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I have no problems with generals.
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Neither do I.
i wonder who is behind this post

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I just couldn't get into it or the anime. Am I alone in finding this boring?
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it's just Another shitty adaption
Isn't this the anime about pie?
How many episodes did you get through?

It is a pretty short anime.

Which are in your opinion the most masculine women in anime?
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Mikasa is the manliest in the AoT series by a lot.
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tell me about the history of magical girls
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This beautiful creature began existing, others tried to mimic her show, then everything went to shit.
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I'm not him, but;

this show called sailor moon came out

the genre then went to shit because they all copied it

then madoka came out to mock said shitty shows

they didn't learn their lesson, they just started copying madoka

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Does he have good taste

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I don't get it.
I'm not giving your video a view. I don't like PewDiePie, but he enjoys Shadow of the Colossus and got more people into that series, so I respect him for that.

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What does /a/ think about Medaka Box?
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males are all bros, females are all hoes.
Pretty much this. It's bros and hoes: the series.

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There are rumors that Anno might produce a sequel to Nausicaa, based potentially on Miyazaki’s manga but also possibly as a completely new story. I don’t think this is a particularly good idea, either to make a sequel to Nausicaa or, if it has to happen, to have Anno direct it. It’s clear that Nausicaa has profoundly influenced the work for which he is best known, the now seminal Neon Genesis Evangelion, but I would like to argue that what Anno has done with his inspiration in fact disqualifies him from being a particularly good choice for tackling a Nausicaa sequel, should such a poorly conceived thing come to pass.

Remember how Anno worked on the god warrior sequence of the Nausicaa film? Well, as a storyteller, Anno is basically stuck right there. The EVA units themselves basically are god warriors in all their particulars (plus a dose of Ultraman, apparently), with one notable exception. Anno’s EVAs are just like the bestial cannon at the end of Miyazaki’s feature film, hulking things capable of unimaginable destruction, at their most powerful when the human being plugged into them “shuts down” either due to unconsciousness or to succumbing to the overwhelming furor of their own rage.
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I'm not seeing a reason why he shouldn't be the one to direct it.
So the reason that you don't think he should direct it is that you don't like the Rebuilds?

Consider the most recent film in the Rebuild of Evangelion, 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo. I have seen now numerous blogs and reviews and “essays” proclaiming how shocking this film was, how it “changed everything.” Sure, superficially, much has changed: it’s 14 years after Shinji, by “saving” Rei, has initiated the dreaded Third Impact that everyone (except Gendo, of course) was trying to avoid in every previous iteration of the EVA story. But, as Kaworu later reveals, Third Impact was only a partial apocalypse, and now he and Shinji have to go on a dangerous mission to stop FOURTH IMPACT. Many years from now, when Kaworu and Shinji are racing against the clock to stop TENTH IMPACT, I’m not going to hold back from saying “I told you so.” This raising of the stakes by simply introducing an even worse ultimate bad thing plays into the worst tendencies of shounen manga, where each new story arc is initiated by the team of super powered dudes suddenly discovering that there is an even more powerful ultimate bad guy that they didn’t previously know about.

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So why didn't Killua just wish for Muruem to die instead of making the chairman nuke himself? Probably would have prevented Gon from having to go apeshit and nearly die too.

While he's at it, he could wish for Kurapika to get all of the scarlet eyes back, wish for all of the spiders to be dead, and wish that Illumi would stop chasing him and Alluka down.
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Because Killua wasn't sure about his place in the world until after all of that crazy shit went down.
Because he had no idea the chairman would get fucked. Fucking Netero had no idea he would get fucked so hard, what makes you think Killua had a clue? Also I don't think he really cares that much about Kurapika.
You're stepping into dangerous territory, kid.
Tread lightly.

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How come nobody at school cared that Shiki never wore her uniform?
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Their school doesn't have a set uniform.
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She 'killed' their dress code.

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I'm seeing red,
My fingers are blue,
That's what my typesetters said,
Now scans are in the loo.

Seriously, everybody who tries to typeset this manga has vanished without a trace. Anyways, here's 61.
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Oh boy, oh boy, which character's going to be a total piece of shit today?
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[Side] If the three of us are together, it'll all go fine!
[Above title] The adolescence of a kung fu girl
61: The everyday life of the Superhuman Self Defense Japan branch

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I'll post it, and you guys can just post progressively worse ones after that.

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>english version
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>Can't speak Japanese
>still pretending dubs are bad
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But you didn't get dubs.

Why dose it never get as much love as GITS when it's so much better?
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It didn't air on toonami
Brearios is fucking thick.

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What dose /a/ think of Minoru Furuya's oeuvre? I've been reading through just about everything of his thats been translated the last few weeks and i can't decided whether he's great or a kind of a hack.
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I really like him. Ciguatera was really good. It was very honest
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A lot of people here don't seem to like his serious stories, but I personally like his edgier works a lot more than other more popular authors. I finished Punpun and Himizu at around the same time and I can say I enjoyed Himizu a lot more. Boku to Issho is the only comedy of his I've read, laughed all the way through though the bittersweet ending hit me pretty hard for some reason.

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She's dead isn't she?
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Technecally yes

But not just yet at the same time
Can you explain further?
Like in the anime, in the manga she gets bit by a zombie

The treatment she gets is poor but effective enough such that she is basically a zombie with an intact soul.
What I mean by this is in the manga her body is dead cold and she has dreams about being a zombie and eating flesh so much so that she separates herself from the group. She then meats a loner with a baseball bat and after he touches her he tries to kill her.

Then what she does to escape is she bangs her shovel on guard railings and attracts a shit ton of zombies to mob him while she walks away because the zombies ignore them thinking she's one as well. She then walks off crying and the chapter ends

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