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Why people defend it: Tokyo Ghoul

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Some people defend Tokyo Ghoul manga like it's a masterpiece in storytelling, yet I've been told more than once that it's just generic edgy shounen schlock. I call that inmature defense because they only say "It's great read it" but don't tell you what does bring new to the storytelling table. Please state your defense points, without mentioning its anime adaptation. Just focus on the manga
Most of the storytelling praise comes from Kaneki's development. Yes, a lot of his character is super edgy, but the author really buries the lead with a lot of his foreshadowing. The two biggest examples I can think of are a character talking about one of the MC's emotional tells. About 3-4 chapters later, we get a call back to it, as one would expect without a direct flashback to what the tell was. But then, about 25-30 chapters later (which keep in mind is about 6 months of real time) in a very unusual conversation the tell happens again, but it's one panel thing and no attention is directed to it, so it's pretty easily overlooked if you aren't paying attention. For those who did notice it though, it threw up a huge flag of "wait why would he be lying about that?" and added some mystery to a character we thought we knew pretty well by now.

The other example is the title of the second part, which has a translation trick in it. When the title got name dropped and explained, everyone felt super dumb since it was staring them in the face the whole time, but in fact it required a very specific character (as in symbol) that you wouldn't normally throw into a translator to get the translation the author was going for.

Then there's other stuff like scenes and chapters in part 2 mirroring and calling back to the same numbered chapters and scenes in part 1.
Only underaged people unironically enjoy Tokyo Ghoul.
>edgy is now be applied as criticism to works with literal ghouls and monsters
Edgefest with inconsistent story writing.

Well put! What's the title of the second part mean though I don't recall.

And the only edgelords are the butthurt trolls in every thread who hate it whenever discussion isn't about their slice of life Anime about gradeschool girls.
This pretty much

Also the author does pretty good symbolism that not everyone catches on at first sight.

Ill re-read some day because Ill ├▒robably notice huge things that i did not before.
>generic edgy shounen schlock
It's seinen
This series had some great villains, but everything else is shit.
it's always the same reason. the fans grew fond of the characters and even though they are stuck with a terrible series they feel obliged to try to argue otherwise and perform all kinds of mental gymnastics.

Name then.

Besides Eto and maybe Furuta, the rest are generic villains u see in the Power Rangers.
Daddy Mado, Jason, and that Hisoka ripoff guy. I never said they were amazing, but they were 'great' enough to spice things up.

Power Ranger villains usually terrorize then return to their safe-space once they are defeated. TG's true antagonists(instead of the whole "who's the real bad guy" perspective bullcrap they try to shill in the series) actually go through the lengths of fucking with Kaneki and co. to the point they'll put themselves in a disadvantage to do it.
>people told me it's bad
>explain yourselves

Kill yourself.
So part 2 is Tokyo Ghoul:re right? And there's that chapter where kaneki comes swooping in with Squad 0 to save everyone in the sewers from the 2 special class investigators and the narrator starts talking about words for "king" in other languages and how in maltese that word is re? If you go into google translate from maltese to english and type in re, you get nothing. You type in :re, THEN you get it to spit out king.
Interesting but why do you need to use that symbol to get a proper translation? Is it google being stupid or does it actually make sense in Maltese or what?
Thats what it is and with a lot of filler dialog that leads to nothing and matters fuck all

The first manga is literally a single arc where nothing gets resolved at all
That I have no fucking idea about since I don't know maltese lol. All i know is that it was a crazy smart way of hiding the meaning of the subtitle in plain view, and afaik no one called it out before it was revealed.
It's just edge done bad. Characters are sperging out and crying without reason, change personalities without reason and just are cliche as fuck, without any redeeming qualities. And it has shit like

>MC changes haircolour
>immediately joins the edgelord group
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me crying irl.png
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Tokyo Ghoul is good, RE is not.

- Too many unnecessary characters introduced who are later forgotten anyway
- Pointless fights that didn't serve the story, only useful for the large amount of unnecessary characters so they can do something before fading out into obscurity
- German wannabes everywhere
- Edginess for the sake of edginess, serves little purpose
- "fu fu fu fu I am villain #76 I will act very evil and Crazily that will give me attention"
- The MC is now every Linkin Park song personified
- Confusing art
- Trying too hard with symbolism and call backs to something from 30 chapters ago
Dropped it because I couldn't understand what was going on. I rarely ever do but this manga in particular lost me completely.
Oh so I wasn't the only one.
I only follow this, Kingdom and HiatusxHiatus. Seriously, just read it.
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>The MC is now every Linkin Park song personified
>Why OP is so bored and pathetic he makes threads to argue about children's books: The Thread

See you tomorrow when you make another version of this thread.
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>Some people defend Tokyo Ghoul manga
>I call that inmature defense
>Please state your defense points
>yet I've been told
I don't see how a story needs to be "defended", from what exactly? A persons opinion?
Nothing's a masterpiece and neither is Tokyo Ghoul.
Just read it or don't.
I like Ui and Donato
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fuckyoumaid (2).jpg
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> but don't tell you what does bring new to the storytelling table
Not that much. I read it for the characters. Some of them has grown on me.
Also, the artist knows how to draw a good ass

Its like he really wants to follow the path of Togashi and Oda, but he falls flat.

Ishida is very overrated, Hirohiko has proven to be a better mangaka than him, BNHA is miles better than TG.
Deku is generic and it's made even worse that he has the most generic power of "hit hard and fast" in a cast of people with actual interesting powers

Fucking gross. I've never been subjected to something as generic as this. Hirohiko plays it way too fucking safe with this story and it's just way too boring. It's a shounen, so it's expected, but the fact that it is a shounen holds the story back, and just makes it feel like I'm reading a variation of any other shounen I've read. It can never be good because it follows the same format as any other shounen.

TG is also shit. I came here to shit on it but I guess I got a 2 for 1 special with your dumbass.

Basically One Punch Man bastard son?
shit manga
Just because you're an underaged casual doesn't make the series good.
Is this some meme I missed out on, or is this one samefag who doesn't know Horikoshi's name arguing with himself?
Just look at this pseudo intellectual fuckface

tryna give a lot of credit to this shit manga, it's ain't worth you time

stop discussing it on /a/ already it's shit especially re. this fucking rashing is beyond redemption, I dropped it so hard after kano's shit
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>wah don't read a manga I don't enjoy!!!
The story is pants on head retarded.
I only read it because I fucking loved Prototype.
Crossboarders are cancer.
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Honestly if you look at it objectively its pretty Shounen.
There's Power-ups through emotional realisation owl fight "why should I save you"
The MC always wins.
Kaneki fights for his friends
The MC's friends never die.even Hide is still not concrete
There's even fucking power levels with RC count.
And If you need anymore proof the main characters hair colors changes...To...White
Can anyone tell me where I can read non-shit translations? The translations for the site I'm using tanked after Chapter 100 for the first series
I stop caring about Tokyo Ghoul sometime after Arima death. I forgot what chapter led to me saying I'm done with this shit. It was little things of Ishida playing favoritism on characters that should of had died, but did not because of some ass-pull way he comes up on saving them along with Kaneki changing hair colors and personalities so inconsistently.

Too many characters that just end up being useless fodder and I notice him having people die that seem important every now and then to try get people to be hype about where is going to take the story only to failed on that. It's a good series, but it suffers for poor execution which is shown especially in RE then it was in the original story.
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>Honestly if you look at it objectively its pretty Shounen.
>There's Power-ups through emotional realisation owl fight "why should I save you"
But he didn't get stronger. Kaneki has always been stronger than Seidou. Seidou is just Kanou's attempt to copy Kaneki.
>The MC always wins.
The same way he won against Arima in V14, right?
>Kaneki fights for his friends
Kaneki acts for the sake attaining love and not primarily for his friends.
>The MC's friends never die.even Hide is still not concrete
True, there are no deaths among them. I can only think of Shirazu right now.
Not that I dislike this, I don't mind exploring the characters further instead of killing them off for the shock value.
>There's even fucking power levels with RC count.
A ghoul's RC-count doesn't have anything to do with powerlevels. It just tells one about the amount of RC-cells in a blood sample of the ghoul.
The amount of RC-cells a ghoul possesses is only responsible for the size of a ghoul's kagune, not for it's effectivity.
Shape is determined by the creativity and intelligence of the ghoul.
>And If you need anymore proof the main characters hair colors changes...To...White
Well, Ishida gave us a somewhat semi-scientific explanation. Still, the whole hair colour changing thing doesn't have anything to do with powerups, but merely with Ishida's fondness of symbolism (chess, YinYang).

Batoto has the THS scans, you can also dl them from their site.


>MC always wins
>MC gets rekt hard at the end of TG
Thanks Fampai
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