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I know I already made this thread but I'm making it again because it died too quickly last time
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Post your OTP

/u/, /y/, /self-insert with my waifu/ fags need not apply.
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To kill an yurifag is not murder. It's the path to Heaven.

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Its sad it got popular because of rewritten subs. The original is quite hilarious itself. Even though the only subs you can find for it are written by a /b/tard in 2006
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>there will never be a sequel
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To be honest, I only found it mildly funny.
Which is a pity because it's a great, ridiculous concept

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Episode 124: 蘇る幻影騎士団 - Yomigaeru Fantomu Naitsu
(The Revived Phantom Knights)
While searching for Yuzu, who was captured by Serena, Yuya runs into Ruri. While Yuto is rejoiced that Ruri is safe, Ruri suddenly initiates a Duel!

Episode 125: 烈火の竜 - Rekka no Ryū
(The Blazing Dragon)
As Yuya and Yuto try to save Ruri, Serena appears before them. As according to the Doctor’s plan, the Parasite Monsters drive Yuya and Yuto into a corner. Then, something abnormal happens to Yuya!

Episode 126: 悪魔が生まれた日 – Akuma ga Umareta Hi
(The Day the Devil was Born)
As Yuri attempts to turn Sora into a card, Yugo appears before him and challenges Yuri to a Duel. While a fierce battle between Yuri and Yugo unfolds, Yusho, as well as Reiji and others, manage to reach Akaba Leo. Leo begins speaking about the Demon Duelist who leads the world to destruction, as well as the four dragons. What is the reason that the world is divided into four dimensions?
Manga raw:

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Why aren't more of the threads like this? I like your idea
What thread do we go to?
I made the other one but this one is cooler. It has the Manga

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How did we go from this...
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Gotta top ONE for QUALITY somehow
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Did someone say ONE and QUALITY!?

Why are mecha musume series more successful than traditional mecha?
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Define successful. Gundam still prints money.

Gundam is decades old and runs on pre-existing fanbase.
>mecha musume series
You mean out of the whopping amount of 1 (one) that exists?

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Original > Alternation
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>being so right nobody dare to criticize you
I'm just glad we got more because damn I wanted more

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what the fuck am i watching?
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it has very nice music
Paprika, presumably.
Entry level Kon shit. Try watching Kuuchuu Buranko on acid

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Hyouge Mono is a better SoL than K-On!.
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Kill yourself.
More like every anime ever is a better SoL than K-On!.
Let's be honest.
Anyone that openly says K-On is bad is just a contrarian loser that can't handle popular things because they've never known love before.

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Still holding out hope we'll get a reboot of BGC in the next decade. I know around 10 years after 2040 they tried arranging another series, but apparently it is/was stuck in rights hell.
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We´ll never get good Sci-Fi again. Not even stuff like Planetes or Mugen no Ryvius. Best you can hope for is some moe space SOL with only girls or a battle harem having something to do with space.
I liked the aesthetics of 80s sci-fi, that industrial aesthetic is what I really miss.

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Would you bully Oi-chan?
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With relish.
No. She's got too much stress as it is.
Yes, sexually.

Why do Rin and Seibah's seiyuu love Gil more than Shirou?
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Gil saw Saber as an amazing treasure that should be his, he wanted Saber the way she was. Shirou wanted a cute waifu, thus losing part of her personality.

Both of them are shitty love interests but Gil is hotter and sees Saber better Shirou.
Because Gil has an unrivaled penis. Don't believe me? Ask all his female subject who he fucked on their wedding night while their new husband watched. He even outmatched the Goddess of Love's Bull of Heaven, you catch my drift?
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Wut? Is that a part of Gilgamesh's legend?

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The dog.
The burd.
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>tfw I don't remeber gauls names

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How did we go from this
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to this?
Nice bait. But not really.
Not OP, but last chapter did look like ass.

Here's to hoping Miura uses the hiatus to get properly used to digital drawing and unfucks his art.

Its 9/23. Emilia-tans BIRTHDAY !
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Fuck emilia
>that half-elf slut has the same birthday as my imouto

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