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Yep. Fucking called it.

Masamune-kun is being adapted by SL. Airs on Winter.

アニメーション制作:SILVER LINK.
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You want a trophy good sir anon?
Nah. I just wish this trash series never even got an anime in the first place.

God I hope they can at least salvage it in the adaptation.
Neko end confirmed

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You used to like Punpun, /a/. What happened?
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It ended.
It became popular.
don't start an punpun thread with a shitpost

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My fetish
the last girl is Yuuko kanoe.

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Newfag watches K-on! for the first time part III

It's pretty interesting how the writers/animators/VA's managed to get the feeling of an "old money" rich girl from Mugi

Knowing the daughter of a major hospital president (and inheritor of more money than I'd care to imagine), all the affects of old money are captured, down to the accommodating nature, patience and hospitality.

Nothing about Mugi says "desperate" or "insecure", everything is just sort of icing on the cake for her and you can feel that aloof nature in her character, her soft voice and movements and extreme patience with the other girls. It's a kindness that is the benefit of living a life without struggle or strife.

Old money people are like this, kind, traditional, accommodating. You can see it in her face, nothing is phasing this person.

It's the new money folks that are the barbed, unkind and shrewd types that have clawed their way to the outer ring of success and social prestige and will fight tooth and nail to be recognized for it.

Anyways this is bar-none the cutest show I've ever seen

Finally I think I'm coming around to the "Mugi a best" mentality
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Do you really think it's a good idea to announce that right at the start of your thread?
Why do you do that?
Hahaha, I just started to see K-on today too.
It's pretty hilarious.
How else is he going to get the attention he's depraved of?

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Remember lads, worse come to worst and we can say Nagito did it all for HOPE
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Just how complex are his motives?
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Mahiru is for sexual acts.
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There was nobody watching. Junko said "Bye bye, class rep", Class 77 filed out, the monitors showed nothing... then, and only then, did somebody reactivate the camera and focus on her.

Who was it?
Why do it?

What are these brats talking about?
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The speech bubbles appear to be empty.
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Have you lost your way, /a/?
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Sad racist frog.jpg
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Yes. Everyday I live is yet another slash to my already broken heart. I don't find enjoyment in almost anything. The only women in my life is a 2d drawing of an underage girl that I will never touch with my own two hands. My family doesn't even acknowledge that I exist. And every breath I take only adds to my internal struggle. So if that answers your question I have indeed lost my way
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Shit that made me depressed
If you can't believe in yourself then live for something greater than yourself. It doesn't matter if it's good or not for you.

There's no way they'll get through the whole game in 24-26 episodes going at this pace.
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What makes you think they're adapting the game plot?
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i feel a little bit guilty for enjoying such a generic fantasy show but it's just so well done
I want to bully Alisha's butt.

Is this show really that bad? I almost want to watch it because I only hear about how shit it is
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I for one enjoyed Kubo's inkblot censorship. It had flair, goddammit.
Its one of the most offensively bland battle harems ever.
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I want this

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Why isn't shinka pure like all the other chunnis?
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>he can't be serious right now
>i barely even felt it go in
>he better be ready again in like, two minutes
Purityfags are cancer

I wish Shinka was a legit slut
Even when she'd be a slut, you'd still be the last person she'd ever touch, if at all.

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So overpowered protagonists are dime a dozen, but what series have genuinely weak protagonists, or are at least very low on the tier list?

Bonus points if they aren't surrounded by extremely powerful people who serve as the muscle instead.
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>implying he isn't truly the strongest man in the world
>Elfen Lied If you consider the guy to be the MC and not Lucy
>Black Butler if you consider Ciel to be the main
>Kono subarashi
>little witch academia
>alien 9

There's plenty of shows with weak protags. slice of life has all weak little girls, but I know you don't want that.

I'm more of a fan of retardedly overpowered mains who shit on people so hard it's comical
>slice of life has all weak little girls, but I know you don't want that.
Non-action shows are cheating, anon.

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Yoko's butt
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Yoko > Futaba > Hayama
So how about them OVAs, huh?
What are they building?

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Hey /a/, have you ever been to the top?
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Yeah, in the beginning I got crazy spending all money I got, there were no more women to love me anymore so I had to go and leave town.
Not yet

Someday I'll definitely become the world champion

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Who is the best glasses-wearing character in anime?
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You can only choose one.
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Mikado or Yui.
The least shitty one
I want to be Riko.

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