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I want stories with satisfying development into explicit or implied sex scenes that aren't the final chapter
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School Days
White Album 2
Kare Kano
That one with rui who is best girl

4 episodes in--what's the appeal? Everyone seems like a massive cunt other than the spiral otaku girl, and not in a funny way (like IASIP or KonoSuba).
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some people wanna fuck their sisters
That's not the appeal. That's the premise.
Its cute.

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What if the OVA is never released
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I still haven't seen the last one because it's only been released in shit quality.


You're welcome.

>horrible quality
>all the shit floating across the screen

I'll wait.

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Kantonians fucking suck
I want to suck dem bazongas
I want her to grab my balls like that.

Will KyoAni ever recover?
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From what?
Time for you to go to sleep.

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Can we all just take a moment and appreciate the brilliance of Akira Hiramoto's art in Prison School? The perspective and angles, the realistic art without making it look tacky nor cluttered, the use of overtones, and the genius scenes that he was able to capture with just one panel.
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>Can we all just take a moment and appreciate the brilliance of Akira Hiramoto's art in Prison School?

Sure. But all the artistic talent he has can't save the dragged out abomination of an arc we have right now.
Me and the Devil's blues, now that is worthy of admiration.
>The perspective

But you posted a shot where if you changed the angle to a frontal one the girl would look like she has a long ass torso.

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ITT: it's 1996
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time to fap
Evafags are ruining this website.
>no replies because the user base wasn't even born yet


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Do you have any ideas for an anime or a manga in your mind, /a/? Share them!

I have a story about a scandinavian 17 year old boy in the 70s with a penchant for photography, inherited from his father. He flees his home, not because he is unhappy, but because he feels like something big is missing; a big part of his "soul".

He leaves in the late autumn, with a single old (but warm) furry coat- it has a couple of "bald spots", but it does the job. He also takes a pack of cigarettes and a couple of matchboxes as a bit of a souvenir; not to smoke them - the smell just brought very fond memories to the guy.

His first step is heading to the north-east, to a small village near the coast. He sits on a bench, located on tall cliff not too far from the village that oversees the it. The sun is setting, and the cloudless sky is tinted in the shades of the leaves which are falling from the trees. The boy sets one of the cigars alit, smokes a bit of it, and lets it burn and smoke.

His extremities which were ice-cold before grew not warm, but hot. With a voice full of fervor, he audibly exhales..

I'm ESL, I know this reads like total shit, that's why I wanted to share some of it. How can I improve my descriptions?
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Cute OLs filing cute documents.
Cute 2ch posters doing cute things
if you're an ESL the best advice I can give you is to just read more books (but not LNs)
also there's no need you can't just write this as a regular story, it hasn't got anything to do with anything Japanese

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Love not so over!
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I want to believe the way Gorar believes in all of us.
Have you grown to be big and strong? Being gay and walking around in weird costumes is not a problem.
His little brother is running around in puffy shorts with a giant bow on his neck, so of course it's not a problem.

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>look is this thread again
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>you will never beat up and rape Louise
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>you don't fap to louise or the other zeroes anymore because the author has died
faggot, that's make it hotter
Not even to elves?

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Sophia (2).gif
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That's enough... too far.

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dis bitch so sexy
Best onahole

We are just weeks away from Strike Witches return.

How ready are you?
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It's going to be hard to watch it withouth Hartmann and Perrine

I'll miss Lucchini and Erika.
Ready to finally watch SW after having fapped to it countless times.

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