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Why is flat chest and small figure so much better compared to disgusting cowtits/giant fetishes?
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U don't really care about it and like a woman for their personality and Ass.
> tfw no GF who is adept at anal and wants you to plug her shut with your dick when you sleep.
Streamlined for more satisfying intercourse.
>facebook filename
>garbage taste
Every time
All size breasts are the only correct option

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>no s2 ever

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The madder she gets, the harder my penis.
This show was so cute and funny.
Shiraishi a cute

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Wasted potential.
Wasted best girl.
run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away run away
>Listen to full song
>Transition to the second verse isn't nearly as good as it is in the shortened version

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Planning to watch some titles, that I never watched from the early 2000 Adult Swim.

Is Outlaw Star any good? I'm either stuck between watching this or Trigun. I heard it's at Cowboy Bebop level.
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watch both
It's very overrated. It's not exactly bad, but it's pretty generic and does nothing special. You can watch it and have some fun, I guess, but it's by no means obligatory.
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Its more light hearted comedy then anything else. Trigun had more of a story behind it

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Let's be honest. No way in hell is she younger than 20
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Explain further.
you don't profit from that. if you get a kid you even lose a lot of money
>you don't profit from that
It feels good. There's your profit.

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Is this body type good or bad?
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It's my favorite body type irl, I think it looks goofy in anime though.
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boobs too big and hips kinda disturbing

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This is your Summer 2016 AOTS
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I agree, but I despise the gay ass fanbase. The manga is also better, but this is one of the most worthy adaptations I've ever seen of any manga.
yeah, but let's face it: the season is boring as fuck
I agree.

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yanagida thing.jpg
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>best girl is actually main girl's best friend who's insecure about her boyish traits compared to her feminine friend
Why is this always the case and how come they never win?
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They do occasionally. Ushio to tora has one.
>main girl is bland as fucking shit and sells for the "pure" value and NOTHING else
>not an interesting character whatsoever, doesn't stand out at all, only redeemable trait the MC can come up with for her is "she's pretty and kind"
>still wins anyway because fat nip retards think they're the best girl

I have a plan /a/, it's all right.
We sneak into Japan at night when they're all asleep and we push them out into the ocean on those giant peach things they keep around in rivers.
Then, we bring in a ton of illegal Australian and Cuban immigrants, paint them yellow, cut off their legs, and staple their feet to their thighs.

In one night we replace the entire population of a country and nobody will notice. From there we remove all shitty jap taste from their media and implement superior western taste into it.
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Season 5 when?
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Haruka best sister
Chiaki is the best sister.
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>The Fall of Bleach: How it Happened was deleted

Fuck. I don't suppose anyone knows of a reupload or happened to download it before it was taken down?
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It was taken down because a bunch of people complained about how inaccurate it was. TV Tokyo also took it down due to using footage that wasn't permitted.

A good example of this was how it used the rankings of it's main argument. However, in 2007, Oda revealed in an SBS that the ranking system is not based on quality but rather what the Editor In Chief likes and dislikes.

There is no popularity, quality or sales involved with the rankings of WSJ. It's all about editors and what they think of the manga. Fan input is put to a bare minimum when it comes to this.
>Oda revealed in an SBS that the ranking system is not based on quality but rather what the Editor In Chief likes and dislikes.

This seems incredibly unlikely to me. Or at the very least, the EiC's rankings must be based heavily, if not entirely on popularity. There's no way in hell they would downvote popular titles.
It is absolutely true:


>Jump does not order the manga based on popularity from the week before. It's true that popular series are in front, but the actual order is decided from week to week by the editor-in-chief.

>Basically, it may show the postcards do affect ranks, but it's mostly up to the editor himself.

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Is it gonna be better or worse than Infected?
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Lots of rage
Can't do worse than Okada

People say Spread was when the series went to shit, and it was, but it really all started when Okada dropped the ball in the final third of Infected.

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Is he a good role model?
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puck faces.jpg
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>male prostitution
nah he a faggot
>alternative is getting hundreds killed in pointless wars
Yeah what a fag
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But at least you wouldn't have to take it up the ass.

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How do you feel about Misty?
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Indifferent. She's undeveloped and a complete bitch.
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Anime Misty is the worst Misty. Gen2 Misty is pretty good though.
High maintenance bitch.
May can do better with less nag

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Find a flaw.
You can't!
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Why is she so perfect?
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>saggy cowtits
>cool as fuck
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Mods, this goddess is ban-evading.

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