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will elevenland ever top this ED?
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Not even the best ED of the season to be honest
go back to veddit, "to be honest"
The more appropiate question is: Will elevenland ever top ED sings by Etsuko


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6lXq353lay4 (this one is mash up because the record label being a bitch and delete all the original)

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Why didn't she just wish for magical girls to never witch? That would have been a great wish to counter coobie.
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Why don't she just wish for magical girls to not exist in the first place
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>Could have wished for the kyubei to have emotions
>Could have wished for the univers to sustain itself
>Could have wished for me to live in 2d world with my waifu
fuck you madoka you dumb girl
Why do people say that the show ended poorly for Madoka? I would love to be God.

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So now that magi's confirmed for being trash we can all agree FMA was the only good shounen written by a women right?
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Death Note is more mature than any seinen in the last 20 years, eat shit pleb

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Why does he wear the mask?
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Big rice carts.
If he told Euphie to kill all the Japanese, would she die?
You think the Geass is your ally? You merely adopted it; I was born in it - molded by it.

Please describe this child (ghost)
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A cumdumpster
A liar.

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Preview EP 17:

New OP:
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Sorry, but I doubt you'll get more than 10 replies unless there are subs for new ep.
>the fags are back
Any anime that decreases the iris size when they're mad is automatically a shit-tier anime

What is her appeal?

I don't get it.
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Kill yourself.
Eternal, unyielding devotion. Literally the biggest draw of her character.

Also lolicons.
I like when she goes "ka ka ka"

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Forgotten anime thread.

What are some series that got completely forgotten, doesn't matter if rightfully or not.

Just downloaded pic related and it's a nostalgia trip, seems to be made by Madhouse and even has the English VAs from the TV series.
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Yep, no interest, figured as much.
/a/utism is too busy being pedophiles masturbating to whatever newest slice of life moeshit pedoshit came out.
I loved it.
That sounds like Sam for sure, but Dean sounds off. You sure it's the same actor?

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Who stole my cute Tanuki show this week?
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Not gonna lie. Tanukis are fucking delicious. Especially little Tanukis like Poco.
Horriblesubs when?
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I bet you're the reasons why there are no subs to be found anywhere.

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>as strong as two child gokus
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So stronger than Saitama?
As strong as a kid who can lift rocks and turtles?
I think it's only because of the gun.

Also how the FUCK was Goku intended to wipe out the human race as a baby when a farmer could have shot him in the fucking face? If it hadn't been for Roshi and holy water giving Goku power ups he wouldn't have even defeated Tien.

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Chapter 11.
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Eureka Seven is the greatest love story ever told. You can't prove me wrong so don't even try. This thread is only for smart people with good taste who agree with me.
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You get this kind of romance from literally every popular teen novel
That ain't no Taiga.
>You can't prove me wrong

I'm pretty sure AO proves you wrong.

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Can we get a Great Teacher Onizuka thread going?

What was your favourite arc? What was your least favourite arc? What was your favourite scene? Who was best girl? Funniest gag? Favourite Onizuka life lesson? Who had it worse Mayu or Teshigawara?

>Okinawa Beach
>Fallen Angels (one of the few things I genuinely hated about the series)
>Miyabi on the roof
>pic related
>Onizuka's speech to Teshigawara
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The only thing that keeps me from rereading/watching is the piss poor development for Onizuka and Fuyutsuki. Wimp kid and bully girl were best.
Maybe but this was an tearjerker regardless
So did we ever get proper scans of the early chapters or is it all still GIANT YELLOW AND BLUE BOXES?

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murenase lanka awoo.png
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>No girl will ever be this happy to see you

Kill me
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That's a dog.
to be more precise, a bitch
Get a dog.

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3x3 thread
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pretty good/9
Hello friends. Now I love Cereal Experiments Lane as much as the next man but I can't stop finding faults in it. Like why didn't she just turn her computer off?! I swear girls these days could end all their problems if they just stopped using social media

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It's been awhile.


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