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So is Type-Moon dead? It's been 4 years since Maho Yoru was released and that remake of Tsukihime went nowhere. Natsu had nothing to say after Fate did he?
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>So is Type-Moon dead?
I don't think so
I'm sure they've got at least 5 years worth of Sabers left in them.
>Extella coming out
>Grand Order is a massive cash cow
>Fate/Strange Fake still going
>Heaven Feel Movie coming up
They can and probably lre living off Fate til we are all dead.

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Could you even resist bullying a loli?
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I would bully a loli into being my wife.
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Lolis are for protect

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Do you like love triangles as much as Roka?
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I love Roka more.
i love triangles

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Was he gay?
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No, his AU version liked Haruhi in the same way AU Nagato liked Kyon. At most he's bisexual
I forgot about him completely. Not even the green hair girl was that irrelevant.
There are multiple scenes that make it very clear he's into haruhi, but is either too much of a pussy or too much of a bro to try and get in kyons way

You'd have to have some advanced form of autism to miss this just because it isn't spelt out directly for you

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>Mou ikkai~
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That's not the right gif for that meme, by the way
Mou shippai, mou shippai
Kyou itai, kyou itai

Hey. I scanned a book about Garo artist, Sasaki Maki. Mostly just previews of his picture books, a few articles/interviews, and a tour of his workplace. Has a few unreleased chapters?


Probably not much interest to anyone here, but here it is anyway. I might buy a few more of his picturebooks.
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Thanks for your efforts, this is a pleasant surprise I wasn't expecting.
Awesome. I just read Ding Dong Circus so this interests me.
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I plan to buy Umibe, but it's $30.

Ding Dong Circus is half of Umibe, so it's appropriate that it's also $15.

Pic related should be here next week. They'll never get licensed, so perhaps I can scrape together a scanlation or two of his picturebooks.

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ITT: We post baby pictures of anime characters
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How little did my mother think, when first she cradled me

Of the lands I was to travel to, and the death I was to be
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nailed it

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Hiro is currently attempting to block the 3rd party archives so that you pay for his 4chan gold pass(tm) so that you can use the inline one and make threads more than likely at a later date. What do think he is gonna add later on in an attempt to jew as much out of us? I personally turned my thread updater back to one second because I fucking hate him.
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Wow that's a very pretty Louise picture OP

So, what do you guys think of Osomatsu-san?
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Anime of the year all year every year
Favorite anime.
Loved it, though I'm aware it could be hit-and-miss.

I didn't like episode 25, but not because it wasn't a drama-fest like ep 24. I was just hoping it would be actually resolved in a way that was still funny, like PSG did. I also didn't like the reused jokes.

All the merch and extra materials have continued reusing a lot of jokes which kind of soils them - what I loved about the funniest parts was the unexpectedness of it. Also there's a lot of fujo-pandery stuff that is getting old. I don't love shipping the bros but I don't hate it either. I just want to see more of them trying to get with other girls because that was more enjoyable and less cringe.

F6 was only good when it was the brothers we love in disguise. Having it be an alternate world where they really ARE that "perfect" is shit.

I want to like Joshimatsu more but I just found it boring aside from the voices.

Karamatsu is probably my favourite but I wish they'd go more wild with the different painful faces - I keep seeing the same two used again over and over. If they can make him go off-model they should have more fun with it and that makes it funnier.

Osomatsu himself is underrated as hell and I love him.

What does /a/ think of Yowamushi Pedal?
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O x y g e n

Yep. Oxygen's important while cycling.
I don't even watch it but I have fapped multiple times to shota doujins of that genki redhead.

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No colonel Sanders, you're wrong!


PV out. Animation director is Umakoshi Yoshihiko.
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heroman blunder part 2? when will stan learn?
Is that fucking Stopman?
Nagahama will do the original character concepts.
Idol unit 9nine will do voice acting and sing the insert songs for the series.

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sluts are for _______________
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Shit template threads.

Admit it, you'd bang your grandmother too if she was this hot.
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to be fair, my grandma when young was the kind of girl i would date today.
Why was this movie so bad?
Why was this movie the best Ghibli movie?

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