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Are there any change that Persona 5 get a 2 cour TV anime adaption?
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I hope we need to see best in all his full animation Glory
And hope it's not by A-1.

Why doesn't anime have more main THICC girls? It's criminal.
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Fat people aren't attractive.
Maybe if you are a normalfag.
Stop this crossboarder faggot meme.

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You haven't forgotten, have you?
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The retarded shaped mouth were a turn off from this show
Yomi ;_;

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ITT: jobbers
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No one called him a jobber before VGCW
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What the fuck does that mean. Stop making up retarded words

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Well now that the summer 2016 season is pretty much over, who is you're WOTS (Waifu of the Season)?

For me this is a very difficult choice. In fact, I don't remember a season being more agonizing than this one. But nonetheless I have managed to come up with my top 5:

1. Usami (Konobi)
2. Aoba (New Game)
3. Asuha (Qualidea Code)
4. Ruby (Love Live Sunshine)
5. Elel (Ange Vierge)

and here's my WOTS for the preview seasons

Luluco (Rem is a close runner-up though)

There were certainly a lot of good waifus this season. However none have topped Megumin (Konosuba) for WOTY (Waifu of the Year).

Current yearly ranking:

1. Megumin
2. Luluco
3. Rem
4. Usami
5. Aoba

Fall is certainly shaping up to be another interesting season full of good waifus so we'll see if anyone can top Megumin.
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I fcking hate Usami. She is annoying and screams the whole episode. I just can't stand her! She is a slut that just want to sit on the poor MC's dick. She doesn't understand that she is 3DPD and the poor Johnny just wants to live a sweet and innocent and pure life filled with perfect 2D girl. He deserves a better life, a life without shitty Usami. Usami a shit. Fuck Usami. Fuck her with hate. Fuck her with rage. Ragefuck her. Hatefuck her. Fuck her right in the pooper. Fuck her doggystyle and cover her with hot milk. Usami a slut. I want her out of my 2D anime. And I want her out of my life and the poor Johnny's life. If she doesn't disappear from this show by the next episode, I'm gonna explode with rage and hate. I don't want to see her slutty frames ever again. Delete Usami. Delete her enormous cancerous boobs. Delete her pussy. Delete her big fat ass. Delete her personality. She is a bad person. Usami a shit.
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Is this where my /r/anime bros hang out? Epic.
Who is this grill, and why is she wearing no panties?

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Desperate Housewaifus.

Would you watch it?
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Not if they're black.
She's not black, she's a delicious shade of brown. Get your shit together
So was Viletta hispanic or something?

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ITT: best cat in anime

I nominate Luna, the OG anime cat.
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best cats eh?
>cat on bulmas dad shoulder
>cats from sketchbook colors all
>cat getting some puss from watamote
>yoruichi from bleach.
I choose Ghost Trick's cat.

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>you will never be confessed by a gyaru

Why still live
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I pick cute megane instead
shit taste m8

enjoy your tsundere slut

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The last anime you watched is now being localized in America... by 4kids. What changes?
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Nothing because I'll still watch it with Japanese dub and subs.
Ranma 1/2

>The entire engagement plot is dropped because boys don't like romance
>Ranma instead is cursed to swap places with his sister Ranko
>No Nudity
>Shampoo just suddenly appears in the cast, no explanation given.
>To Love-Ru

I have no idea how 4Kids can make this work.

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my weakness.jpg
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Why is this combo so perfect?
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But she's a slut and not even best girl

Not even second best girl, which was bitchy red-head
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>liking Rena
Opinion completely invalidated, Rena a drama queen and a shit.

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Someone seems to have brought you a present today, aren't you just so happy?!

yandere thread
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What's... In the package?
I think yuri yandere couples are the greatest.
Self harming yandere a shit. And also ones that hurt the lover like chop off his limbs so he has to rely on her with his torso of a body

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Who's the bestgirl of Miyazaki's movies?
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Nausicaa, maybe Laputa because she's so dere.
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>empathy is bad meme
Not past your /pol/ phase yet, eh kiddo?
No, I think he's mad about people saying that maybe climate change is man-made.

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How's the progress going, anon.
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Well, I don't like to brag, but...

>unzips biceps
My biceps are growing anon
My shirt doesn't fit very well, so being able to unzip my sleeves would be a pretty cool thing.

Hestia is Bestia
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Give me a reason to fap to Hestia again.
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You need a REASON?
thick, shortstack.

why else would you need to fap to her?

I really do miss the look of cel
Do you miss it? What do you like about it?
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cool airbrushing in that scene. I miss the way they did effects and lighting, where they'd shine a light through the cel. looked so cool.
I mostly just miss the background art
>I really do miss the look of cel
Anything cel can do, modern animation can do too. That said, there is a very special feel about some of those old shows, and modern shows don't catch it. I believe that's intentional, because the trends have changed.
>Do you miss it?
I miss some dark scifi/cyberpunk. That said, I think my favorite genre hasn't even been invented yet.

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