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It's good.
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It is.
It lacks charm. The story is a Mirai Nikki ripoff and comes with all the shortcomings it entails. Characters are bland and forgettable. Even the art is bad compared to DN and Bakuman. Why does this exist?

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Which Mujaki would you Rakuen?
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>Better animations

But still no nip I presume?
It's time to stop with this retard speak.
Who are you to decided what can and can't be posted?
Fuck off if you don't like what you see.

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What's wrong Anon? Can't even win against a girl?
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It's kind of pathetic how weak women actually are
I don't know anon, I don't think I can stand up to a woman who lifts 500+kg for a living.
>Can't win against a girl?
I can win against a girl, but not a gorilla.

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Anyone else been following BanG-Dream? Apparently more info was released today at TGS. Made by Bushiroad, they want a slice of the mixed media music pie. The seiyuu of the anime coming in 2017 also sing and play their respective instruments at concerts. Will this be the next big thing after similar mixed media franchises like [email protected] and Love Live?

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>k-on/love live wanna be
I can't recall but did the k-on seiyuu ever play instruments at a live?

But yes, the plot is similar to k-on, where some girl picks up a guitar in high school and gets good with it.
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I'll just be posting the bands

Why are they wasting someone screen time on these bitches? I could care less
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Whores need love too.
How are they relevant to the story at all?
you know drama and showing the grimdark lore of this land

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ITT: manga that never should have been adapted
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I feel bad for you guys.
All of them

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What went so wrong?
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Nothing, it is AOTY so far.
People expecting a good anime to begin with when it was clear that it was nothing but SnK with zombies from the start.

Nice legs...
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She's a qt
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draw a girl, call it a guy.

What's next for their career?
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Go back to doing tweens for Sunrise.
Maybe with KyoAni back again in their slave rooster they'll be able to make 2D dances for LoveLive.
Animation, probably

Has there been a more D'awwww worthy moment in /a/ history?


I still get all tingly watching it.
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No, if anything it makes me sad to see how she grew up to be such a slut
I don't think that's correct. It's definitely a scene of lost innocence and an irretrievable past. With a heavy dose of nostalgia setting it up.

That said, it's one of the best scenes in the show.
Beautiful scene.

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You wouldn't an Aoko.
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She has typical fate bitch-face syndrome.
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I would, but the real question is would you a Soujuurou?

Why as Shisui such a Marty Stew?

>Fastest ninja alive to the point he is the inventor of the flicker technique used by all Konoha ninja.
>Only one able to cast Koto Amatsuki, a genjutsu so powerful it brainwashes a person. It takes 10 years to charge up enough chakra to use it.
>taught Itachi Uchiha, the most perceptive ninja in Konoha as the Third Hokage recounts ("He was already able to make judgements like a Hokage at a young age"~), the meaning of being a Shinobi.
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fuck off narutards
Because he never appears in the main story. And to be honest he's a blip on the overpowered chart by the end of this shit.
Because Kishimoto has fuck-all sense of power scaling and bases his stuff, like pretty much all shonens, on
>Muh DBZ

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'memeber Akira?
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It was shit
It was amazing
Kanye please leave.

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Corteo is cute! CUTE!!!
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Corteo a dead
I'm legit sad, too. They should have called this show '91 Graves', because everybody's gonna fucking die.
I don't like this show that much but I'm watching it because it's going to end very soon, which I appreciate.

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Emilia is best girl you have no reason to hate her
Rem and that mancat faggot suck
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Emilia is shit.
>"""main heroine"""
>barely appears after episode 3
You can talk shit about rem but leave Felix out of this.

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