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How did the finale make you feel?
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little gay
I want season 2.

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New episode soon! Will flips finally be flapped?
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Papika is a better kisser than Cocona desu
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hidaka flipping out.png
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flip flappers already flip flapped me into flipping out!
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is this the face that launched a thousand songs?

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Victor really is best boy from the beginning right until the very end.
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>World Anti Doping Agency takes the gold from Fairy for being Russian and Pig gets it
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>I won't kiss you again until you win gold

How can Victor torture Piggy so much?
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So I tried watching this the ther day, and in the first episode a fat guy does for quads in an act flawlessly. Not one, FOUR. Is this show supposed to be realistic or just Yaoi bullshit?

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>Suki is used most commonly in romantic confessions along with aishiteru (when is a huge love story).
>Welcome to Japanese, it's vague.
>Context. Japanese isn't a very direct language, you have to look at a lot of context.

Yeah but how do you know when "suki" means like or love since it can be either? Won't people be confuse and cause MISUNDERSTANDINGS?
So, this scene was just Viktor trying to psyche up Fairy, right?
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>The animation in this ep is still shit

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Are you ready for season 2?
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They really changed the ending to sequel bait, didn't they?
Question: What are the chances they would end with that if the studio hadn't confirmed to them some kind of sequel?
So, no fucking or wedding? Dropped

Would Kiritsugu be considered the 'bad boy' type? Or is he too good of a person for that?
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He's the worst boy type.
he's not really a good person either
run of mill nasu torture victim

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Why was this season of Hibike so bad?

It even made the mediocre first season look somewhat decent.
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Because it all focused on side characters who had no screen time in S1 and we had no reason to care about their bullshit, while the main characters of S1 were all sidelined in the process.
Het bullshit, that's why.
Not enough Shoe.

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Is this Asspull: The anime?
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Only at the end of the Chapter Black arc when Sensui is revealed to have god chi and when Yuskuke all of a sudden has hidden Demon blood.
Can anyone name a single anime series that involves fighting and/or war that isn't just a series of asspulls?

Anything can be construed as Asspull: The Anime.
No, only shows I dislike

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It's time.
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I'm not gay, but the idea of getting fucked in the ass by a trap while you fuck a genderbent girl is pretty hot.
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>I'm not gay but-

There's no need for that here

How's the rewatch going?

It's Christmas soon, after all
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I tried watching it but lost interest around the part where Taigas dad gets introduced
Is there something wrong with me
You should keep going. Episode 13 and upwards, shit starts to get real
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Thanks for reminding me.
I need my yearly Taiga dose.

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Umaru on the front page!

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>publicly banning users
For what purpose?

You are shitting up the board by leaving these threads sitting here and locking them up just so no one can call out on you is cowardly.

If you were banning, pinning them and setting down new rules to send a message, that would make sense, but this is literally fishing for (you)s.

Just ban these anons and delete their posts, why bother making them public if it serves no purpose?

I know you are reading this you fuck, reading all the banned threads letting the (you)s roll in.

Do you're job.

Haha nice
Fuck off hamsterfags

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Now that the dust has settled and they will never do 1-5 or T&T what did /a/ think of the Ace Attorney anime?
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I stopped after game one.
W-what is she going to teach me
The first half is terribad. The second half is pretty good.

Also, watch it on alternative English subs. The meme one with burger noodle and such just doesn't fit.

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I ship them.
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Where will Manami end up?
With me.
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I'll sweep Saori off her feet.

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>the girl turns out not to be a loli
>horrible colors and glossy designs
>ugly CG in fight
It only takes one PV to kill all expectations.
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>the girl turns out not to be a loli
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Tell me about it.
Especially since the show alredy features a bunch of titmonsters too.
Wow, due to the style, it looks like a sequel to K.

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