when you get older humble young characters are more appealing than proud and confident ones
Generic nice schoolgirls have at least the resolve to fight evil themselves.

Beta harem protagonists literally can't do shit without their harem protecting them.
These sluts are so nice

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ITT: characters you would strangle to death
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Choke with my cock, you mean.
Anon you were supposed to post Sena and not Yozora.

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There was like a 500+ post thread when it got dumped yesterday
>Prez instantly caught Fujiwara's scheme

Good boy!

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Is there any chance for season 2?
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I just want to see more of that ass
why would you even want it?
more butt pls

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What are you watching Monogatari for?
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the memes
So I can brag in front of my sister about how many cartoons I've watched while she was busy getting a master's degree and buying a house for herself and her boytoy.
I stopped watching it because Itamura is a garbage storyteller.

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Am I watching the Evangelion of shonen?
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Nah HxH is actually good.
No, the Evangelion of shonen is Evangelion
>this thread again

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Why are reverse traps not as popular as regular traps?
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dunno but they're the best
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Despite being theorically straight, it's somewhat gayer than a simple trap or genderbender since the character thinks they're falling in love with a guy. Think the Shota arc of Tomo-chan or Mulan even.

In which order should I watch Ghost in the Shell? The only one I've seen is the 1995 movie. This is what some forum suggested:

>Ghost in the Shell (2015) is set as a prelude to the original Ghost in the Shell from 1995. It ends where the movie from 1995 begins.

>Ghost in the Shell (set in 2029) from 1995 or its 2008 remake Ghost in the Shell 2.0

>Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex (set in 2030)

>The Laughing Man, a feature-length OVA summary of S.A.C.

>Ghost in the Shell: S.A.C. 2nd GIG (set in 2032)

>Individual Eleven, a feature-length OVA which retells the events of S.A.C. 2nd GIG, altered to focus on both the Individual Eleven investigation and the relationship between Hideo Kuze and Motoko Kusanagi

>Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence (set in 2032)

>Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex − Solid State Society (set in 2034) from 2006 or 2011 in 3D

>Ghost in the Shell: Arise OVA series (set in 2027). It's a prequel telling the origin story of Section 9

>Ghost in the Shell: Arise - Alternative Architecture is a recompilation for television of Ghost in the Shell: Arise.

>Ghost in the Shell: The New Movie is a movie set after Ghost in the Shell: Arise that is a continuation of the plot of the Pyrophoric Cult episode.
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Watch Ghost in the Shell: Innocence next.

Then, if you liked that, check out Stand Alone Complex S1, S2, and Solid State Society. The two compilation movies are useless, unless you just want the main stories of both seasons, which isn't exactly the main appeal of the series.

Then, if you liked that, watch Ghost in the Shell: Arise: Alternative Architecture and Ghost in the Shell (2015)

GitS 1995 and Innocence, Stand Alone Complex, and Arise are all different takes on the Ghost in the Shell manga. So watching one to get information for the other and going by the in-universe years is silly. Also know that the way those three universes portray Ghost in the Shell are pretty different from each other, so you may end up liking one more than the others.

And, of course, if you like the franchise in general, be sure to check out the manga, since it's the source of it all. Know that it has a lot of nudity though.
protip, anidb has tree for each version of universe
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>In which order should I watch Ghost in the Shell?
Here's a crazy idea!

How about

The order they were released?

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I need to go out for a bit. You can take care of my onee-san, right?
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Just leave her in the fridge.
>tfw I'll never marry Ui and care for her mentally handicapped sister together
Just kill me now please.
Why arent they having as much fun in s2?

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>genres: isekai, battle harem
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I like it how people are fine with "battle harem" being a genre but not "shounen"
Is that the face you make when you find out people enjoy things you don't like?
shounen is a target demographic my dude

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Why aren't we talking about the movie that's shaping the industry right now?
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We had a whole thread about it yesterday. It 404d this morning.
But yes, this movie is fantastic.
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