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Would you eat a cake if a cute boy dressed as a maid filled it with his hot, sticky cum?
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My fetishes were always self controlled.
I'd rather just eat cake then suck my boy wife's dick, thank you very much.

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>there are still some pretending they wouldn't tap that

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Does Symphogear getting two new seasons mean that it will be split cours?
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it will be two totally discrete seasons airing at the same time.

Symphogear is shit though
That would honestly be a fun way to avoid cast bloat, go back to the main trio but give FIS their own show.

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Pure girls only ITT
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The purest
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Eve a best. A BEST!
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I just realized.
>Ririsu -> kana spelling for Lilith
Lilith and Eve. Can't be a coincidence, right?
Took you so long to realize?
I may have realized it before or read someone saying it, but I can't be certain. I do know that I forgot her name is Ririsu, so having it brought up this chapter refreshed my memory.

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WW2 equipment or made up stuff ?
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So, Hanakana is now being casted into older women roles.

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We always say some 1cour shows should have been 2cour.

But what 2cour shows should have been a single cour?
Pic related
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Hanasaku Iroha
All wrong answers.
The correct answer is Gurren Lagann
shigatsu wa kimi no uso

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sanji confirmed for second worst childhood of the straw hats
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>Every single attractive antagonistic female character in One Piece has been redeemed on one way or another, including Monet in the future.
First for Monet not being attractive.
>literally duval
Third, both Robin and Nami had it worse.

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Just finished "the best anime movie ever". I've watched the rebuilds before the series and EoE, found 2.0 awesome and 3.0 really weird. I was expecting some answer from the original series and this movie, but what the heck was that. There aren't and meaning at all, it's all just random pseudo-philosophical nonsense about what does it mean to be human. And Shinji masturbates.
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What were you expecting? A real conclusion and battle against the aliens?

Too bad you watched an anime about existential crisis.
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Are you so dense that you didn't get the message? It was telling you that killing yourself is bad.
>uguu go outside and don't kill yourself
I mean, it was ok-ish, and actually had good animation. But it's definitely not a masterpiece or even a 8/10

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How can a mosquito be so sexual?
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When she has a great rack, is voiced by Sawashiro and wants you to fill her up with your juices.
Because she has slight hints of nipples even though she actually doesn't have any and is naked.
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>you to fill her up with your juices.
Shes a mosquito. She sucks you dry instead.

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Papa! sing me a song.
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Your mom is dead ushio.

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It's 2016 and the anime industry still has yet to produce a work superior to Neon Genesis Evangelion.

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one word bro

macross delta
That's a really neat pic.
Where did you get it?
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It took over two decades, but they finally did it

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heretic thou shall not lewd madoka
I want to protect Madoka
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madoka bait.jpg
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op are you horny
you're gonna close this when ur done fapping arent you
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I dont have the scene but kuroneko got fucked hard

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Who is best mahou shoujo and why is it Ayumu? Season 3 never
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Obligatory lewd incoming.
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