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Guys. I think I'm GAR for Cu Chulainn
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Oh fuck, I didn't even noticed that it came out.
There's a FGO anime now?

If not >>>/v/
Lurk more

What exactly is Bulma doing here?
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Looking for the balls.
Was she keeping the Dragon Ball radar in there?

I think this was during the General Blue eps.
Adjusting her ball sack, like every normal human bean.

>An anime adaptation is just a promotion of the LN/manga.

Can someone explain this meme to me?

An anime production costs millions times more it takes than a publication of shitty prose or drawings.
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You either don't understand how much money LN/Manga make or how cheaply anime is made. Or how much a decent ad campaign costs. Or some combination of the above.
Memes are not supposed to be explained, just be a good little goy and facilitate their propagation them without question.
>>An anime adaptation is just a promotion of the LN/manga.
It does, but this also has to benefit the studio as well. They both get benefits about it, so if you get an anime if you are an author of a LN/Manga, you should be considered fucking lucky no matter how the anime comes out, since maybe some faggot will actually read the source material and purchase your shit, even if the studio did lose.

You should take some Marketing class, OP.

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If Chi-chi was a Saiyain would she be the most powerful beingin the universe considering how fucking angry she is all the time?
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Chi-Chi is perfect
Does anger = power for Saiyains? Goku is the most powerful and is almost never angry.
Gohan and Future Trunks surpassed Goku cus of their anger.

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I have a Thick. Meaty. Vagina.
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It was pretty okay but I enjoyed it.
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The last 7 episodes or so really killed everything for me
It's definitely one of /a/ favourite shows.
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First twelve episodes were good and then the rest went down the shitter fast.

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So do nips have good taste?

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Anybody who likes Hyouka has good taste in my books.
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Fucking gaijin scum ruined the video
>nips that are social butterfly fucks who walk around akiba touting their autism have incredibly shit taste

wow, I learned so much
>guy clearly said he likes gash bell.
>subs call it zach bell.
Fucking reeeeeeeee

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>Ikuhara has stated that he likes anime with yuri elements because he feels that when a female character is given a male love interest, the relationship between them tends to overwhelm the other elements of the show.
What did he mean by this?
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he fetishizes lesbians
The audience expects different things out of a heterosexual relationship, making it difficult to develop one subtly or gradually in the background without upsetting your viewers.

Yuri is subject to a different set of expectations that allows it to be used in less intrusive ways without upsetting its audience.

It's difficult to have a show deliver a heterosexual romance without the show itself being of the romance genre or else upsetting many of its fans

It's very easy to insert yuri into any show without really changing the show at all.
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2 girls is forbidden.jpg
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Sounds like the sick bastard is into forbidden love. Hopefully he comes to his senses and realizes that the love between an onii-chan and his imouto is the best.

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It appears Hibike Euphonium S2 is the best anime of 2016

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By process of elimination. maybe. Feel like this year hasn't had many spectacularly bad shows but also almost nothing 8/10 or better.

Flip Flappers would have been it had it gotten a second cour to flesh out the plot/explain more shit/improve pacing, but I doubt it had the money.
After the first few episodes I doubted it could save itself enough to even consider that, but the rest of the season had moments both that rivaled and surpassed S1. It has its weak moments but it's my favorite of the year for sure.
I agree

Left or right?
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Right, always.
Left. Asuka a SHIT.
Stop harrasing my fluff, you witch!

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2017 is the 50th anniversary of the Lupin the Third Franchise. How will you be celebrating it this year?
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By pirating the series and watching them free of charge.
I don't celebrate anything anymore.
support Lupin. theres lots of cool shit coming out.

>Ryoko's Italian voice actress died in a car wreck about six years ago. Some jerk off recorded her begging for help as she bled out rather than help her. As she began to fade,
she sounded just like Ryoko.
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I didn't need to know that
that's someone's fapping material now
Link needed

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So we can all agree she is a Mary Sue, right?
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No, she's a Makise Kurisu and she's the second best girl in her series
Mayushii best girl
Flat chest a shit
No, that's a zombie and an assistant.

What are some good song ideas for JoJo part 5's ED?
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As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death
Gangsta's Paradise
The rest is irrelevant
Something something how do magnets work

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