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Who is this semen demon and what animu is s/he from? Asking for a friend who wants to know for research purposes.
Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku

boy gets turned into a magical girl
she(male) ends up getting raped by a real man

good anime
the one anime about magical girls having to kill each other also has a magical girl (male)

how does it deal with the ridiculous mood backlash of a dumbass premise (magical girl male) with a serious plot (murder game)?

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Hayate no Gotoku 556 scan, slightly salty edition.
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Everybody was Tomoko.
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He's just like me intelligent, nihilistic and with a wicked sense of humor
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What did you expect from dbz anyway
Can someone please tell me WHY this is supposedly the worst anime ever?
What? That's not Naruto

Hey /a/, I wanna ask. Anyone else here get annoyed by "anime/manga elites" who always try to dictate what's good and trash? Like don't get me wrong I understand that there's some pretty bad crap out there, but what's wrong if a person likes something like monster musume? Not every title needs to make your head spin like gits.
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Who gives a shit what elites feel about aside from the people responding to them
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>caring what other people think
Let's be honest, everyone cares at least a bit what others think. I'm just saying, why do some feel like that define what's quality for all?

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Are you supposed to watch this show with dub?
Its goddamn hard to keep up with everything that happens on screen while constantly reading their absurdly fast dialogues.
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Are you ESL or just dumb as shit?
Wow all this retardation in a single post. Congrats OP
I would say just be prepared to push the pause button once in a while. I'm practically a speed reader but I still have trouble reading subs since the guy does legitimately talk a mile a minute and in japanese, which means even more meaning packed into smaller words a lot of the time

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Is it a good show if I'm a fatefag?
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It's only a good show if you are.
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If youre a fatefag, why do you care about whether something is 'good' or not?
Because I don't want to accidentally consume bad fate media which will leave a bad taste in my mouth and ruin my thoughts of the series.

That's why I've avoided FGO like the plague

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An attractive mature woman will never tell you this.
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>attractive mature woman

only in make believe anime do these exist
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>attractive mature woman
why live

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What makes a 10/10 iyashikei?
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Fuwa fuwa
alpha MC
Good characters, good writing, good scenery, good music. The music is more key than most realize.
YKK is the only 10/10 iyashikei manga. NNB and ARIA are the only 10/10 iyashikei anime.

From her archetype showed so far, I'm pretty sure she is a pure maiden and never had a boyfriend. Right?
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Actually we used to date but realized fucking is more fun when no titles are attached to the situation.
She can't use her shiny rod/magic anymore precisely because she lost her purity. Used goods slut.
I'm a girl btw

>creates heaven on earth
>Everyone hates him

I get why normies hate him, but why do 4chan spegettilords?
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I nuked the world, but you can live in my yard. Happy?
If someone opened fire into a crowd, then performed first aid on the survivors would you applaud him for saving their lives or condemn him for shooting them?

>Make world even worse than before except for one small area which is safe

Bravo Griffith

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Is /a/ enjoying Rakugo s2?
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Also yes
Thats a yes
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Yes, but I hope we get more Mangetsu.

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Out waifued by a bunch of baguettes, how does it feel /a/?
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I'd rather talking magic horses.

You realize this bitch grew up and had a bunch of kids, right?

Her expiration date was like 2014 man, we have long since gotten a new waifu from those baguettes. One far younger and more powerful.
Wait, is that the Ladybird girl? Wasn't she supposed to be an anime?

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Why is girls making food for their man so significative in anime?
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Nigger what the fuck is that even supposed to mean? Significative of what?
>pleasing old man for shares.

Why not?

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>Entire manga filled with Idols and titty monsters
>Main character falls in love and stays with a 3/10 until the end

What did the author mean by this?
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what are you talking about? He got both the girls.
In a sense. But the attractive one fucking died and he rejected her first.

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