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It..really seems like this is pointless
5 minutes is not long enough for anything
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As long as its not Ash losing people will worship it.

Also depending on the "success" of these shorts we might get a real 24 minute episode Pokemon for edgelords.
>being more like the game and manga is edgy

Shit taste pleb
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This is just like Kahara's Animator Expo, only with shitty dub and no info about the teams working on episodes. Such a shame...
I need a gif version of pic related

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Should I watch it /a/?

The whole series is only 134gb in nyaa.
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Why would you need blu ray rip for an early digital show?
depends on how old are you.
LNs are better.

Anime is fine though, but dunno anon I watched it when I was 15, knowing that you're a 40 y/o neckbeard makes me think you won't like it

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This is a japanese elementary school boy who dressesup like a female maid and sleeps in his uncles bed.
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As God intended
Isn't it more like his uncle sleeps in his bed?

Would you recommend someone who is not so familiar with mangas but really wants to get into it to read Berserk
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Absolutely. I'm in the same spot as you. It's also been called multiple times "baby's first manga". Although if you're easily offended you might want to avoid it, it can be quite edgy at times. Also, there is an active berserk thread as we speak, avoid making a new one if that is alive. For any other questions go there
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Yeah dude, it's a good series to get into reading if you ask me
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berserk fun things.png
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>[HorribleSubs] Dream Festival! - 01

>another otomeshit

I hope the trend ends soon.
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As a fem/a/non I say "more!"
>the MC isn't a girl
I can't believe anime isn't pandering to white nerds now

Just watched this little gem.

What do you weebs think about Kiznaiver?
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it fucking sucked
this show is boring and sucks.
I enjoy mayoiga much more that this shit
People only watch this shit only because trigger studio make it.

Well animated, well directed, poorly written.

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What would Kinmoza be like without Karen?
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Not ruined.
Still cute but kinda dull and average. Not bad by any means, just not as vibrant.

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Can we have one of these /a/?
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burgers not up yet

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Are you ready for the hypest finale of the season?!
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good lord them tiddies on nya
Are you working hard, /a/?
Worst girl.

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Duel Academy.png
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Why would you need an academy to teach you how to play a children's card game?
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You don't need one, but there's a real big demand for children's card game experts in the private sector so they're building to fit demand.
If only the real world revolved around children's card games
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I would never come to Duel Academy as long as this jerk is there.

Why the heck does /a/ have an obsession with traps?
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They are all closet-faggots
I don't.
A is full of tumblrina faggots.

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Why do people like this shitty show so much?
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I noticed a trend on /a/. The show is older than the person if they seemingly hate it for no reason.
While we're here, does anyone have that picture of Asuka and Shinji with their hands down each-others pants with a caption like "it's not like I want to fuck you or anything".
Nobody hates it for no reason though. so your entire argument falls flat.
There's plenty of really reasons why this show is ass.

also there's already a thread about this RIGHT NOW

Why not make an anime with all the trends ever existed?

A guy from earth dies, he goes to another world.

There we have songstress who are kind of idols, and use songs to release magic powers.

We have then several idols who all want MC's dick.

Those same idols want to save their school from closing.

The only way to prevent the school from closing is to participate into a competition where they need to compete with magic.

To increase their magic powers all the girls wears magical armors that ressembles some sort of exoskeletons with most of their skin exposed.

Oh yea!
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Shit I'd watch it if the girls designs were any good and the animation was above average.
>/g/ mascot
Incompatible userbases.
Idol-fags want pure waifus, maximum they can tolerate is GL-subtext.
Adding a self-insert for harem-fags will clash with that. Even [email protected] anime didn't make P an explicit love interest for the girls.

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How is Space Patrol Luluco such a comfy show to watch?

It wasn't supposed to be this good! Can TRIGGER do no wrong?
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Trigger did wrong the very same season, baka!
but Kiznaiver was good though Anon

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Find a flaw.
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She's missing a nose
Harambe is dead
She is a total bitch to the mc
Indecisive on her feelings
Has issues with her mother

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