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Hello there, bet you didn’t expect to see me again so soon. Anyway, today’s chapter is about cute MILF and not-so-good food
Previous chapters:
Chapter 1-3: https://desuarchive.org/a/thread/150601948/
Chapter 4 >>150640453
Chapter 5 >>150682725
Chapter 6 >>150723463
Chapter 7 >>150768087
Volume 1 Omake >>150799974
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For people from the future
Chapter 1 >>150528967
Chapter 2 >>150566599
Chapter 3 >>150601948
Chapter 4 >>150640453
Chapter 5 >>150682725
Chapter 6 >>150723463
Chapter 7 >>150768087
Volume 1 Omake >>150799974
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Shuuko Yakumo, 28 years old
Wa, it’s getting burned
Hoobies: Cooking and reading
She’s waiting for a certain hungry high school student to return.
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A lot of warm food…

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My power is immeasurable
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Considering the time? Not really.
woah very powerful indeed
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>Anime or Manga introduces a half Japanese Half White character
>It's always the Mom being white and the Dad being japanese
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gee i wonder why
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Literally not true, reading Adolf right now and the father is German and the mother Japanese

Best OST

>implying anything can top Komm süsser Tod
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This should've played at the end of EoE
Narrates about Shinji and Asuka
Best song
Also Asuka is 13-14, why does every art portray her as some 20 year old milf
You get tired of hearing
Pretty quickly.
Well, by 3.33 she's 30 or so...though for marketing reasons still in the body of 14 year old.

Why is there a picture of the Matterhorn?

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Anyone know where to get raws of Kawaii Joushi o Komarasetai? The Koreans have it up to chapter 20, but I can't find the raws anywhere.

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The first volume was only released in October and you're saying there are already 20 chapters out? Sounds like a lot or are they short chapters or something?
Short chapters. The first Volume ends at chapter 14.
Wait is this from the guy that did the Genius boy vs Entitled girl manga? I hope this does well, the other had promise but it became repetitive too soon.

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The future is finally happening. Are you excited? Because I sure as hell am.
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Japan is such an embarrassing country and I can't believe I used to be such a devoted fan of it's pop culture. It didn't used to be such a nation of weak willed losers though, they used to have fire and passion but not so much anymore.
>Health Science Fact: Social Isolation is a Growing Problem Among Japanese Youth
>Multiedia Corporations: How can we continue to exploit this for monetary gain?

This is how I read into this latest post random news and react to it on /a/ thread

I doubt it'll be anything more than siri with a paintjob.

Tell me when we get an ai that can pass the turing test.

Daily reminder.
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I want to rape and murder Aoba-chan!
I will protect Aoba chan from the likes of you!
Post memecchi

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How are you guys enjoying Totally Not Madoka (tm)?
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>Implying anyone wants to talk about this garbage rip off show
More magucas more suffering.

Madoka wasn't a battle royale in any way.

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Didn't see a thread in the catalogue.
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Lurk for two more years before posting again.
i've seen this post before

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Do people actually like Gino's character? He is the epitome of a spoiled, rich-kid, fuccboi who has had everything in his life handed to him on a silver platter. He became a knight solely because of his high nobility, he destroyed large parts of the Britannian headquarters in Japan because fuck it! He's a knight and can do anything, then near the end of the series he switches sides only because he thought Kallen was hot. Without any reguard to the country that gave him everything. How could any of you like this guy? What is so likable about him other than the Gino X Kallen memes?
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inb4 copy pasta
Stop protecting.

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Okay my little intellectu/a/ls, what anime are MO and what are PO-MO?
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mo sounds like pretentious shit
neck yourself
Everything is PO-MO and nothing is MO.

>Listen to the audio commentary
>They completely ignore the episode and start discussing why the sky is blue

Who pays for this shit?
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Did you actually know why the sky was blue? It's fascinating stuff.
>Listen to the audio commentary
>Commentator spends the whole time talking shit about the arc protagonist and straight-out calls her trash

Audio commentaries are the best.
w^4 scattering and our eyes see purple + lite green as blue.

Flat or small has a higher percentage of winning the mc-bowl.
It's not fair.
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She isn't even a competitor.
Just poor writing from an author salty that their main girl is less interesting than a side character.
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Poor cat, her boobs were too big.

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What did she mean by this?
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New volume when?
never ever

Wake up girls season 2 announced.
But Yamakan been kicked out from the staff, Teekyuu man as new director.

2017年 TVアニメ
原作?脚本:Green Leaves
音楽:神前暁 MONACA
音楽制作:DIVE II entertainment

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Literally what is the point

Was hasn't yamakan an hero'd yet?
>Yamakan been kicked out from the staff
Holy shit hahhahahaha
>Teekyuu man as new director

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